Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Eliminating Hair Permanently

People spend a lot of time and money eliminating unwanted hair, which is why laser hair removal in Edmonton. Is so popular, and growing in popularity every single day.

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Not only is it very easy, but a wide variety of people are good candidates. And almost any part of a person’s body. Can have this procedure done, to eliminate unwanted hair.
The only exceptions to the parts on a body. That a person can get treated with laser hair removal. Is everything from their cheeks to the top of the head.
Which means everything from their cheeks and lower, is fair game for this procedure. The reason why people cannot get anything above their cheeks treated with a laser is for safety reasons.
For example, even though patients will have protective eye coverings. When they are undergoing any laser procedure. If the dermatologist is treating an area such as their eyebrows with the laser.
No I protection is going to be good enough. To mitigate the risk of causing damage to the eyes from the laser. Same thing with the skin on the top of the patient’s head.
Not only is it extremely thin to begin with. But the fact that the skin is always exposed to UV rays, means that doing laser treatment on this skin. Is very risky, and that it could damage that skin very easily.
Since dermatologists are not going to want to do any procedures that are going to damage skin. This is why they have created the rule. That only procedures from the cheeks or down. Will be something that they can offer.

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And while this leaves many different areas for people to eliminate unwanted hair. How many treatments there going to need. In order for that hair removal to be permanent. Depends on many factors.
First of all, it depends on how stubborn the hair itself is. With people generally seeing the best results. When they have dark, black hair. Because the intense pulse light seeks out pigmentation.
And this laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment will literally explode that pigmentation. To destroy the hair follicle. Therefore, hair that is lighter in colour, may not have the same results.
Something else that factors into how many treatments they need. For their laser hair removal in Edmonton to be effective. Is what part of the body that they are treating.
Areas that have more blood flow. Because they have a larger vascular system in the area. Will and up being the more stubborn areas to remove hair from. Because that increased blood flow.
Give the body the nutrients and the energy it needs. To continue to grow hair in that area. This means areas of the body that has significantly less blood flow, such as people’s backs, or their underarms.
Will take extremely few treatments. In order to permanently remove the hair in that area. However, each person is different which is why Edmonton dermatology offers free consultations. So people can find out what they need to know, before the procedure starts.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Eliminating Hair For Good

It is very important for people to keep in mind that laser hair removal in Edmonton is permanent. However, that does not mean that they will get results after a single session.
How this works, is by using an intense pulse light to target the pigmentation in the follicles. This will destroy the hair follicles, and require the body to regrow those hair follicles before it can regrow hair.
This procedure takes considerably longer time than regrowing hair that his simply been pulled out. Through methods such as plucking or waxing. However, the body will try to regrow those hair follicles.
However, when the procedure happens to the newly grown hair follicles. The body will start giving up trying to regrow those follicles. Because they keep getting destroyed.
Therefore, it requires people going back to live gently for additional sessions. In order to generate the results that they want from this laser hair removal in Edmonton.
How long patients need to wait. Before they return to Edmonton dermatology for their subsequent treatments. Means that they have to pay attention to when hair starts are growing back in that area.
Since going back to their dermatologist before those hair follicles grow back will be counterproductive. It is very important that patients watch. And see when they hair growth starts to happen again.

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If people have only gone for two or three sessions. And then said that they did not return, because they were not getting results. Likely did not return enough times to benefit.
The only exception to this rule however. Are women who are trying to get rid of stubborn chin hair. Because the reason why they have this hair growth is due to a hormonal imbalance.
Whether they are going through menopause, or they have another hormonal imbalance. Such as polycystic ovarian syndrome. It will cause women to have higher testosterone in their body.
Which will result in increased hair growth on their chin. While they can get laser hair removal in Edmonton on that part of their body. The continued hormone imbalance.
Is going to continue to cause the body to grow here follicles there. But this does not mean that people should avoid getting this procedure done. It simply means that they may need to come back every three or four years.
In order to get another few sessions done. To kill the newly grown hair follicles. But they should keep in mind. That the old hair follicles will not be trying to grow back anymore.
Therefore, over time, even women with stubborn chin hair. Will see lighter hair growth in that area of their body. However, it is always important to check with the dermatologist first.
Which is why Edmonton dermatology offers free consultations. For patients to find out what they need to know about the procedure. And whether this is something that is a good option for them.