Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Unwanted Hair?

Even though most people have some form of unwanted hair, fewer people undergo laser hair removal in Edmonton. Despite the fact that it is a permanent hair removal treatment.

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Instead, people often use many different products to shave, wax. And even use cream to dissolve the hair. And while it can get rid of the hair for a short while. From a couple of days with shaving.
Two a couple of weeks with waxing. They all have the same thing in common. The hair will eventually grow back in. And while many people may think that waxing is beneficial.
Because they are going to be able to have their hair grow in finer and thinner. It is still not a permanent solution the way laser hair removal in Edmonton is.
In fact, with enough treatments. Laser hair removal can be permanent, in as few as three treatments. Depending on the area, and how stubborn the hair is.
But this is also why it is very important that anyone who is considering laser hair removal in Edmonton. Should talk to a dermatologist and find out not only the facts about this treatment.
But if they are good candidate, given their skin tone, there hair type and hair colour. The reason why all of these things factor into how effective the treatment is. Is because of how the lasers work.
The lasers actually target the pigment in the hair follicle itself. Which is the root of the hair. And when the laser locates the pigment in the hair follicle. It will explode the cells, destroying the hair follicle in the process.

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The body will push out what is left of the hair. And it will take quite some time for the body to regrow the follicle in that area. And when it does, that is when the second treatment must be utilized.
When they keep going back for subsequent laser hair removal treatments. They are going to be able to have the body give up trying to grow back the hair follicle. Because it is unsuccessful over time.
With shaving, it is simply cutting the hair off at the level of the skin. And does nothing to impede future hair growth. And although waxing pulls the hair out by its route.
That also is not going to cause the body to stop growing that hair. Which is why laser hair removal is so effective. And why it is permanent, for people who undergo the right number of treatments.
It is important to have a consultation with the dermatologist in advance of the treatment. So they can see the skin tone and hair colour. So that they choose the right laser treatment.
And have the lasers set correctly to the right intensity. So that it can be the hair follicle that receives the treatment. Instead of any of the surrounding pigment in the skin. So that it can be effective at eliminating the hair in that area.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Get Rid of Unwanted Hair

Permanent hair removal is extremely sought after, which is why so many people are getting laser hair removal in Edmonton. Because this is the only treatment that can eliminate hair in the area for good.
Not only does shaving and waxing take a lot of time. It costs a lot of money to continually buy the supplies over a lifetime. And will not do anything to permanently eliminate the hair in that area.
A lot of time and money can be saved. When people undergo laser hair removal in Edmonton. And most people report a 90% reduction of growth of hair in any areas that they get treated.
There are some caveats to this however. Dermatologists say that women who have hair growth on their chin. Typically will need more laser hair removal in Edmonton treatments.
Because the reason why they have hair in that area of their body. Is due to a hormonal imbalance. Such as having more testosterone in their body because of menopause.
Or they have a medical disorder such as polycystic ovarian syndrome. That causes them to have more testosterone in their body. And when they have a hormonal imbalance, getting rid of that hair is harder.
In fact, women who have this problem. May needs to undergo a cluster of treatments every few years. In order to ensure that the hair that grows in that area can stay gone for good.
As well, dermatologists say patients should be aware that anything above the cheeks, cannot undergo laser treatments. Because of how close to the eyes and brain it would require the laser to work.

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And although the patients will have to use eye protection. When they undergo laser hair removal in Edmonton. In order to ensure that no I damage happens due to the lasers.
They simply will not do anything close to the eyes such as the eyebrows. However, anything else, from the cheeks and below will be able to be treated. With the right laser hair removal treatment.
In fact, laser hair removal can help get two problem spots. That people have a difficult time accessing on their own. Particularly women’s underarms. That not only are more sensitive, and can be irritated when shaved.
But because of all of the bumps in the area. Shaving can be ineffective. Leaving a lot of areas on shaved. Because it is difficult to do. Therefore, laser treatments can ensure that the entire area is free of hair.
So when people undergo laser hair removal. They can say goodbye to stubble, ingrown hairs and razor rashes. And they can say goodbye to having to purchase razors, shaving cream and waxing kids.
The first step to helping a hair free life. Will be to make an appointment for free consultation. With Edmonton dermatology, in order to find out more information and get all of their questions answered.
Most importantly, they need to follow the advice of the dermatologist before, and during aftertreatment. To end up with the results they desire.