Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Get A Consultation First

Many people go to Edmonton dermatology in order to get laser hair removal in Edmonton. It does not matter what age, gender, or area of the body. People have hair, that is unwanted.
Laser Hair Removal In Edmonton
And when it comes to permanently getting rid of at least 90% of unwanted hair. There is no better hair removal method, then laser hair removal in Edmonton. Unlike other hair removal methods.
Like shaving, waxing and threading for example. Laser hair removal is permanent. But it requires the minimum number of treatments. In order for the hair to stop growing back. And permanent results being achieved.
There are several factors. That go into how many treatments people need. In order to get permanent results. The thickness, and darkness of the hair that they are trying to get rid of.
As well as the vascularity of the area being treated. This means the more blood vessels. And blood flow that is in the area. Will make the hair more stubborn to get rid of. And will require more treatments to get results.
This means legs, and the bikinis own. Are the most stubborn areas to get rid of hair permanently. However, underarms are one of the easiest areas. Because of the lack of blood flow in that area.
While many people might think. That women get more laser hair removal in Edmonton. Edmonton dermatology says. That men and women both come in for this treatment.

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Because they both have stubborn hair, and areas that they want to get rid of. For women, it is quite popular for them to get. Their legs, their bikini area. As well as underarms, and upper lip treated.
While men, often get their chest or back treated. As well as their cheeks. And the nape of their neck. Where straight hairs, can be annoying, and unsightly. Almost any area of the body can be treated.
With the exception of the eyebrows, because the handpiece. That is used to administer the laser pulses. Is quite large, and would not be able. To work around the eyebrows adequately enough.
Therefore, everything from the cheeks, and below, is fair game. For the dermatologist, or laser technician to eliminate hair. There are only a few steps. That people need to take, in order to get rid of unwanted hair.
The first step, would be calling Edmonton dermatology for consultation. Not only is this consultation absolutely free. But it is very important. For the dermatologist to be able to see the area being treated.
So that they will be able to determine. The laser setting that should be used first. For the first treatment on the patient. This will be based on a combination of factors. Including skin tone, as well as thickness and darkness of the hair.
As well, it is important that they set the expectation with the patient. Letting them know what to expect. In addition to helping them understand. How many treatments they are going to need. When people are ready to eliminate unwanted hair. They should look no further than Edmonton dermatology.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Get A Consultation Before Starting

Laser hair removal in Edmonton is more popular than ever. Not only because it is a procedure that can be performed on almost any part of the body. But because of how effective it is at permanently eliminating hair.
Patients can expect to get a 90% reduction of hair. And for that hair that is eliminated. To never grow back again. However, it is very important. That if they would like to get those results. That they follow their dermatologist’s instructions.
The first step in getting laser hair removal in Edmonton. Is setting up a consultation with Edmonton dermatology. This is absolutely imperative. So that the dermatologist can see the area that is being treated.
As well as help the client manage their expectations. Both in how many treatments they will need. As well as what kind of results they are going to get. So that they have realistic expectations when they start.
Many people might assume. That laser hair removal in Edmonton is permanent. After the first treatment. But this is not accurate. They will be able to help each patient understand.
That they will need multiple treatments. And exactly how many. Will depend on a number of factors. The first factor is how thick and dark the hair is. While the laser actually targets pigment.
People with lighter hair, such as blonde or dark brown. Might need more treatments. In order to successfully reach every single hair follicle. However, extremely thick and dark hair.

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Will also be more stubborn. And will require more laser treatments. Another factor, that must be accounted for. In the number of treatments that they will need. Will be the vascularity of the area being treated.
Areas that have a lot of blood flow, such as the legs. Will have more stubborn hair to remove. Because the increased blood flow. Will carry more nutrients to the area. And allow the body to regrow that hair more easily.
However, areas that have minimal blood flow. Such as the underarms. Will be much easier to get rid of hair. Requiring perhaps only two or three treatments. To achieve permanent results.
It is very important that the dermatologist sees the patient, the treatment area. As well as their hair. Before beginning their laser hair removal in Edmonton. But as well, the dermatologist will also.
Give the patient very important instructions. So that they can achieve the very best results. One of those important instructions. Is to immediately stop plucking, threading or waxing their unwanted hair.
This is because laser hair removal. Targets the hair follicles. And plucking, threading as well as waxing. Eliminates those hair follicles. Which means the procedure will not be as effective if people do not stop these activities first.
Best case is for patients to have stopped waxing, plucking or threading. At least two weeks in advance of their first treatment. And not to start, until their treatments are over. But by then, they will not need to anymore.