Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Frequently Asked Questions About IPL

When people are looking to permanently remove hair, they should look no further than laser hair removal in Edmonton. Edmonton dermatology has many different methods to permanently remove hair.

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However, nothing is as effective as their intense pulse light treatment, also known as IPL. This utilizes an extremely concentrated beam of light called a laser, to target the pigmentation in the hair follicles.
When it targets those hair follicles, what it does is actually explodes the cells. Destroying the hair follicle. Making it far more difficult for the body to regrow the hair follicle in that area.
Which is why it takes a long time for the hair to grow back. In fact, because it will explode the air follicle cells. In the first few days following treatment. People can expect some crumbly bits of hair to start poking through their skin.
However, this is not hair growing. Like many people might assume. But just the remnants of the hair that used to be growing. And after a few days, that hair which will be brittle or crumbly in nature.
Will be all gone, and patients should be mindful. Of how long it takes for more hair to grow in that area. The reason white so important to be mindful of how long it takes to regrow the hair.
Is because when patients go back to Edmonton dermatology for their second laser hair removal in Edmonton session. They will be able to tell the dermatologist as well as the laser technician.
How long it took for that hair to grow back. So that they could potentially increase the intensity of the laser. To generate better, and longer lasting results. This is why patients should wait until that hair starts growing again.

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Before they come back for their subsequent laser hair removal and Edmonton treatments. While many people assume that it is permanent after a single session. This is not necessarily the case.
The body will try to regrow the hair follicles in the area. But after repeated laser treatments. The body will eventually give up, because the hair follicle keeps getting destroyed. And how long that takes depends.
It depends on the part of the body that they are treating. Body parts that have more blood flow are more stubborn to get rid of hair. Simply because that hair flow helps the body regrow the hair follicle.
Therefore legs, and bikini areas are notoriously stubborn. Often taking 6 to 8 treatments. Before the hair stops growing altogether. However, areas of the body that are less vascular in nature.
Such as the underarms, and the back may only need to, or three treatments. In order to permanently remove the hair in that area. Because it is a bit of a range.
Anyone who is looking to get laser hair removal in Edmonton. Should make a consultation with Edmonton dermatology. So that their dermatologist can look at their hair, and their skin type.
To let patients know how effective the treatment will be. And after how many sessions they can expect the treatment to be completely permanent.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | F.A.Q’s About IPLTreatment

IPL is intense pulse light treatment, a form of laser hair removal in Edmonton. It is incredibly effective, be the most popular as well as most effective. Laser hair removal system people can use.
However, despite the fact that it is popular and effective. Many people still have different questions. That will help them determine if they want to utilize this treatment or not.
One of the first questions that people have for their dermatologist. Is if IPL hurts. This is a little bit tricky to answer, since everybody has a different pain threshold. And different parts of their body have different tolerances to pain as well.
The reason why it is potentially causes pain in the first place. Is because the intense pulse light treatment utilizes a very concentrated beam of light. And light puts out heat, so the beam of light can get quite hot.
When people are getting this laser hair removal in Edmonton done. It will be flashes of this intense light at a time. And not a laser that is used like a pencil to draw on an area.
Therefore, the potential for discomfort. Our only quick flashes at a time. Some people compare what it feels like to a rubber band snapping their skin. And how intense that rubber band is.
Depends on the part of their body that they are treating. If people are concerned about discomfort, that something they should bring up with their dermatologist. Because there are many different things that they can utilize.

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In order to make people more comfortable. Not only is the handpiece used to deliver the laser treatment. Covered with a sapphire crystal, that instantly cools the area. Before, during and after the flash of light from the laser.
But they can also utilize cooling gels and numbing creams. As well as a cooling fan being blown on the patient’s skin. To make this as comfortable as possible for each patient.
Another important thing to remember about the laser hair removal in Edmonton. Is when the laser technician is doing the treatment. Patients should feel free to communicate with them.
And tell them to stop or slow down if they are uncomfortable. Knowing all of this, can help make people feel more comfortable. With going to get this intense pulse light treatment done.
And ultimately, having a consultation with the dermatologist ahead of time. Can allow them to express their concerns. And here from the dermatologist themselves. If it is something that they should be concerned about or not.
After the treatment, most people typically will not feel much discomfort. They might have sensitive skin. Or feel like they spent too much time outside and got a slight sunburn. But that discomfort typically will last a day at the longest.
One of the reasons why intense pulse light treatment is so popular. Is because it is effective, while not being very difficult for many people to withstand. Making it a great option for most people wanting to get rid of unwanted hair.