Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Eliminate Embarrassing Hair

While many people look into laser hair removal in Edmonton. Because they spend a lot of time and money. Getting rid of unwanted hair. Through a variety of methods.
Laser Hair Removal In Edmonton
Such as waxing, shaving and threading. However, for others. Getting laser hair removal in Edmonton. Is important for their self-esteem and self-confidence. Because of the hair that they want to get rid of.
Is unsightly, and embarrassing. They end up feeling self-conscious. About hair, that they are unable to get rid of. Causing them to spend a lot of time looking in mirrors. Or carrying tweezers.
Or razors in their pockets, or purses. In order to take care of the hair. That they see coming through. Through the course of their day. This is no way for anyone to live their life.
Constantly being worried, that there embarrassing hair will make an appearance. Causing them to be less confident. And even avoid social activities. Because of this worry.
For people like this. Laser hair removal in Edmonton. Can give them a whole new lease on life. And allow them to live their life. Free of constantly looking in the mirror. Or worrying that they have embarrassing hair showing.
And while many people often think that laser hair removal. Is a procedure that primarily women get. Edmonton dermatology says this is simply not true. Men and women get this popular procedure done.

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One of the benefits of this permanent hair removal method. Is that virtually any part of the body can be treated. With one exception, the eyebrows. Simply because the handpiece used. To deliver the laser pulses.
Is too large, to adequately go around the eyebrows. But everything else. From the cheeks, to the toes. Can get treated with the laser. And have permanent results. When Edmonton dermatology says permanent results.
What they mean, is they will be able to achieve a 90% reduction in hair growth. That will never grow back, for the rest of their life. This means people can stop shaving, waxing and plucking that part of their body.
This is also why the procedure continues to grow in popularity. Year after year, because people enjoy getting the results. That they expect, and after they treat one part of their body. They often want to come back to treat another part.
For women, they typically get their upper lip, underarms. As well as bikini area, and legs. Men on the other hand, have their neck treated. Either the nape of the neck, that can have hair start to grow down into.
Or, the front of their neck. That can start growing beard hair on. Causing men to be quite embarrassed. By this unsightly hair. They often will take care of that hair with a razor. But they must do this every day.
Regardless of what part of the body. Or whether it is a man or woman that wants laser hair removal. The first step is calling Edmonton dermatology. To arrange a consultation, that is always free. To get more information.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Eliminate Your Embarrassing Hair

While many people shave or wax, laser hair removal in Edmonton. Can help people eliminate those activities for good. However, in order to get permanent results. They must first start with a consultation.
With Edmonton dermatology, in order to find out what they should do. And what they should avoid. In order to achieve permanent results. And throw away their razor for good.
The first thing that their dermatologist will tell them. Is that this procedure is not permanent. After the first treatment. They will need multiple sessions, in order to achieve that 90% reduction in hair permanently.
The number of sessions may be between 3 to 8. Depending how thick and dark their hair is. As well as what part of the body they are getting treated. The reason why thickness and darkness of the hair matters.
Is because the laser actually targets the pigmentation in the hair follicle. Which means the darker the pigmentation is. The more successfully the laser will find and destroy the cells with the treatment.
However, Edmonton dermatology also says. That if the hair is extremely thick. It might also be stubborn to get rid of. And will require more sessions to get rid of permanently.
The reason why the body part that is being treated. Makes a difference in how many sessions a patient will need. Is because different body parts, have different vascularity in them.

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That refers to the amount of blood vessels, and therefore blood flow in the area. The more vascular the area. The more nutrients are being carried to that part of the body. And the easier time the body has at regrowing the hair.
This means the legs, which have a lot of blood vessels. Is a lot more stubborn than other areas of the body. That have fewer blood vessels. Such as the underarms. Therefore the legs typically require eight treatments.
And the underarms require about three. In order to see permanent results. Depending on what part of the body. People want to get treated. Their dermatologist will take into consideration the colour and thickness of the hair.
And let them know approximately how many treatments they should expect. The amount of time in between laser hair removal in Edmonton sessions. Will lengthen, as the body slows down hair growth.
And many patients, are often waiting several months. Between their last few treatments. Because the body is already slowing down on the hair production. They will also find out from their dermatologist.
How important it is to stop waxing, and plucking their unwanted hair. Before their first laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment. So that they can ensure they will have the hair follicles in that area.
For the laser to target and destroy. People can feel free to shave however. And should actually shave twenty-four hours before their first treatment. So that they can help the laser find the hair follicles more easily.