Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Ensuring Patients Comfort

While the growing popularity of laser hair removal in Edmonton. Shows that many people are continuing to get this procedure done. Others are still hesitant, because they are concerned about if it will be painful or not.
Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton
They may have tried laser hair removal in Edmonton years ago. And found that they were not able to tolerate the sensations. Or, simply heard from their friends who tried several years ago. And have been nervous ever since.
Fortunately, technology continues to improve the lasers. Used in laser hair removal. And while the old lasers, the ones that were used when this technology was initially introduced.
Were quite hot, and delivered a bit of a painful sensation. The current lasers that are now used. Such as the intense pulse light treatment. Also known as IPL laser. Is quite a bit more gentle.
In fact, Edmonton dermatology says there is no better laser on the market. For getting rid of unwanted hair. But it is also the most gentle laser on the market as well.
Therefore, if people are interested in getting laser hair removal in Edmonton. But they are nervous about having a low pain tolerance. They should definitely make a consultation with Edmonton dermatology.
What causes the sensations during treatment are twofold. First, because it is a laser, which is a concentrated beam of light. There is always heat that comes from a laser.

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While it does not hot enough to actually burn the skin. It is hot enough to cause some mild discomfort during the treatment. This is a sensation that many people find hard to tolerate.
Which is why the company that makes the intense pulse light laser. Created a cooling tip directly into the treatment wand. And as the dermatologist or laser technician places the wand.
Up against the patient’s skin, in order to deliver the light pulse. Patients will feel a cooling sensation immediately before, and immediately after the light pulse. Combating the heat of the laser.
This crystal is made out of sapphire, and is one reason why this laser is considered. The most gentle on the market. However, if patients are not convinced that this is going to be enough to combat discomfort.
They can bring this up to their dermatologist during their initial consultation at Edmonton dermatology. The dermatologist will then bring up several different options they can utilize for the patient.
First, the dermatologist can utilize a cooling fan. That blows cold air. Directly onto the patient’s skin that is being treated. This cooling sensation can continue to cool their skin. And soothe that throughout the treatment.
If they are still concerned, the dermatologist can apply a cooling cream. Topically to their skin. Before the treatment. It will also cool the skin down. To combat the heat from the laser.
Whether people are concerned about the sensation or not. Talking to the dermatologist at the initial consultation is vital. In explaining their concerns. And getting their expectations managed.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Ensuring The Comfort Of Patients

People who are concerned about discomfort during a laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment. Should bring that up with their dermatologist. At the initial consultation. This way, they will be able to find out.
If there are different methods that the dermatologist can use. To increase their comfort. And decrease their discomfort at the same time. The dermatologist does not want to harm or hurt their patients.
Therefore, there are many different tools and tricks at their disposal. To ensure that the patients are as comfortable throughout the entire procedure as possible. One of the first things that they will mention.
Is that the appointments are long enough. To allow the patient to have the ability. To dictate to the dermatologist, or laser technician. How fast they can tolerate each pulse of light.
While some people are able to handle the next pulse immediately after the first. Some people need more time in between. To catch their breath, and to prepare themselves for the next pulse.
Patients should never feel as though they are rushed through the treatment. They will progress at the speed that the patient is most comfortable. So that they never feel like they are uncomfortable.
Because of how quickly the technician needs to go through the treatment. In order to be done on time. Knowing that, can bring a lot of comfort to patients. Who may be nervous about the sensations.

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While some of the discomfort can come from the heat of the laser. Edmonton dermatology says other people, are concerned about the sensation of the hair follicles that are being exploded by the laser.
Some patients recall that the sensation is similar to being snapped by a rubber band on their skin. Or, as minor as getting bitten by a mosquito. While some are able to tolerate the sensation with no problems.
Other people, find it is difficult to get through. Which is why their Edmonton dermatologist can put on a topical numbing cream. It will help deaden the sensations of the laser.
So that people can end up more comfortable during the procedure. And while they are still going to be able to feel it. It is not going to be painful either. Knowing this, can help people be prepared.
And while each patient has their own level of pain tolerance. Some people who would never be concerned about pain. But are getting the laser hair removal in Edmonton on their bikini zone or underarms.
Might be very nervous, because they are not sure. How these very sensitive areas of their body. Will tolerate being zapped by hot laser. That is exploding their hair follicles. By being able to have a frank conversation.
With their dermatologist during their initial consultation. Should put patients at ease. Knowing that the dermatologist has enough tools at their disposal. To ensure that each patient is as comfortable as possible. During each laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment.