Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Gaining An Understanding Of IPL

IPL is the gold standard for laser hair removal in Edmonton. According to Edmonton dermatology. Not only are more patients getting this treatment done every year. But they also are getting more areas treated as well.
Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton
IPL stands for intense pulse light. And refers to the type of laser that is used. To eradicate unwanted hair in patients. However works, is by targeting the pigmentation. Of the hair follicles directly.
When the laser discovers the pigmentation. In the hair follicles, the laser is designed. To explode those cells. People will experience a slight snapping sensation. Similar to the sensation of a rubber band on skin.
While other patients, say that is not even that uncomfortable. What makes it so gentle. Is the fact that IPL lasers are non-ablative. This means that it does not cut the skin. Which means it is very gentle.
But also, there is virtually no healing time involved. Another way that the IPL laser differs. From various other laser treatments that are offered. Is that it takes a very short amount of time.
While people will not know were sure. How long their laser hair removal in Edmonton session will be. Until they sit down with their dermatologist. At their free consultation.
Patients can generally expect. Anywhere between half an hour, for smaller areas. Like the chin, or underarms. And that time, also includes cleansing the skin. As well as doing the treatment.

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Or, as long as two hours. For a very large area of the body. Such as the legs, the chest back. Even still, this amount of time to get laser hair removal in Edmonton. Is much shorter than other treatments.
That often require patients. Book off an entire day, or half-day from work. In order to fit this procedure in. And then, will need to take additional time off work. In order to heal thoroughly and effectively.
Most people who are getting laser procedures done. Can come in right before their shift starts. Been on their lunch break. Or come by, on their way home from work. Since it is not ablative.
And does not cut the skin. People do not have to tell anyone there getting a procedure done at all. And if people are heading out, such as a date night with their partner. Or back to work.
Since it did not cut the skin, their laser technician will be able to apply. some concealer on the treatment area if it is read. So that they can go out, and not tell anybody. That they had any procedure done at all.
Because it takes a short amount of time. And virtually no healing time. Many people are very interested in finding more about eliminating unwanted hair with lasers. And if they are, the best first step.
Would be to call Edmonton dermatology. In order to arrange their initial, and free consultation. They helpful staff, will be able to fit them in effectively. So that they can meet with the dermatologist.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Understanding What IPL Is

IPL is a form of laser hair removal in Edmonton. According to Edmonton dermatology, and is not only the most effective. Laser that they can use for hair removal. But it is also the gentlest laser that they utilize.
This is a huge relief for many people. Who are trying to eliminate shaving, or waxing. While shaving does not hurt. It is extremely time-consuming. And waxing on the other hand. Is expensive.
And is also very painful. Many people who try eliminating. The unwanted, and embarrassing hair on various parts of their body. Try waxing, before giving it up. Because they cannot tolerate it.
And while many people have been told. That waxing for years. Will eventually eliminate the unwanted hair. People who have been waxing for many years. Will tell you, that this simply is not true.
However, Edmonton dermatology says one of the most common questions they get. From people who are looking at getting laser hair removal in Edmonton done. Is wanting to know if they will get permanent results.
With a single laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment. Unfortunately the answer to this question is no. They will not to get permanent results with just one treatment. However it will not take years.
The body will try to grow back the hair. Once it has been removed with the intense pulse light laser. However, the number of times people will needs to undergo this treatment. On a number of factors.

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First, it will depend on how thick and dark the hair is. The darker the hair the better, because the laser. Will be able to target the pigmentation in the dermis layer of the skin more effectively.
People with lighter hair that they are trying to eliminate. Such as blonde or brown, may find. That they require more treatments. Then there darker haired friends. But that does not mean it cannot be permanent.
As well, the part of the body. Where people are eliminating unwanted hair. Laser an important role in how many treatments they need. Simply because the more vascular the part of the body is.
The much more stubborn the hair will be to. To get rid of. This is because the more blood flow there is in the body. The more resources the body will have. At regrowing the hair follicles that have been eliminated by the laser.
Therefore, the legs tend to be one of the more stubborn areas. In order to get permanent results. Requiring up to six or eight treatments. With the underarms, being one of the least stubborn areas.
Only needing two or three treatments. In order to generate completely permanent results. Because of the differing factors, this is why Edmonton dermatology insists on a free consultation.
In order to get this consultation. Customers do not need a referral from their doctor. They simply need to contact Edmonton dermatology by phone, or email. And arrange a free consultation themselves.