Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Get Rid of Your Razor For Good

There are many reasons why people may be looking for laser hair removal in Edmonton. From cosmetic reasons, wanting to get rid of unsightly or embarrassing hair. Or, getting rid of hair for convenience factors.
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When people are looking for the best laser hair removal in Edmonton. One of the best treatments that they can get, is called an IEP L laser. Which stands for intense pulse light treatment.
While this laser treatment is also used to treat pigmentation issues. Such as getting rid of birthmarks or rosacea. It also is very effective. At getting rid of unsightly hair, from a wide variety of places on men and women’s bodies.
In fact, the only areas of the body. That the IPL laser cannot treat. Is anything above the eyes. There is too much risk, of damage to the eyes. Even though people will be wearing our protective goggles.
And the skin on they forehead, and top of the head is so thin. That laser technicians and dermatologists. Do not want to risk damaging the skin. However, everything from the cheeks and below. Can be treated by the intense pulse light laser.
However, because it does target pigmentation. By locking onto the cells that are darker. And exploding them. This treatment is best on people with lighter skin. They use what is called a Fitzpatrick scale.
And anyone within 1 to 4 on this scale. Will be a good candidate. The next question that many people have about this laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment. Is wanting to know if it is painful.
Since it is a non-ablative laser. Which means it does not cut the skin. It is very gentle, requiring very little, to virtually no healing time. With many people coming in on their lunch breaks for treatment.

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The sensation feels to some, as though a rubber band is snapping the skin. And for others, it is not painful at all. However, people who are concerned. Can talk to their dermatologist during their free consultation.
Because they have options, to help with the pain. From cooling gels, and numbing creams. To having a cool fan blow on the patient while they are getting the IPL treatment. To help soothe their skin as the treatment happens.
As well, there is a sapphire crystal built in. To the wand, that is used to treat the area. And what the sapphire crystal does, is cools the skin down immediately before, and immediately after each light pulse.
Therefore, there are many options to ensure each patient. Will have the maximum comfort during treatment. They can expect anywhere between half an hour, to two hours, depending on what area that is being treated.
Which makes this a very easy and accessible treatment. That people can get any time. And then go back to work, or their regular activities.
If people have unsightly hair, that is causing them problems or embarrassment. They should make an appointment with Edmonton dermatology today. In order to discuss getting this treatment to get rid of that hair.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Get Rid Of Your Razor Forever

For some, removing unwanted hair is a lengthy process, prompting many to look for laser hair removal in Edmonton. While this treatment does not get rid of hair in a single appointment. With only a few treatments, people can get rid of their raisers, or waxing kits for good.
When people are thinking about what problem areas. They would like to remove hair permanently. Where that is on their body. Will determine how many treatments they will need to get in order to make the hair removal permanent.
The more vascular the area. Meaning the more there is blood flow in the area. The more stubborn they hair is going to be to remove. A popular spot that many people like to get laser hair removal in Edmonton.
Is the armpits, and because of the lack of blood flow in the area. People can have permanent results in two or three treatments. However, there are other areas of the body. That are a lot more stubborn.
The legs, and bikini area. Which are popular for both men and women. Will take up to 6 to 8 treatments. In order for permanent hair removal results. Due to the large vascular system in the area.
However, compared to a lifetime of raisers and waxes. Undergoing 6 to 8 treatments. For permanent hair removal results. Can often sound like a dream to many people. Who may spend several hours a week getting rid of unwanted hair.
The first step forgetting laser hair removal in Edmonton. Would be contacting Edmonton dermatology. They offer free consultations, to ensure people know what to expect with the treatment.


But also, so that the dermatologist can see the treatment area. And ensure suitability for the intense pulse light treatment that will be used. To eliminate the hair on that part of the body.
Because the intense pulse light treatment targets pigmentation. The lighter the skin is, and the darker the hair is. Will ensure the best results, as the laser targets the pigmentation in the hair follicle itself.
When it finds the pigmentation, the laser explodes the cells. Which kills the hair follicle on contact. And the body, over a few days. Will push out the hairs that are remaining. It will appear brittle, or crumbly.
It is very imperative for patients to pay attention. To how long it takes for it hair to start growing back. And as soon as they notice the hair is starting to grow back. Go back to the dermatologist for their second treatment.
This will ensure that the laser can kill the hair follicle that has been newly formed. As soon as possible, which will send a message to the body. That is useless trying to regrow the hair.
When people are looking for lasting their removal results. They should look no further than Edmonton dermatology, and their laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment. And never have to worry about shaving ever again.