Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Get Rid of That Unwanted Hair

For people who are tired of shaving and waxing, laser hair removal in Edmonton. Can be a dream come true. However, there are some things that they should know. About this process before deciding to proceed.

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One of the most important things that people should keep in mind. Is that it is permanent, but it takes multiple treatments. Depending on how dark their hair is, their skin colour and skin type.
And what body parts are getting treated with the laser hair removal in Edmonton. Can affect how many treatments it will take to eliminate the hair.
For example, under arms take 3 to 4 treatments for permanent hair removal. While legs and the bikini area are significantly more stubborn. Due to the vascularity in the area.
And therefore, patients should expect permanent hair reduction in eight treatments instead. As well, the later the hair is in the area. The more treatments that can be expected.
And while people with darker skin tones can utilize laser hair removal. It is important that the laser technician turns down the strength of the laser. So that they do not accidentally.
Target the pigment in their skin, which could lead to small burns. But instead, a lower laser setting. Beans that they will not burn the pigment in the skin. But target the hair instead.
Unfortunately, the trade-off is. That with the laser turned down to a lower power. They will need more treatments in order to achieve their desired results.

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The next thing that people need to know about laser hair removal in Edmonton. Is that for women who are looking to remove hair permanently on their chin. That hair is there due to hormonal imbalance.
And because of that, they may need ongoing treatments to eliminate their hair there. They may need a cluster of treatments to get rid of the hair. But a few years later, they need to come back for subsequent laser hair removal treatments.
And finally, people should understand. That anything above their cheeks. Is not able to get laser treated. Because it is too close to their eyes, and their brain. For example, people cannot get laser hair removal on their eyebrows.
And nor can they get treatment on the top of their head. However, other than that. Everything from their cheeks and below, will be able to be treated in this way.
After treatment, patients can wear makeup, and go about their regular day. However, they should take some precautions. Such as avoiding thick moisturizers. And avoiding hot baths or showers for a few days.
However, they can have warm baths or showers. And as long as they treat their skin as though it is sensitive for the first few days. They will be able to enjoy all of their regular activities.
If people want more information about laser hair removal. And if they would be a good candidate for the process. They should make an appointment for consultation with Edmonton dermatology to find out more.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Getting Rid of Unwanted Hair

A more common requests dermatologists here, are for laser hair removal in Edmonton treatments. Because many people want to eliminate their embarrassment. Of having unsightly hair.
Or they may simply want to save time. And do away with the hassle of having to shave, wax, or otherwise treat problematic hair on all parts of their body.
And while some people think mostly women get laser hair removal. Many men like to get treatments. To get rid of what they consider unsightly hair. With the most popular spots for men.
Being their chest and back, for laser hair removal in Edmonton. However, they can get other areas of their body treated. Such as their arms, the tops of their feet. And even their legs if they are swimmers for example.
One of the most popular spots for women to get laser hair removal. Is there under arms, because shaving can be difficult in that area. But also because deodorant can irritates after shaving as well.
Another popular spot for women to get our their legs, and to their bikini area. Because shaving can be very irritating in that area. And it can lead to bumps, and ingrown hairs. That can be itchy, or painful.
When people are looking for a laser hair removal and Edmonton treatment. They should talk to their dermatologist. In order to find out approximately how many treatments they will need.
In order to get a permanent reduction in hair. According to a recent study. Most people who get laser hair removal in Edmonton. Report a 90% reduction in their hair growth in that area.

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However, in order to get a permanent reduction of hair. People need to return for multiple treatments. And there are some areas of the body that are more stubborn than others.
The more blood flow there is in the area. And the faster they hair will be able to grow back. And will require more treatments. However, as someone undergoes more laser treatments.
The body stops trying to regenerate that hair. Because it keeps getting removed. Which is why it takes multiple treatments in order to achieve permanent results.
Another thing to keep in mind, is that the thicker and darker the hair is. The more stubborn it will often be. And although thick, dark hair. Is much more easily targeted. Then later hair.
It often does require more treatments. In order to be effective. So patients need to talk to their dermatologist about their skin tone and type. As well as their hair colour.
In order to find out what laser should be used for them. And approximately how many treatments they should expect. So that they can prepare for the results that they are going to get.
So anyone who has unsightly hair on their body. Can be a good candidate for laser hair removal. And should talk to Edmonton dermatology about what they can do as their next steps.