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People spend a lot of time and money getting rid of unwanted hair which is why laser hair removal in Edmonton. Is growing in popularity. Not only is it effective. But it helps get rid of hair permanently.
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Until now, permanent hair removal has been a pipedream. Or not consistently able to be achieved by most people. But how laser hair removal in Edmonton works. Can get rid of hair permanently with the right number of treatments.
The laser that is used for this procedure. Is called an IPL, which stands for intense pulse light. And not only is the most effective laser on the market for hair removal. It is also the most gentle, because it is non-ablative.
How it works, is by targeting pigmentation in the dermis of the skin. And for people who have unwanted hair. The laser actually targets the pigmentation in the hair follicle itself. And explodes the cells on contact.
The body will then push out what is left of the burnt a pair. And it will take several weeks if not longer. To regrow those destroyed hair follicles. When the next laser hair removal and Edmonton treatment happens.
It hits the newly formed follicles. And weakens them. Taking and even longer time to regrow that hair back. How many sessions each person will need. In order to achieve permanent results.
Will be determined, a little bit by how dark, and thick their hair is. As well as what area of the body they are getting rid of unwanted hair. The reason why this factors into how many treatments they need.
Is because an area of the body that is more vascular. Will be more stubborn to get rid of hair. Because the increased blood flow means that the body has more nutrients. To try to regrow those hair follicles.

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As well, the reason why the thicker and darker their areas. The more successful the treatment. Is because it makes it easier. For the laser to find, and destroy those hair follicles.
People with lighter, thinner hair. Can still undergo laser hair removal in Edmonton. However, they may need more treatments. In order to achieve permanent results.
One of the most common questions that people have for their dermatologist about this procedure. Is wanting to know how much healing time is needed. Many people are hesitant to undergo a procedure on a consistent basis that takes a long time to heal from.
But because the laser is very gentle, and non-ablative. There is virtually no healing time required. Some people might have sensitive skin for 12 to 24 hours after the procedure.
And some people might experience darkening, or reddening of the skin for the same amount of time. However, they do not need to avoid any activities until the sensation or discolouration goes away.
In fact, they will be able to ask their dermatologist to apply makeup. If the area is visible to the public. So that nobody even asked know that they had a procedure done at all.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Effective Hair Removal Remedy

People who are looking into laser hair removal in Edmonton. Are often sick and tired of trying to spend so much time, and money. Getting rid of unwanted, unsightly. And irritating hair on different parts of their body.
When people are using a razor, they often have to shave every day. Or every other day. In order to remain hair free. While people who use waxes, spent a lot of time and a lot of money.
Going to salons, and waxing away unwanted hair. That is, if they can even tolerate the pain associated with waxing. Many people abandon this effort. Simply because they are unable to tolerate the intense pain associated with waxing.
Not only does it pull the hair out by the roots. All at once, which can be very painful. But also, the wax pulling at the skin. Can itself be very painful. As well as damaging to the skin.
Not only is laser hair removal in Edmonton gentle. It does not damage the skin at all. Which means there is no risk associated to people who need to undergo anywhere between 3 to 8 treatments.
In order to achieve permanent hair removal results. However, people who have undergone waxing often ask their dermatologist. How painful a procedure is. Because they still might not be interested if it is quite painful.
Because the intense pulse light is a non-ablative laser. That means it does not cut the skin. And is one of the most gentle lasers on the market. However, because lasers are concentrated light.

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Lasers also deliver heat as well. And this heat is often what is the most uncomfortable for many patients. For people who are concerned about pain. They should talk to their dermatologist.
And they will find out that there is a sapphire crystal built into the tip of the wand. Used to deliver the treatment. And that crystals design, is to cool the skin immediately before the laser pulse.
And immediately after the laser pulse. To counteract any heat from the laser itself. However, if people are concerned about pain. They should definitely talk to their dermatologist about it.
And they will hear about options such as topical numbing cream or cooling gel. As well as a cooling fan that can be brought in. That can blow cool air on the treatment area.
To ensure the patient is as comfortable as possible during the entire procedure. Other people, may say that the sensation that they feel with the laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment.
Is the snapping sensation, that comes from the hair follicles being exploded by the laser. Which feels similar to the snap of a rubber band. Again, the numbing cream can help with that sensation.
However, most people have absolutely no problems with tolerating this gentle procedure. People should contact Edmonton dermatology for their free consultation. The find out what the procedure is like. As well as what they can expect from the treatment.