Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Goodbye Unwanted Hair

For people who are sick of shaving and waxing, laser hair removal in Edmonton can be a great solution. In fact, the majority of people who have had laser hair removal, have reported a 90% reduction in hair growth in their treated area.

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How laser hair removal in Edmonton works. Is by using a laser, which is a concentrated beam of light. To target the pigment in the hair follicles. Which are also known as the root of the hair.
When the laser finds the hair follicles. It will actually explode the cells. So that hair can no longer regrow in the same area. Without the body re-growing that hair follicle from scratch.
And while it takes the body a long time to regrow that hair follicle. When it does regrow. Going in for another laser hair removal and the Edmonton treatment. Can cause it to take even longer to grow back.
This is why it may take multiple treatments to achieve permanent hair removal results. However, the length of time it takes in between treatments will keep getting longer.
Until the body simply gives up trying to regrow the hair follicles in that area. Which is when permanent hair removal will be achieved. And while laser hair removal in Edmonton can be used by patients of all skin types.
Since the laser actually targets the pigment. The larger the difference is between the pigment in the skin, and the pigment in the hair follicle. Means the more effective the treatment will be.
Therefore, fair skinned patients, with lighter hair. May need a stronger laser setting. And more treatments in order to achieve their desired results. But also darker skinned patients.

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Will need to have a much lower laser setting. In order to avoid accidentally targeting the pigment in their skin instead of their hair. Which would cause them to get burned during treatment.
But the lowly are the laser setting is. The more treatments they will need to have, in order for permanent results. However, with the right consultation, everyone can be treated this way.
What people should expect prior to getting laser hair removal. Is first, a consultation with their dermatologist. To discuss treatment, and approximately how many times they will need to come in for treatment.
But also, for the dermatologist to see this skin type, skin tone. As well as how dark or light their hair is. In order to find the right laser to treat them. And prepare them for how many times they will need to get treated for permanent results.
About twenty-four hours before the appointment. People should shave the area that will get treated. So that they do not singe the hair above the skin.
And the reason why they should shave at least twenty-four hours before the appointment. Is because if they shave closer to the appointment, they may end up with irritated red bumps. That could be painful to be treated.
When people are looking for a permanent solution for their unwanted hair. Going for laser treatments at Edmonton dermatology. Can be an effective way to achieve their desired results.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Eliminate Unwanted Hair

Laser hair removal in Edmonton can be effective. Whether women, or men are looking to remove unsightly hair. On almost anywhere on their bodies.
The only exceptions that dermatologists have. For people who are looking to get rid of unwanted hair. Is they cannot do a person’s eyebrows. Because that would require the laser adding to close to their eyes.
And they cannot do the top of their head, because the laser would be to close to their brain. However, anything from their cheeks and lower, can be treated with laser hair removal in Edmonton.
One of the first questions that patients have. When they sit down with their dermatologist in order to find out more information. Is that they want to know if the treatments will hurt.
And while older technology used to be quite painful. Newer lasers not only are much more comfortable. But they also have built-in features, such as a cooling handpiece. That will cool the area that is being treated.
However, if patients have a low pain tolerance, or are nervous. They can utilize numbing cream, cooling gels, and even have cold fans blowing on their skin as they get treated.
The goal should be to ensure all patients are as comfortable as possible. During the entire laser hair removal treatment. As well, by talking to their dermatologist.

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As well as the laser technician during treatment. Patients can let them know if their discomfort level is rising. And if they should go slower, or start using a numbing cream for example.
Most people, especially when they are treated with the newer lasers. Find that there is absolutely no discomfort during or after the treatment. And while some people may find that their skin is a bit red.
In the areas that they had laser hair removal treated. And their skin will be sensitive, and so they should avoid hot showers or baths for the first few days. And bathed in warm water instead.
For the most part, people can go from a laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment. Back home, to the office, or for a night out. With nobody knowing that they had work done.
Some of the most popular spots for women to get a treatment done, are the underarms. Because shaving that area is hard. And can get irritated when using deodorant.
As well as the legs, and their bikini area. Because stubble can be itchy, or even painful when hair starts growing back. So permanent hair removal is often a very attractive option.
For men, the most popular areas to be done are their chest and back. And the amount of treatments that they will need, will depend on what area of the body they are getting treated, and there hair colour and skin type.
If people want more information about laser hair removal. They should contact their dermatologist for free consultation. So that they can get started today.