Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Find Out Why IPL Is So Popular

When it comes to laser hair removal in Edmonton. Intense pulse light treatment, is the best machine on the market. Not only is this a non-ablative laser. It is also very gentle, and very effective.
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What this laser is, is a laser that targets pigmentation. And it can go through up to three different skin layers. Where the hair follicle exists. And when it finds the pigmentation in the hair follicle.
The laser literally explodes the cells. Which destroys hair follicle. And burns up the hair that is attached to the hair follicle. The body will start pushing out the burnt up useless hair. That can appear to a person.
As hair stubble. That might cause them to think that treatment was not effective. However, they will notice that the hair that is being pushed out. Is either brittle, or crumbly. Because it is burned up remnant.
This will take approximately three days to leave the body. And then, a person can enjoy being here free for the next several weeks, or even a month or longer. However, they should pay attention.
At how long it takes to start growing hair in the area back. And then going back to their dermatologist for their next laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment. By being able to tell how long it took to regrow the hair.
There dermatologist can figure out if they need to increase the lasers intensity. In order to generate better results. The second treatment, will affect the hair follicles that have newly formed.
Causing them to become even weaker. And take an even longer time for the body to regrow them. In fact, in areas that do not receive a lot of blood flow. It may only take two or three treatments.

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In order for people to experience permanent results. What is most beneficial about intense pulse light treatment. Is because it is not ablative, there is virtually no healing time needed.
Most people will feel as though they spent too much time in the sun. And they will experience this for the next 12 to 24 hours. And they might even be a little bit more red in their skin on the treated areas.
However, they will be able to get right back to all of their favourite activities. As soon as the treatment is done. And many people often get their laser hair removal in Edmonton sessions in on their lunch break.
If people are experiencing redness of the complexion. They can always put makeup on over top of their skin immediately. Since their skin is not caught. There is no issue, or risk of irritating the skin with makeup.
When people are ready to undergo laser hair removal. They should find out from their dermatologist approximately how long the treatment will be. Full facials will take approximately thirty minutes.
While a larger area, such as doing legs, chest or back. Can take up to two hours. When patients want more information, they should make an appointment with Edmonton dermatology themselves.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Find Out Why IPL Is So Popular Today

There are many reasons why laser hair removal in Edmonton is so popular. Not only is it a faster to eliminate hair than shaving. And less painful than waxing. But unlike all other hair removal methods. It is completely permanent.
While some people might assume that permanent means it will only take one treatment. It will take multiple treatments, in order to train the body to stop growing those hair follicles.
What areas of the body are being treated, will determine how many times they will need to undergo laser hair removal. But anywhere between 3 to 8 sessions. Can help people stop shaving and waxing forever.
When people are going to Edmonton dermatology for their laser hair removal in Edmonton. They are going to utilize an intense pulse light treatment. Which is the best hair removal laser available today.
What it is, is an intense pulse light, that targets the pigment in the hair follicles. And explodes them in order to destroy the hair follicles. Unlike shaving, that cuts the hair off.
And waxing that pulls the hair up. Destroying the entire hair follicle. Means that people can be carefree in between sessions for much longer. While training the body, to stop regrowing those follicles.
As they kill off the follicles. And the body regenerates them. Getting another laser session. Will further weaken the follicles. Before the body will eventually give up spending time and resources growing those follicles.

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The amount of treatments that will be needed. In order to generate permanent results. Will depend on how much blood flow there is an the area. Because the more blood flow, the more nutrients are being carried to that area.
And the more resources the body will have. At attempting to regrow those hair follicles. This means under the arms are often the easiest to treat. In as few as two or three sessions.
While the bikini area, or legs can be the most stubborn. Due to the large vascular system in the area. While some people might ask their dermatologist about getting laser treatments done on their eyebrows.
This is too close to the patients eyes. For the dermatologist to risk putting a laser so close that area. And potentially damaging their eyes, or affecting their vision. So the rule of thumb that dermatologists use.
Is that anything from the cheeks and below is fair game. While above the cheeks, is nothing that any dermatologist will treat using the intense pulse light treatment. However, it is quite common.
For women to want to get facial hair on their chin treated with laser hair removal in Edmonton. This can be a bit more tricky to treat. Because the reason why women get facial hair here, is because of a hormone imbalance.
They might be going through menopause, or have a medical condition that affects their hormones. Such as polycystic ovarian syndrome. This is why it is very important that anyone looking for this treatment, meet with their dermatologist first.