Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Freedom From Waxing

One of the reasons why people look into laser hair removal in Edmonton. Is because they are sick and tired of waxing. Not just the expense, and the mess. But they hate the pain that it causes.
Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton
It is now secrets, that waxing. Is a method of hair removal that is intensely painful. It has been the subject of ridicule. In pop-culture, in movies and television shows for years.
However, actually getting waxing done is no laughing matter. It takes hot wax. Being applied to a person’s skin. And when the wax has cooled slightly. The person, or their aesthetician.
Will rip off the wax as fast as they can. To remove a large amount of hair. That is being pulled out by the root at a time. Anyone who has ever plucked a single hair. On any part of their body realizes. That this is painful.
And waxing a large section of their body. Is that pain, times several dozen. While many people continued to go through with waxing. Because it is the only way. That they can remain hair free.
For longer than a few days. Waxing is far from a permanent method of hair removal. With many women starting, with promises. That it will eventually kill off the hair follicles. So that they do not have to wax any longer.
However, talking to any person. Who has waxed their body. For any length of time, discovers that this promise. Is actually a bald-faced lie. This is why many people look into laser hair removal in Edmonton.

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And they are often incredibly sceptical. When they hear that it can generate permanent results. What Edmonton dermatology means. When they say it generates permanent results. Is that the typical patient.
Experiences and 90% reduction of hair growth. As long as they have followed the directions. And come for the minimum number of treatments recommended. That 90% reduction of hair growth.
Will be permanent, never to grow back again. The next concern for people who are tired of waxing. Is that these are hair removal in Edmonton will be painful. However, Edmonton dermatology uses the most gentle laser on the market.
For their laser hair removal treatments. It is called an IPL which stands for intense pulse light. And it is the most gentle. Because it is non-ablative, which means it does not cut the skin during treatment.
Some people find that the heat of the laser. Is what is most uncomfortable. While other people say it is the hair follicles. That are being destroyed that is uncomfortable. However most people find no problems.
As well as no discomfort or pain. During their laser treatment. When people are ready to talk to Edmonton dermatology. About this procedure. They should call or email for an appointment.
Not only are the initial consultations absolutely free. But it will allow patients. Task as many questions as they need about laser hair removal in Edmonton. To feel comfortable with the procedure. As well as make the decision on whether this is the treatment that is right for them.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Freedom From Waxing Is Now A Reality

Laser hair removal in Edmonton can help people throw away their waxing kits. Because it helps people achieve. A 90% reduction of hair growth. And that hair growth, or lack thereof is permanent.
However, many people make the assumption. They are going to be able to get these results. Simply by getting a single treatment. But this is not true. The body will try to regrow the hair.
In its only by destroying it multiple times. While people get the permanent results. That they desire. One of the most common questions. That Edmonton dermatology gets from potential patients.
Is wondering, exactly how many sessions they will need. In order to get permanent results. This actually is determined by a number of factors. Including how thick and dark their hair is.
Because the laser is actually searching. For pigmentation in the dermis. Which is the second layer of skin. And incidentally, where the hair follicles grow from. When the laser finds pigmentation.
It actually explodes the cells on contact. Therefore, the darker the hair is. The more success the laser will have. At finding, and ultimately destroying the hair follicles. People with lighter hair may have a different experience.
Such as needing to have the intensity of the laser turned up. Or have additional sessions. In order to ensure, that the laser has found all of the hair follicles effectively. Another reason that dermatologists need.

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Two look at each person independently. To determine how many sessions they need. Is because the area of the body. Where people are getting laser hair removal in Edmonton treatments.
Will greatly influence the number of treatments. That people ultimately need to get. In order to generate permanent results. The more vascular that part of the body is. The more treatments they will need.
The reason why, is because the increased blood flow. Will actually supply nutrients. That the body needs, to regrow the hair in that area. Ultimately, the more vascular the area. The more consistent the body is.
In regrowing that hair. The less vascular areas however. Can often achieve permanent results. In as little as two or three sessions. For this reason, the armpits are one of the most popular areas.
For people to get their first laser hair removal in Edmonton done. Because it will allow them to be hair free. In two or three sessions. And if that works for them. Then they are more willing. To pay for a larger section to be done.
Such as their legs, arms. Their chest, back or shoulders for example. And while many people may make the assumption. That it is primarily women getting this service. Edmonton dermatology says this is not true.
And there are equal numbers of men and women. Who come into the office. For this treatment. Whenever people are getting tired. Of shaving or waxing. They can call Edmonton dermatology for a consultation.