Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Hair Removal Methods

If people want to get the results they hear they can get from laser hair removal in Edmonton. They will need to follow their dermatologist’s advice. And arrange for a consultation before their treatment.
Laser Hair Removal In Edmonton
At Edmonton dermatology, this consultation is mandatory. But also, completely free. Because it is a great opportunity. For the patient to meet the dermatologist. For the dermatologist to see their treatment area.
As well as look at their unwanted hair. And let people know. Approximately how many treatments they estimate. Is going to take, in order to achieve permanent hair removal results.
As well, they will also let the patient know. What to expect when they say permanent hair removal results. This typically indicates a 90% reduction of hair. In the treatment area, that will never grow back.
The only exception to this, is in female patients. On their chin, when the chin hair. Is caused by hormone imbalance. Many women, once they hit menopause. Have too much testosterone in their body.
And that is why they start growing chin hair. Or, if they have a hormone imbalance. From another cause, such as polycystic ovarian syndrome. They will end up getting chin hair, that is impossible to completely eliminate.
While patients will be able to get rid of the hair that is currently there. Dermatologists say that the excess testosterone in their body. Means that they are going to continually grow hair. Therefore, they will need additional treatments.

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Approximately 2 to 3 years after their initial laser hair removal in Edmonton. To maintain the area. And keep it as error-free as possible. As well, been ten dermatology says that they are unable to treat patients eyebrows.
Simply because the handpiece used to administer the laser pulses. Is extremely large. And there laser technicians are unable to use any precision. On that part of the body. The wand that is used.
Is simply designed to treat the largest area at one time. As possible, and so eyebrows are simply not able to be treated. Using this method. However, as the dermatologists say.
Everything else, from below the eyebrows to the toes. Is treatable, using laser hair removal in Edmonton. However, different thicknesses and colours of hair. As well as where on the body the hair is.
Will all factor into figuring out. How many treatments a patient will need. Before they can be carefree in that area. How the laser works, is by targeting the pigment in the hair follicle itself.
Because of that, the darker the hair is. The more effective the laser is. At eliminating they hair follicles per treatment. While people with lighter hair, such as blonde or light brown. Can still undergo this treatment.
They will ultimately end up needing more sessions. To achieve the same results. People who have extra thick hair. Will also likely need more sessions. And the vascularity of the area they are treating.
Will factor into how stubborn the hair is to get rid of his well. This is why the consultation is important. And can help people achieve the results they desire.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | The Most Effective Hair Removal Methods

While many people often shave, or wax to get rid of unwanted hair, these are hair removal in Edmonton. Can permanently eliminate unwanted hair. Helping people avoid having to shave or wax for the rest of their life.
However, in order to achieve these results. Patients need to not only have a consultation. With their dermatologist. But they also must follow their recommendations and advice. To get the best results.
One important recommendation. That patients should always follow. In order to end up with the best results. Is to stop plucking, or waxing their hair. In fact, any procedure at all.
That pulls the hair out by their route. Should be avoided, a minimum of two weeks before their first laser hair removal in Edmonton session. However, if patients can stop plucking or waxing altogether.
Even more than two weeks away from their first appointment. That is the best scenario. The laser actually targets the pigmentation. In the hair follicle. And if they have been plucking or waxing their hair.
They laser will not have all of the hair follicles to target. Which means they are less likely. To achieve the results they desire. While they will have some hair follicles destroyed in the process.
The hair follicles that were gone, because they were plucked. Will grow back as normal. Requiring multiple treatments. In order to achieve the same results. That should have happened after the first session.

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As well, it is very important. For people to listen to their dermatologist. When they say they need to shave that day before their appointment. This will help ensure that any excess hair is illuminated.
So that when the laser pulses. It will have the greatest chance of finding the pigmentation. In the hair follicles themselves. And not be obstructed by hair that is growing.
The reason why patients should shave the day before their appointment. And not immediately before the appointment. Is because often, shaving causes skin irritation. And often razor burn.
That can cause discomfort, and even pain. When undergoing laser hair removal in Edmonton. In order to achieve the best results. As well as have the most comfortable experience. People should heed their dermatologist’s advice.
And it shave, twenty-four hours before their first laser treatment. As well, it will be very important. For twenty-four hours after their session. That they avoid hot water. Such as hot showers, hot baths.
Even hot tubs and saunas should be avoided. As their skin will be slightly sensitive. They should stay out of the sun, and moisturize their face. To ensure that they do not irritate their skin after this procedure.
While laser hair removal in Edmonton is non-ablative. And requires virtually no healing time. Doing everything that people can. To cause minimal irritation to their skin. Will help them transition nicely, into their next session.