Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Getting Rid of Unsightly Hair

When people are looking for a permanent hair removal solution, laser hair removal in Edmonton. Can help. And while it is not permanent after the first treatment only. It will be permanent after a few sessions.
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People need to understand what this laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment involves. And how it gets rid of hair. It uses a laser called an intense pulse light treatment. That uses bright flashes of laser.
To target the pigmentation in the follicles. Where it will explode the cells upon contact. One of the most common questions that Edmonton dermatology gets. Is whether this treatment will hurt.
Unfortunately, this is not something that dermatologists can answer definitively. Since everybody has different pain tolerances. Especially on different parts of their body. While the legs might not hurt at all.
The underarms may hurt a lot. Or, someone might not have a problem at all with the procedure. Most people compare laser hair removal in Edmonton. To the sensation of being snapped by a rubber band.
In the same intensity. But also with the same speed, which means after the initial rubber band is snapped. Often, people have absolutely no discomfort at all. However this is not the same for everyone.
And while some people can handle having a rubber band snapped on different parts of their body. For others, this is more than they are able to handle. During their initial consultation with Edmonton dermatology.
Patients should bring up whether they are nervous about the sensations or not. So that their dermatologist will be able to adjust things. To ensure that every patient is as comfortable as possible during the procedure.


First of all, they will be able to reassure each patient. That the handheld want. That is used to administer the laser. Has a built in sapphire crystal. And this sapphire crystal will be used.
To cool the skin immediately before, during and after each laser pulse. This can often be enough to ensure a patient is comfortable during the entire procedure.
However, for some people, they may need. Or want to have other methods on hand. To help them be as comfortable as possible during the procedure. And their Edmonton dermatologist will be more than happy to accommodate them.
For example, they can apply a cooling gel, or in numbing cream. To help them not feel the pulse of the laser. During the procedure. As well, because the laser does emit heat when it pulses.
It can cause the temperature of the skin to rise. And the dermatologist will be more than happy. To have a cooling fan, blowing cool or cold air on the patient, as they undergo treatment. Especially when this is used with they cooling gel.
It can make a patient quite comfortable. And either not feel the pulse of the laser. Or feel it, but are not hurt by it. This is why the initial consultation is so important. So that patients can get the experience and the results they expect.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Getting Rid of Unsightly Hair Forever

It is very important when people are making the decision to get laser hair removal in Edmonton. That they are very upfront and honest with their dermatologist. IPL, intense pulse light treatment. Is not a treatment that can be utilized by anyone.
This laser actually targets pigmentation in the skin. And when that pigmentation is in the form of a hair follicle. That hair follicle cells. Will be exploded on contact. As will any other pigmentation in the area.
This unfortunately means, that laser hair removal in Edmonton. Can only be used by people with a certain lightness to their skintone. Dermatologists will use what is called a Fitzpatrick scale.
To determine if a person has the appropriate amount of lightness in their skintone. To be able to undergo this procedure without damaging their skin. If someone has darker skintone and gets this treatment.
What could happen, is that the laser would target the pigmentation in their skin. Which would burn their skin. And damage it. As well as potentially and permanently lightening their skin in the treatment area.
This is why dermatologists will insist on a pre-consultation. To ensure that they will be the best candidate for this treatment. However, they are not just looking at skin tone.
Because the intense pulse light will target pigmentation. People with light hair. May be very disappointed that they may not be ideal candidates for this procedure either.

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However, the argument could be made. That people with light coloured hair. Are not going to be nearly as upset, or embarrassed by the hair that is there. However, if people truly are bothered by their hair.
And it is light brown, or blond. They can undergo laser hair removal in Edmonton. They will just need to keep in mind. That it will have to have multiple sessions, more than their darker haired peers.
In order to generate the same kinds of results that they are expecting. However, dermatologists say that if someone has hair that is completely white. Such as they have gone grey in that area. Or they do not have any pigmentation.
They will not be a good candidate for laser hair removal in Edmonton. Simply because there will be no pigmentation for the laser to target. And therefore, will not get rid of that hair.
How long patients will need to wait in between sessions. Will depend on their individual body. How they will determine this. Is simply keep track of when they start to see hair growth in the area that was treated.
And when they see most of the hair has grown in. That will be the perfect time to contact their dermatologist once more. And come in for their next treatment.
If they keep coming in shortly after they discover hair growth in the area. They will be able to hit the newly formed hair follicles with the laser. While it is new, which will help them continue to eliminate the hair follicles. In a way that will eventually become permanent.