Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Get Rid of Hair Permanently

When people are looking for a way of permanently getting rid of unwanted hair, laser hair removal in Edmonton. And be the solution they are looking for. Not only is this method very safe. But with enough treatments, is also completely permanent.
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One of the most important things that people keep in mind. About this method of hair removal. Is that it uses a type of laser, called an IPL. Which stands for intense pulse light treatment. Which is a non-ablative laser.
That targets pigmentation underneath the skin. And explodes any pigmentation it sees. Because of that, not only is it effective. At eliminating unwanted hair. By exploding the hair follicle cells.
But dark spots, and birthmarks are also affected by this laser. Therefore, if people have dark spots or birthmarks where they have unwanted hair. They will have to be prepared for losing those as well.
One of the most common questions that Edmonton dermatology gets about this procedure. Is whether laser hair removal in Edmonton is painful or not. This is dependent on each person.
Because people have different tolerances to pain. And the different parts of the body, may have higher tolerances than others. However, many people compare it to being snapped by a rubber band.
Because while that can be uncomfortable. It is also over very quickly, just like the intense pulse light treatment. However, if people are concerned that they will not be able to tolerate it.
They can discuss this with their dermatologist. And they can come up with several different strategies. That will help ensure that the patient is as comfortable as possible during their laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment.

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One of the first things that their dermatologist will talk about. Is the fact that the wand head that will be used to deliver the intense pulse light treatment. Has a built in crystal sapphire.
And that crystal sapphire will cool the skin before, during and after treatment. Which will work to ensure that the treatment is as comfortable as possible.
However, if people are still concerned. The dermatologist can put a cooling fan. Blowing cool or cold air on the treatment area of the patient. This will cool down their skin, and sooth the area.
In addition to that, they can also use a numbing cream, or a cooling gel. That will be designed to increase the patient’s comfort. During their treatment. As well, the dermatologist will go as fast or slow as the patient dictates.
Therefore, if they need more time in between laser pulses. All they have to do is communicate that with their dermatologist during the treatment. So that a patient will never feel uncomfortable with this procedure.
It can still be very daunting for a person to undergo this treatment. Without knowing if they are going to feel discomfort. However, they should know that their dermatologist is dedicated to ensuring that they are as comfortable as possible during the entire treatment.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Get Rid of Hair Once & For All

Many people want more information about laser hair removal in Edmonton. Especially when they hear that it will help them get rid of hair in that area permanently.
One of the first questions that they have for their dermatologist. Is that is this method permanent after a single treatment? Unfortunately, this is not usually the case. And it takes multiple treatments to be effective.
However, exactly how many laser hair removal in Edmonton treatments will be needed. Will depend greatly on each individual, the area that the hair is located in. And how thick and dark the hair is.
First of all, talking about location. Dermatologists say that the area of the body that has more blood flow. Because of a more extensive vascular system. Will be much more stubborn to get rid of hair.
Reason why, is because the additional blood flow. Will carry nutrients to the area. Which will allow the body to try to regrow the hair follicles in that area more effectively. Then if they were in a different area of the body.
For example, the laser hair removal treatment is going to be much more effective on the underarms. Requiring two three treatments to be permanent. As opposed to the bikini area for example.
Therefore, people who have hair to remove in a hard to remove area. Will needs to be prepared for multiple treatments, such as six, seven or eight times. However, this is still going to be much more effective.

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Then continuing to shave or wax that area. And dealing with the problems, such as ingrown hair and sensitive skin. That shaving or waxing causes the body.
Another thing that will contribute to how effective the laser hair removal is. Will be how thick and dark the hair to be removed is. Some people think that the thicker and darker their hair is, harder it is to remove.
However, the opposite is actually true according to Edmonton dermatology. The reason why, is because the laser hair removal in Edmonton utilizes an intense pulse light. That targets pigmentation of the hair.
Therefore, the darker the pigmentation is. And the thicker the hair. The more effectively the hair will be targeted. And have the cells exploded by the laser. People with thinner, or lighter hair.
They be very disappointed to hear. That they are not the most ideal candidates for this procedure. And will have to undergo multiple treatments. More than their darker haired counterparts.
And while it is often very highly sought after. For a permanent hair removal solution. It only takes one session. So far, something of that does not exist. But the laser hair removal and be the next best thing.
In order to get started, patients should set up a consultation with Edmonton dermatology. Which is actually free for the first consultation. So that they can find out if they are good candidate.
And if they are a good candidate, what they should expect from their treatment. And what they need to do, in order to get the results that they desire.