Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Eliminate Shaving From Your Routine

Getting rid of unwanted or unsightly hair is often a daily occurrence, which is why many people are interested to hear about laser hair removal in Edmonton. Because it can help people eliminate hair removal from their routine.
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Saving them so much time. As well as so much money. Since they will not have to worry about buying razors, shaving cream. Or even waxes, and salon trips for the rest of their life.
While laser hair removal in Edmonton is not permanent after just one treatment. Even the most stubborn areas, which will take 6 to 8 treatments. In order to get rid of permanently.
Will seem like new big deal. To people who are used to shaving every day, or every other day. In order to get rid of the embarrassing, and unsightly hair. Or, they hear that is irritating to them.
What is most important to keep in mind about laser hair removal in Edmonton. Is that even though it may take 6 to 8 treatments. To remove the most stubborn hair. Is that these treatments will be spaced several weeks or months apart.
The first treatment, will destroy the hair follicles. Because the intense pulse light, that is used in the treatment. Looks for the pigmentation In the hair follicle. And then literally explodes it, destroying the hair.
The body will push out the burnt upper remnants of the hair out of the body. And will take several weeks, or longer. In order to regrow all of the destroyed hair follicles.
When patients see that the hair is starting to grow back. This is the time to contact their dermatologist to come back in for another treatment. Where the intense pulse light will destroy the newly formed hair follicles.
And taken even longer time, for the body to regrow that hair once again. Because it will take a longer amount of time every time they are follicles are destroyed. When people get to the sixth or seventh treatment.

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It may be several months that they are hair free. Which means even before they get the end of their laser hair removal treatment. They will already be enjoying not having to shave or wax as often.
The areas of the body that will be the most stubborn to eliminate hair in. Will be parts of the body that have a large vascular area, because that means increased blood flow. Which feeds nutrients to the body.
Therefore, the legs and bikini area. Are the most difficult to eliminate hair permanently. While other areas, such as the back or the underarms. Can achieve permanent results, after two or three sessions.
If people would like more information, and particularly to find out if they are a good candidate for the procedure. They should contact Edmonton dermatology. Not only is the initial consultation free.
But they will be able to ask as many questions as they need. And hear from the dermatologist themselves. Exactly what to expect out of this treatment.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Eliminate Shaving From Your Life

For people who spent a lot of time removing hair, laser hair removal in Edmonton. Can seem like the answer to their prayers. Promising permanent hair removal. So that they do not have to worry about unsightly hair any longer.
However, while many people have struggled with getting rid of unwanted hair. Some options that they have tried. While effective at keeping them hair free for longer than shaving.
Are also very difficult to tolerate. And are also expensive. Take waxing, and sugaring for an example. This is pulling out the unwanted hair all at once. With hot wax, or a sticky substance.
And while pulling the hairs out by the root. Will help people stay hair free longer than shaving well. It is also intensely painful. Which is why many people abandon waxing.
Not to mention that it is either difficult, or messy to do at home. Or very expensive to do at the salon. Therefore, while many people are interested in hearing about laser hair removal in Edmonton.
One of the first questions that they ask dermatologists. Is wanting to know if the procedure hurts. The laser that is used is called an intense pulse light, or IPL for short. And is one of the more gentle lasers on the market.
It is non-ablative, which means it does not cut the skin. Which contributes to its it very gentle sensation when being used. Some people compare the sensation to being snapped by a rubber band.

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However, Edmonton dermatology says. That everyone has different pain tolerances. And what might be virtually pain-free to one person. Might hurt more to another.
Therefore, if people are concerned about pain. This is a concern that definitely needs to be discussed with their dermatologist and their initial consultation. They will hear about the sapphire crystal that is in the tip of the wand.
That is used to deliver the laser hair removal treatment. This sapphire crystal is designed to cool the skin immediately before the light pulse and immediately after. To ensure maximum comfort for patients.
However, the dermatologist will also have other methods that they can utilize. To ensure each patient is as comfortable as possible during the procedure.
They can use a topical numbing cream, or cooling gel. To help Dell the sensation of the intense pulse light. As well as the sensation of the hair follicle cells being exploded.
But also, the dermatologist can arrange to have a fan. That blows cold air over the treatment area. To continue to encourage as little pain as possible. And patients also need to keep in mind.
That the dermatologist will only proceed through the treatment as fast as they allow the patient dictates. To ensure that they do not overwhelm them. And cause them any more discomfort.
If people want more information about laser hair removal in Edmonton. Especially if they are good candidate for the procedure. They should make an appointment with Edmonton dermatology today.