Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Goodbye To Messy Shaving Creams

Nobody wants to spend time shaving, which is why laser hair removal in Edmonton. Is it gaining popularity year after year. As people realize that it is in fact effective. And leads to permanent results.
Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton
Getting more parts of their body treated, is something. That many people are doing. And while the assumption has always been. That women are primarily the ones. Getting this treatment, this is not true.
Edmonton dermatology says it is an even split. Of men and women who are getting laser hair removal in Edmonton. Sick and tired of shaving unwanted hair away. Or, tired of the embarrassment.
There are many different areas of the body. That both men and women get treated. In order to look, and feel good about themselves. While almost the entire body can be treated with the gentle IPL laser.
There is one exception. Edmonton dermatology says they will not do laser hair removal in Edmonton. On anyone’s eyebrows. The reason why, is first of all. Because the handheld want.
That delivers the pulses of light. Is extremely large. Because it is designed to treat a large area of skin. Every time the pulse of light goes off. If they were to put this wand on someone’s face.
It would cover most of therefore head. And destroy almost all of the hair. On their eyebrows. Instead of getting rid of all of the hairs on there forehead. Or the hairs below or in between their eyebrows.

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But the second reason why. Edmonton dermatology will not do laser treatments. On people’s eyebrows. Is because it is too close to their eyes. And despite the fact that everyone will be wearing a light protection during the process.
They will not want to risk causing damage. To a patient’s eyes, causing them to lose part or all of their vision. Therefore, they simply will not do anything. Above the patient’s cheeks.
But from the cheeks, below, is possible. To get laser treatment. In order to get rid of unwanted hair. And with the number of people getting this procedure. Edmonton dermatology has experience.
Treating almost any other area of the body. From both men and women who would like to get rid of the hair. On that particular region of their body. However, before people get started.
They often have many questions for their dermatologist. Such as how uncomfortable the procedure is. Many people have heard years ago. That the treatment with lasers was quite painful.
Fortunately, the older lasers that were used. Have been updated significantly. And not only is it not painful. But it is also much more tolerable. The heat, as well as the sensation.
Another question people have. Is wondering how much time it takes. To undergo each session. People will find out. Exactly how long when they meet with their dermatologist.
But people can expect, anywhere between half an hour, to two hours. For larger areas to be treated. With virtually no healing time needed at all.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Bye Bye Messy Shaving Creams

While laser hair removal in Edmonton seems too good to be true. How fast it is growing in popularity. Proves that it is a possibility, and a reality for many. However, people do have many questions about it.
Which is why Edmonton dermatology offers. Consultations that are absolutely free. Not only will they look at the patient’s skin tone, their hair. And their medical records. To determine if they are good fit for the procedure.
They will also be answering patient’s questions. Allowing the patient to decide, if this is the right procedure for them. Many people are concerned about the procedure being painful.
But luckily, the laser that Edmonton dermatology uses. Further laser hair removal in Edmonton. Is considered the most gentle laser on the market. Called an IPL, which stands for intense pulse light.
However, just because it is gentle. Does not mean it is not powerful. It is the single most powerful laser. Used to eliminate hair on a person’s body. And nowhere, will people be able to get better results.
How it works, is by targeting the pigmentation. In the hair follicle growing in the dermis. Which is the second layer of a person’s skin. When it finds this pigmentation, it explodes the cells on contact.
And many people are quite nervous. About how that explosion is going to feel. Many people describe the sensation as being snapped by a rubber band. While others say it is not nearly that intense.

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The good news is, it is as over as quickly as a rubber band snap would be. And since the wand used to deliver the pulses of light. Is quite large, they can cover a large area of skin. For minimum amounts of light pulses.
But if people are concerned about being uncomfortable. And everyone has their own different pain tolerances. If they are concerned about being unable to tolerate the procedure.
They should definitely bring that up to the dermatologist’s attention. During their initial consultation. The dermatologist will be able to utilize many tools. In order to make them as comfortable as possible.
Including utilizing numbing cream. To tell any sensations. That a person might deem uncomfortable or even painful. Another question that many people have about laser hair removal in Edmonton.
Is wondering how much healing time they need. They know that they will need several sessions. In order to generate permanent results. And they are not necessarily willing. To have a one or two week healing time.
Every time they undergo this session. The good news is. That because IPL is considered the most gentle laser. It is also considered non-ablative. Which means it does not cut the skin.
There is virtually no healing time needed. And while some patients have sensitive skin for twenty-four hours. Following their session. Others, feel absolutely no bad sensations afterwards at all.
Being able to go out with their friends or spouse. Immediately after the treatment. Or heading back to work, with no one even knowing that they had cosmetic work done.