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Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Eliminating Shaving Saves Time

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Eliminating Shaving Saves Time

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Eliminating Shaving Saves Time

One of the reasons why many people look into laser hair removal in Edmonton. Is because they want to free up time. As they get ready, every day in the morning. Shaving is very time-consuming.

Laser Hair Removal In Edmonton

Partially, because it needs to happen every day. Or every other day. In order to keep people hair free. So that they do not have stubble showing. In embarrassing or unsightly places.

Or, if they want to eliminate the hair. Because it is in an irritating location. Causing them discomfort. Often, while shaving can be quick. It usually is not. Because if people rush through it.

They can end up cutting themselves. Or end up with razor burn, or shaving rashes. That can be painful or irritating. Even if they are not rushing through it, they can still end up with razor burn. Or, and up with ingrown hairs.

That are just as irritating, or unsightly. As hair growth and stubble can be. When it comes time for shaving, if it is a small area and can go faster. Then an area such as the legs.

However, because most of the body is covered in bumps and valleys. Shaving is not a quick procedure. And when it is a significant area. Or multiple areas. People can end up doing this for an hour or more every single day.

They heard that laser hair removal in Edmonton. Can eliminate unwanted hair permanently. Which is why they often look into consultation. To find more out about this procedure.

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One of the first questions that they often have. For their dermatologist when they do have the consultation. Is wondering if it is a painful procedure. They may have heard from people who had it done many years ago.

That it is quite painful. However, that was the older lasers. But the newer lasers. That are currently in use. Are much more gentle. While being even more effective at eliminating hair in patients.

The reason people are concerned about pain. Is also because they may have tried waxing. In order to get rid of unwanted hair. But found the process to be expensive, messy. As well as time-consuming.

But more than anything, waxing is intensely painful. As hot wax is applied to the body. And then, let to harden. Before being ripped off the skin. Taking unwanted hair with it.

In fact, many people who try waxing. Abandon it, because it is intolerable. Therefore, finding out that the new lasers, such as the IPL which stands for intense pulse light. That Edmonton dermatology uses.

Is very gentle. And they are much more interested. In learning more about this process. However, dermatologists cannot say that it is pain-free. Because everyone experiences pain and discomfort differently.

Therefore, they have many different methods. That they can use to increase comfort. Such as cooling fans, and numbing cream. If people are concerned about pain. They should mention that during their initial consultation.

When people are ready to find out more. And make the decision whether this is the right procedure for them. All they have to do is phone Edmonton dermatology to make an appointment today for laser hair removal in Edmonton.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Eliminating Shaving Saves Time

A lot of time and money was into eliminating unwanted hair, which is why many people look into laser hair removal in Edmonton. Because the promise is, with the right number of treatments. It can eliminate unwanted hair for people permanently.

People can expect approximately 90% reduction in hair. And that the results will last for the rest of their life. This is huge reason why many people are interested in finding more information about laser hair removal in Edmonton.

But also the reason why is growing in popularity. Every year, is because it actually works. Unlike a lot of other hair removal methods. That promise to be permanent. But do not end up being permanent in practice.

Many people are tired of hearing permanent results. Without getting those same results themselves. Therefore, they might enter into their initial consultation. A little bit sceptically. And armed with a lot of questions.

They will find out more about the procedure. Such as how the laser works. To eliminate unwanted hair. What it does, is the laser uses an intense light. To shine into the dermis layer of the skin.

Which is the second layer, where the hair starts to grow. And any pigmentation that it sees in the dermis. It will explode and destroy on contact. Because it is not simply removing the hair like waxing does.

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But destroying it, it will take the body even longer. To regrow the hair in the same area. And after only a few attempts. The body will simply give up. Trying to regrow the hair. Which is when it becomes permanent.

One of the common questions people often have for the dermatologist. Is how many treatments will they need. For this to become permanent. It will depend on a number of factors.

Starting with the area on the body. That people are treating. The more vascular an area is. The more stubborn the hair will be at being eliminated. Therefore, legs are often the most stubborn.

While the underarms, can often have permanent results. After two or three sessions. However, the colour of the hair factors in. Because the darker the hair. The easier the laser can find and destroy that hair. In the dermis.

They will be able to find out. From talking to the dermatologist. After seeing the colour and thickness of their hair. The treatment area. As well as their skin tone. Approximately how many sessions they will need.

And what intensity setting the laser should be set at. This is an important way of managing customers expectations. If they think they are going to have permanent results on their legs.

After three sessions. They might be very disappointed. But if they find out in their session. That they will need eight treatments. They will be more likely to be happy with the permanent results they eventually get with laser hair removal in Edmonton.

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