Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Eliminating Hair For Good

Laser hair removal in Edmonton is quickly growing in popularity. Due to the effectiveness of this treatment. But also, because the lasers that are now being used. Are much more comfortable than they once were.
Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton
One of the most common questions. That Edmonton dermatology gets from patients. During their free consultation, is wondering if the procedure hurts. This is because they have heard stories about the procedure.
From years ago, being painful. And they are very nervous, about getting a procedure. That is going to cause them discomfort or pain. And while the lasers that were once used. Our known for being quite uncomfortable.
The new technology, is much more comfortable. Allowing people to get the same results or better. Without having a lot of pain during, or after the treatment. One of the first things that people should keep in mind.
Is that laser hair removal in Edmonton. Uses a non-ablative laser. What that means, is that people will not have their skin cut. When they undergo this laser treatment. Which means it is going to be much more comfortable.
Then the other laser treatments that they might have had experience with. The fact that it is not ablative, means that there is very little healing time. And at most, people might have slightly sensitive skin.
For the next day, after their initial laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment. They also might be a little bit red, but even this is rare. With the new lasers that are being used at Edmonton dermatology.

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How this works, is the laser targets the pigmentation. In hair follicles, exploding them. Once the laser finds the pigmentation. People can expect to feel heat when they get hit with the energy from the laser.
And that will last less than one second. And they also might feel a bit of a zap, when the laser explodes the hair follicle. Since they will be asked to have shaved their treatment area.
They are not going to see any burned-out hair on their skin. Immediately after their treatment. However, the dermatologist warns patients. To look out for the hairs that are pushing through the skin.
That are the burned up remnants of the left over hair. Some people actually see that this hair starts poking through their skin. And think that the hair removal treatment was not effective.
However, they will notice that this hair is brittle, or crumbly. And that is because it is burnt up hair. It should take about a week for all of this hair to push through their skin.
But after that, their dermatologist will ask them to watch. To see exactly when, their hair starts regrowing in the area. And that is when they should come back for their second laser treatment.
If people have any questions about this procedure. Whether they want to know if they are good candidate. Or if they have questions. They can set up a free consultation with Edmonton dermatology today.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Eliminating Unwanted Hair For Good

While laser hair removal in Edmonton is wildly popular. Many people want to ask their dermatologist. Is it a good treatment for everyone? While it is very safe for many people, not everyone is eligible for this treatment.
One of the most important reasons. Why people should not to get laser hair removal in Edmonton, also known as intense pulse light treatment. Is if they are on certain medications.
Medication such as antibiotics, or Accutane. Can cause a reaction in the skin. That would cause pain, or adverse reactions. During a laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment.
Therefore, during the initial consultation. Dermatologists will ask patients. If they are on medication. And if they are on something that would cause a reaction. They will be told, that they should not undergo this treatment.
If they decide to go off the medication. Or when they are done with taking the medication. They still have to weight six months. For they can come back for a treatment. It must be out of their system for that long.
Another reason why people would not be a good candidate for laser hair removal in Edmonton. Is if they have a skin condition. That is exacerbated by heat, or light. If they do have such a condition.
Undergoing their treatments, could make their condition worse. When example, is a skin condition called melasma. This is a condition that is often exacerbated by heat and light.

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And it typically, affects people’s faces. Therefore, they should avoid undergoing laser treatments. That could make this condition worse. And make it more noticeable as well.
Another reason why people might not be the best candidate. For this type of hair removal. Is if they have light hair. Or if they have darker skin tones. The reason why, is because the laser.
Actually targets the pigmentation. And if a patient has very little pigmentation. In their hair follicles. Because their hair is blond, or even light brown. They may not get the results they desire.
Or, their dermatologist may say. That they will have to undergo more treatments. In order to get the same results, is someone who has darker hair. But also, if people have darker skin tones.
What could happen, is that the laser, targets the pigmentation. That is in their skin, which could cause damage. When the laser is used. Therefore, part of the initial consultation.
Will be finding out the skin tone, of each patient. The dermatologist may be able to turn the strength of the laser down. And utilize more treatments. In order to achieve hair free results.
However, if this is the right treatment for each patient. That is up to the patient, and the dermatologist to decide. If patients have any other questions. They should contact Edmonton dermatology for consultation today.
They will be able to show the area. That they would like treated to the dermatologist. They will give their professional opinion. And the patient can decide to move forward or not.