Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Who Needs Waxing?

Waxing can be messy, and painful which is why more people are opting for laser hair removal in Edmonton. Not only is this a more comfortable way of getting rid of that unwanted hair. But it is also permanent, which will eliminate the need of dealing with it ever again in the future.

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However, if people want to go for laser hair removal in Edmonton. They need to find out all of the facts. So that they can get the results that they expect. And the first step is talking to a dermatologist.
They can make an appointment with Edmonton dermatology, because the first consultation is absolutely free. Which is a great opportunity for the patient and doctor to meet.
The patient will be able to explain what they want. And the doctor will be able to see their skintone, skin type. As well as the colour, and thickness of their hair that they are wanting to get rid of.
Because all of those factors will change what treatment they get. As well as how many times they must undergo treatment. In order to get a permanent result of no more hair on that treatment area.
The reason why it takes more than one treatment of laser hair removal. In order to generate permanent results. Is because the body will try to replace the hair follicle that has been destroyed by the laser.
And after several attempts. The body will simply give up trying to replace the hair follicle. And at that point, the hair removal will be considered permanent.

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However, the treatments need to be repeated a few times. In order for the body to stop trying to reproduce those hair follicles. And in an area that has significant blood flow.
Such as in the legs, or the bikini area. Where there is a vast vascular network of blood vessels in the veins. That additional blood flow is going to help the body replace those hair follicles.
Therefore, it can be considered a stubborn area to treat. And more treatments may be required. Such as eight for legs or bikini zone. However, for another part of the body, such as the underarms.
Laser hair removal in Edmonton treatments can be extremely effective. After only three or four sessions. This is why it is so important to meet with Edmonton dermatologist first. So that the right laser can be recommended.
As well, since the laser actually targets the pigment in the hair follicle, which is the root of the hair. The lighter the hair is, the stronger the laser is going to have to be. In order to generate desired results.
However, if the skin tone is darker, or as dark as the hair. Then the laser needs to be put to a very low power. To avoid accidentally hitting the pigment in the skin instead of the hair follicle.
And with how low the laser needs to be. In order to avoid burning darker skin tones. They also require additional treatments, in order to achieve permanent hair removal.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Eliminate Waxing From Your Life

Laser hair removal in Edmonton is popular for men and women. Because it eliminates the need for waxing, as well as shaving. Which can be painful, time-consuming and itchy or sore.
For example, the back and chest are very popular for men to get done. And while it may be difficult for a man to shave or box their chest. It can be done if they are careful and knowledgeable enough.
However, they may not appreciate the stubble that grows in. And even though waxing often makes the hair lighter and softer. This is something that they need to do on a regular basis.
Wasting considerable amounts of time and money. To get rid of the hair that is inevitably going to grow back. And when it comes to their back, it may be impossible for them to do their own hair removal in that area.
Which means they are repeatedly paying a professional. To get rid of that hair. That is going to grow back, instead of taking care of it permanently. Which laser hair removal in Edmonton can do for them.
Popular spots for women to get their hair removed. Are there underarms, because not only is shaving or waxing that area difficult. But because it is a sensitive area. And shaving or waxing can leave bumps that are painful.
Or it could cause ingrown hairs, and the stubble can also be annoying. And when women have to put on deodorant after waxing or shaving. It can actually be irritating, or even painful as well.

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Therefore, laser hair removal makes a lot of sense. To help people avoid having to continually take the time and spend money. On getting rid of this hair. When they can simply undergo laser treatments.
And then never have to deal with it ever again. Whether it is there underarms, there bikini area, or their legs. Or any other part of their body below the cheeks, can have hair removed permanently.
The reason why it has to be below the cheeks. Is because it is not possible to use lasers around the eyes. Without causing damage to them. And even if people once get rid of the hair on the top of their head.
Dermatologists would refuse, because of how close it is to their brain. Therefore, anything from their cheeks down is something that would be possible for people to permanently remove their hair.
Although it is worth noting, that if women are trying to get rid of the hair on their chin. This is typically due to a hormonal imbalance. Such as cause by menopause, or polycystic ovarian syndrome.
And because of that, that hair might be much more stubborn. Requiring laser hair removal sessions several years apart. In order to ensure that the hair remains gone for good.
When people are ready for a permanent solution, they should make an appointment with their dermatologist. In order to find out more information about laser hair removal in Edmonton, and how they can get started.