Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Hair Free Results With IPL

When people are looking into laser hair removal in Edmonton. They typically will be looking at lasers that are considered intense pulse light, or IPL for short. These the lasers that Edmonton dermatology uses exclusively for hair removal.
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Not only because they are the most effective lasers on the market for this purpose. But they are also the most gentle, which means more people. Will be able to tolerate the procedure to get the help that they need.
The reason why IPL is so gentle. Is because it is considered not ablative. Which means it does not cut the skin. How the laser actually works, is by targeting the pigmentation in the dermis layer of the skin.
Therefore, any hair follicles in the area. Will be targeted by the laser. Which will then explode the cells. The body will push out the remnants of the burnt up hair. In order to get rid of the material.
And people should not mistake that, for hair regrowing, immediately after the procedure. They will notice, that as this burnt up hair gets pushed out. That they hair is brittle, or crumbly. Because it has been burnt up by the laser.
Since the laser is designed to target the pigmentation. This procedure works best with patients who have very dark, and thick hair. People you will get this procedure, on most of their entire body if they choose.
The only exceptions being everything above the cheeks to the top of the head. This is because the areas to close to the patients eyes. And her atoll just will not want to risk causing any damage.
Or affecting the vision of their patient Despite the fact that the patient will be wearing protective goggles. The rule of thumb that dermatologists use. Is from the cheeks, and lower.

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This still leaves an extremely wide area for patients to achieve permanent hair removal results. And is quickly growing in popularity in both men, and women. Because of how effective it is.
The areas of the body that most women are getting treated include the legs, bikini area. The underarms, and upper lip. While the areas that most men are getting treated with laser hair removal in Edmonton.
Include their chest, their back and the nape of their neck. To get rid of the unsightly hair below their actual hairline. The number of treatments that each patient will need to undergo. In order to achieve permanent results.
Depends on where on their body. They are getting the hair removed. As well as how thick and dark the hair is. The more blood flow there is to that area. The more stubborn the hair will be to remove.
Requiring upwards of sixty-eight ends. In order to get permanent results. However, people who struggling with hair removal every day, or every other day. Eight laser hair removal in Edmonton treatments.
In order to eliminate this process for the rest of their lives. Seems like a very small price to pay. And in areas of the body, that are less vascular. Such as the back, or the armpits. People can expect to have permanent results in as few as two or three sessions.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Hair Free Results With IPL Treatment

IPL stands for intense pulse light treatment, and is the most effective laser hair removal in Edmonton. Not only is it the most effective. It is also very gentle. Which is a huge benefit for people who have abandoned waxing due to the pain.
In fact, that is one of the most common questions that Edmonton dermatology gets from patients. Looking into getting laser hair removal. Wondering how much intense pulse light treatments hurt.
Since it is a not ablative laser, which means it does not cut the skin. It is very gentle, and easy to tolerate by most people. However, because people have different pain tolerances.
It is very difficult for Edmonton dermatology to tell people if they are going to feel pain or not during the procedure. And will explain the sensations that people can expect.
Because intense pulse light is a laser. And a laser is an extremely concentrated beam of light. That light pulse is likely going to feel hot for most people. Whether it is too hot to comfortably stand, will depend on each person.
During the consultation, the patient will hear that the wand used to deliver treatment. Will have a sapphire crystal embedded in the tip. That will cool the skin immediately for the light pulse.
And immediately after the light pulse. In order to provide as much soothing sensation as possible. While the treatment is happening. As well, as the laser explodes the hair follicle during the laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment.

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People can feel a slight snapping sensation. That some people compare to a rubber band snapping the skin. Or like a mosquito. Whether people can tolerate this or not, is again up to each individual person.
But if they are worried, they can ask their dermatologist to use a numbing cream, or a cooling gel topically. That can dull the sensations. And make it more tolerable.
As well, the laser technician that is administering the laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment. Will only proceed to the next area. As fast as the patient allows. Ensure that new patient feels overwhelmed.
Or uncomfortable during the entire procedure. The next question patients often have for Edmonton dermatology. Is wondering how long the treatment to last. It does depend greatly on the area being treated.
A complete facial can be done in thirty minutes. While a larger area, such as a patient getting both of their legs done. May take up to two hours. However, because there is virtually no healing time either.
Laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment. Is very easy for patients to fit into their busy schedule. Especially as they only need to fit you in. Until they have achieved permanent hair removal results.