Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Ensure Laser Treatments Are Effective

When people are finding out information about laser hair removal in Edmonton. They may be surprised to find out. How it works, to eliminate unwanted hair permanently.
Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton
This is one of the more popular treatments at Edmonton dermatology. Not only because of its effectiveness. But also, because it is a gentle procedure. Using a non-ablative laser.
It has virtually no healing time. And the treatment time, from start to finish. Is no longer than two hours, for the largest area being treated. For small areas, such as the upper lip, cheeks and chin.
People can expect to be in and out in half an hour. Making this an extremely easy laser hair removal and Edmonton treatment. To fit in on their lunch break, or at the end of their workday.
Because there is virtually no healing time needed. And it is an non-ablative laser. People can go back to work. Without anybody knowing that they just had a procedure done.
Sometimes, people might feel as though their skin is sensitive. Like they may have been exposed to too much sun the day before. Or, experience a slight reddening in the area treated.
If it is an invisible area. After their laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment. Patients can ask for their makeup to be redone. To hide any discolouration. And since it is a non-ablative treatment.

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Makeup can be applied immediately after the procedure. So that people can truly go back to work in the same day. Immediately after receiving the laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment. Without anyone knowing that they had work done.
The only recommendation by Edmonton dermatology. Will be for people to avoid going into hot water. Such as having a very hot shower or bath. And avoiding things like saunas, or hot tubs.
For a week after their treatment. They also may want to moisturize every day. Because their skin may be depleted of moisture. Due to the heat of the laser.
However, any sensitivity or redness will be gone in the first twenty-four hours. Making this a very easy procedure to get, and recover from. This is very important, considering many people.
Will need multiple treatments. In order to generate permanent results. The reason why, is because after the first laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment. The body will regrow the hair.
However, each subsequent treatment after that. The body will take a longer time. To regrow that hair. Until it just gives up. The length of time until the body gives up trying to regrow that hair.
Typically depends on what area of the body. The more vascular the system is. The more stubborn the hair will be. On the least vascular areas, people can have permanent results after two or three treatments.
And areas of the body that have many veins. Such as the legs, or bikini area. People can typically expect permanent results. After six or eight treatments.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Ensuring That Laser Treatments Are Effective

The reason why dermatologists insist on a consultation prior to a laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment. Is because they want to ensure that each patient is the best candidate for the procedure.
Not everybody is a great candidate for many different reasons. Starting with people who have certain skin conditions. Should avoid all laser treatments. For example, a skin condition called melasma.
Is exacerbated by heat as well as light. Two things that will happen when they undergo any laser treatment. Therefore, if they did not have a consultation. They might get this procedure.
And make their melasma worse, and be very upset. Therefore, one of the first questions. That the dermatologist will ask. When people sit down in the consultation.
Is asking about their medical history. To rule out any problems. That would be made worse, by their treatment. However, they will also at the same time, ask about medication.
The reason why this is such an important question. Is because different medications, will cause people to have sensitive skin. That could react poorly to laser treatments.
For example, if people are on Accutane, and acne medication. This could cause problems with their skin. If they undergo a laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment. As well, if people are on antibiotics.

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They need to be off the antibiotics, for a minimum six months. Before they can be cleared for getting laser hair removal in Edmonton. This is one of the first and most important reasons why people should meet with their dermatologist first.
As well, the dermatologist will want to look at the area. That the patient wants treated with the laser. In order to ensure suitability. The best results, will happen in patients with dark hair.
Because the laser actually targets pigmentation. If a person has lighter hair. They might not see the results that they are expecting. Because the laser might miss hitting the hair follicle.
Due to the lightness of the pigmentation. Therefore, the dermatologist will need multiple treatments. In order to generate the same results. As well, skin tone plays an important factor in effectiveness.
The lighter the skin tone, the easier the procedure is. Because there will not be any pigmentation. In the skin, for the laser to target. For people who have darker skin tones. They will have to turn the laser strength down significantly.
Which means they will need multiple treatments, in order to generate the same results. Which means they may need 6 to 16 treatments. Instead of 3 to 8.
Whether people decide that this is the right procedure for them or not. Will only happen after the initial consultation. Therefore, the consultation is extremely important for both the patient and the doctor.
But also why the consultation will always be free at Edmonton dermatology. They would not want anyone to have to pay for consultation. To find out that they are not a good candidate for the procedure they had their hearts set on.