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The reason why laser hair removal in Edmonton. Is the growing in popularity. Is because not only is it gentle. But it is incredibly effective. At ridding unwanted hair For patients, permanently.
Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton
Shaving, is the least effective method. Of getting rid of unwanted hair. Because it does nothing to eliminate. The problematic hair. Simply cuts the hair off. So that it is not visible. Until the hair grows.
However, depending on how fast. People’s hair grows. They may only be hair free for a day. Or two before they must. Get out the razor and shaving cream. And shave again.
Therefore, shaving is almost a near constant activity. Especially if people are getting rid of hair. Because it is irritating. Or they feel it is unsightly. And are embarrassed by it. While waxing is a different way.
To eliminate hair. Where the hair is pulled out by the roots. This is intensely painful. But also, it is not a permanent method either. While many people have been told for years. That the more they wax.
The more likely the hair will not return. But ask anyone who has been waxing. For several years. And they will tell you, that while the hair may have become thinner. They still have to wax.
Which means as a permanent form of hair removal. It definitely does not work. Not only is waxing intensely painful. It is expensive. As many people must go to the salon. In order to have.

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Aesthetician’s yank out there body hair by the roots. However, they can also purchase a waxing kit at the drugstore. To take home, and wax themselves. However this method is messy.
And for people who have problems. Inflicting pain on themselves. Most people’s home waxing kits. Never get used a second time. While laser hair removal in Edmonton is permanent.
It is not permanent after the first treatment. Because the body will try to regrow the hair. And it may try several times. However, people must go for treatments. Anywhere between two and eight times.
In order to get completely permanent hair free results. For some people, eight treatments may seem like a lot. But when compared to having to shave, every day, every other day. Or once a week.
Or having to wax, 10 to 12 times a year. Suddenly, 8 Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton treatments. Does not seem so bad at all. Once people are interested. In looking into laser treatments.
The first thing that they should do. Is visit Edmonton dermatology. Their consultations are absolutely free. And will allow the dermatologist to gather. As much information as they can.
About the patient, their expectations. And their skin and hair type. But also, it will allow the patient. Ask as many questions as they need. To feel comfortable about the procedure.
And to decide if this is a procedure they would like to proceed with. People can phone, email. Or even send a message on their website. To Edmonton dermatology, and arrange this consultation.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Saying Farewell To All Your Razors

People who shave, are not doing it because they love it, which is why laser hair removal in Edmonton. Is so popular. People shave, because it is the most inexpensive method. Or least painful method. Of ridding them of unwanted hair.
However, it is time-consuming. And requires near constant monitoring. Of their shaving areas. As well as requiring. A person buying razors, shaving creams. And lotion, for the rest of their life.
These are hair removal in Edmonton on the other hand. Is a gentle form of hair removal. That after anywhere between. Two eight treatments, can results. In an 90% reduction of hair growth, permanently.
Many people want to know if laser treatments hurt. When it comes to removing unwanted hair. Edmonton dermatology uses a laser. That is called an IPL, which stands for intense pulse light treatment.
Not only is this the most effective hair removal laser on the market. But it is also the most gentle laser. That is used, throughout the world. The reason it is so gentle. Is because it is non-ablative.
Which means it does not cut the skin, like most other. Laser treatments for cosmetic purposes. Because it does not cut the skin. It does not have much discomfort associated with it. While some people say.
That the most uncomfortable thing. About this treatment is the heat. From the intense pulse of light. And some people, feel as though they have a mild sunburn after treatment.

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However, other people say. That the most uncomfortable thing. About laser hair removal in Edmonton. Is they hairs being destroyed. The laser searches down into the dermis. Which is the second layer of skin.
And literally explodes the cells. That make up the hair follicles themselves. Some people compare this sensation. To being similar to being snapped. By a rubber band. As well as being just as quick.
If people are concerned about being uncomfortable. They should mention this. During their free consultation. With Edmonton dermatology because the dermatologist. Has many different options to help.
For example, the first thing. That the dermatologist will bring up. Is the fact that the wand used to deliver. The pulses of light to the treatment area. Has a built in sapphire crystal.
The purpose of this crystal, is actually to cool the skin. Before, and after. Each pulse of light. Many people find. That this is in fact enough. To mitigate any discomfort. From the heat of the laser.
And rather than leaving the appointment. Feeling overheated. Many people leave their appointment, feeling cool. However, the dermatologist has many other methods. To increase people’s comfort.
The second thing, is using cooling cream. To cool the skin down. To combat the discomfort of the heat. Or they can blow a cooling fan. On the treatment area. For people who are nervous about the sensation.
Of the hair follicles exploding, the dermatologist. Can apply and numbing cream. Topically to the skin, so that people are less likely. To feel the discomfort of the laser during laser hair removal in Edmonton.