Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Eliminating Unwanted Body Hair

For every part of the body, their people wanting laser hair removal in Edmonton. On that part of their own body. Whether it is a man or a woman, unwanted, unsightly and irritating hair. Can occur, no matter where on the body it is.
Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton
People typically spend a lot of time and energy. As well as money, getting rid of unwanted hair. Whether it is on their face and neck. Or if it is on the rest of their body such as arms, legs. Chest and back.
Whether the hair is embarrassing. Because they do not like how they look with it. Such as a hair on their knuckles, their neck and face. Or if the unwanted hair is simply irritating.
Causing chafing as it rubs against other body parts. Or as they are wearing clothing, that irritates the areas that have unwanted hair. Regardless of the reason, people can get help with Edmonton dermatology.
The first thing that they will discuss during their free consultation. Is what area of the body. People want to get their laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment. The dermatologist will look at skin type and tone.
As well as the colour and thickness of the hair. In order to help manage each patient’s expectations. While a 90% reduction of hair growth. Is achievable, and permanently.
This is not going to happen after the first or second treatment. And in fact, the variables that will dictate. How many treatments a patient need. Our how dark and thick the hair is.

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As well as where on the patient’s body, the hair is. The reason why the darkness and thickness makes a difference. Is because the laser hair removal in Edmonton, also known as an intense pulse light treatment.
Is designed to look for the pigmentation in the hair follicle. Once it finds these cells, the laser will explode them. Destroying them on contact, and burning up the hair that was attached to the follicle.
Therefore, the easier the laser is able to find those hair follicles. The better results they will get. And the fewer treatments they are likely going to need in the long run.
However, the part of the body that they are getting treated. Also plays a role in how many treatments they need. Because areas of the body that have more blood flow. Due to a larger vascular system.
Means that those parts of the body. Are going to be much more stubborn to get rid of hair. Because blood flow delivers nutrients to the body. Giving it the resources it needs to try regrowing that hair more often.
The parts of the body that are more vascular include the legs and the bikini area. Therefore, people may expect up to six or eight treatments for permanent results.
The key is for people to get to their dermatologist’s office. For consultation that can help them find out about laser hair treatments. What they can expect. And how they can get started.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Eliminating Unwanted Body Hair For Good

There are many reasons for people to want laser hair removal in Edmonton. From personal reasons, because the hair is irritating. Or they consider it embarrassing. It does not matter what the reason is.
Edmonton dermatology can help people eliminate this unwanted hair. In a way that is completely permanent with enough treatments. The first step will be for people to come in for a free consultation.
They will be able to ask whatever questions they want. Such as if the treatment is painful. They may have heard, years ago. That the treatments are quite painful. And are nervous about that.
And while Edmonton dermatology does agree. That the older lasers were a lot less gentle. The current lasers that they use. Specifically the intense pulse light laser. Not only is the best hair removal laser available.
But it is also the most gentle laser available as well. So anyone who has had experience with any other laser treatments. Should expect and more tolerable treatment. Or even one void of any discomfort.
The discomfort could come from two different sources. First, since a laser is a concentrated beam of light. And light gets hot. People can end up feeling a burning sensation. During their laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment.

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To combat this, the intense pulse light treatment. Has a wand, with a cooling tip built in. So as the wand is placed on the patient’s skin. It is immediately cooled before the light pulse.
As well as immediately cools the skin after the light pulse. To help people avoid feeling the heat from the laser. This second source of discomfort could come from when the laser actually explodes the cells of the hair follicle.
Some people say this sensation is similar. To being snapped on the skin by a rubber band. While other people say it is less uncomfortable than even that. However, since everyone has their own tolerances to pain.
Anyone who is concerned about the sensation. Should bring that up during their consultation. With Edmonton dermatology. The dermatologist has many different methods that they can utilize.
In order to make each patient as comfortable as possible. Such as applying a cooling gel to the surface of their skin. So that it can continue to combat the heat from the laser. To make things more comfortable.
Or, applying a numbing gel. To eliminate the sensation. Caused by the laser exploding they hair follicle. As well, the dermatologist can bring in a cooling fan. Designed to blow cool air on the patient.
To cool the skin as they get treated. To help them be as comfortable as possible. This is one of the most important reasons. Why an initial consultation is required prior to laser hair removal in Edmonton treatments.
So that patients can discuss with their dermatologist their concerns. Have their expectations managed. And end up with the results that they expect.