Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Get Permanent Hair Removal

One of the reasons why laser hair removal in Edmonton. Is increasingly popular, year after year. Is because it is the only absolutely permanent method. Of getting rid of unwanted, and unsightly hair.
Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton
Shaving, is the least effective method. Because rather than eliminating the entire hair. It simply cuts the hair off. And depending on how quickly. A person’s hair grows, they will have stubble within days if not sooner.
Another method of hair removal is waxing. And while this has a certain amount of popularity. The reason why it is popular. Is because it gets rid of hair. For several weeks at a time.
And not because it is a gentle experience. Anyone who has ever had any body part waxed. Will realize, that it is an intensely painful experience. Causing several hairs to be ripped out by the roots. At the same time.
However, many people are willing. To put up with the pain. If it means that they do not have to shave every day. Or every other day to get rid of. The unwanted hair on various parts of their body.
And while sugar ring is a third method says Edmonton dermatology. That is similar to waxing. But instead of pouring hot wax on a person’s body. In order to rip out all of their hair.
Sugaring requires applying a hot sticky substance. Made primarily of sugar, in order to do the exact same thing. While it is reputed. To be more gentle, anyone who has experienced both. Say they are both painful.

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Dermatologists also say, that electrolysis. Was widely popular in the eighties. And has since fallen out of favour. Because it is extremely time-consuming. And truly, no more effective. Then plucking or waxing.
Electrolysis is the method. Where a technician would take between her that were electrified. And also had a needle in between the pincers. That they would stick the needle, into the hair follicle.
Where it would get electrified. And then, the tweezers would pull the hair out. Not only is this painful. But it is also extremely time-consuming. Which makes it, even more excruciating for some.
This is why so many people. Love coming to Edmonton dermatology. For laser hair removal in Edmonton. Not only is it much more gentle. Then any of those methods.
But also, patients can work towards. A 90% reduction. Of their unwanted hair growth, permanently. Which ultimately means, that they will be able to stop waxing, shaving and all other methods permanently.
In order to find out more information. About laser hair removal in Edmonton. Patients are encouraged to make an appointment with Edmonton dermatology. They can do this by phone, email.
Or filling out a form on their website. During the consultation, patients will receive free information. From the dermatologist. About what the procedure is like. How many treatments they will need.
And what to expect. If patients decide this is not the treatment for them. The appointment is still absolutely free. And dermatologists do not want patients to make this decision lightly.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | You Can Get Permanent Hair Removal

To some people, permanent hair removal may seem like a pipe dream, but with laser hair removal in Edmonton. It can actually be a reality. While they cannot guarantee complete and total hair removal.
Edmonton dermatology says, they can consistently get. A 90% reduction of hair growth. In the treatment area. As long as the patient has followed directions. As well as come to all of the treatments recommended.
While the rate of hair growth. Will slow down in between sessions. If Edmonton dermatology recommends. That patients come in for five sessions. And they quit after three for example.
They may not get the results that they were hoping for. However, if they come back anytime in the future. They can pick up right where they left off. And get those permanent results they desire.
As well, it is very important. That patients follow the before and after care. Outlined by their dermatologist. Such as avoiding waxing the area. Weeks before the first appointment.
The reason why this is vital, is because. The laser treatment actually targets the pigmentation. In the hair follicles directly. And if someone is continuing to wax their skin. Those hair follicles will not be present.
And the laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment. Will not be as effective as it should. And while some dermatologists recommend. Stopping waxing two weeks before the first treatment.

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Edmonton dermatology simply asks. To stop immediately. Even if their first treatment is three or four weeks away. The reason why, is because if a person has a slightly slower growing follicle.
The longer time in between waxing and laser hair removal in Edmonton. Will ensure that they have the most hair follicles present. To be hit by the laser, and destroy.
As well, dermatologists recommend. That patients pay attention. To how long it takes. To regrow the hair that has been destroyed. Because that information will be very helpful. For the dermatologist.
To have the right laser settings. For example, if there hair started growing back. In three weeks. The dermatologist may turn up the intensity of the laser. So that the results may be more effective next time.
However, if it takes two months to regrow the hair. The dermatologist might have confirmation. That it is at the right setting. Or perhaps, they thought it was going to take five or six treatments. When they know.
With how long it took to regrow the hair. That a patient will need fewer sessions instead. Ultimately, the only way for a patient to find out. If they are done with treatments. Is if the hair simply never grows back again.
For more information about laser treatments. In order to permanently remove hair. Patients can book a free consultation. At Edmonton dermatology three ways. From filling out a form on their website.
Two calling, or sending an email. People will be able to arrange that free consultation. To find out what they need to know.