Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | How Many Treatments Are Needed

While many people have heard that laser hair removal in Edmonton. Is a permanent solution to unwanted hair. This does not mean that it happens in a single treatment.
Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton
The reason why, is because the body is very resilient. And trying to regrow the various parts of the body. That it believes is necessary. This includes the hair follicles, on different parts of a person’s body.
And whether someone wants to get rid of the hair because it is unsightly. They do not like the look of it, and they do not want others to see this hair on that part of their body. Or, perhaps the hair is irritating.
Causing them chafing, or irritation under their clothing. Which is why they want to get rid of this hair permanently. Regardless of the reason, people can achieve virtually hair free results permanently.
It just will take more than one session. Depending on how thick and dark hair that they are getting rid of is. But also, what part of the body that they are getting treated will factor into this as well.
The one thing that has the biggest impact. On whether this is going to take many treatments or just a few. In order to have a permanent hair removal results. Is how much blood flow is going to that part of the body.
The more blood flow there is. The more stubborn the hair is going to be at getting eliminated. And this is because blood delivers nutrients to that part of the body. Therefore, an extensive vascular system.

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Means people are going to require more treatments. In order to generate the results they desire. However, if they want to eliminate hair. On a part of the body that has very little blood flow.
The underarms for example, people will have great results. Fairly quickly, as the lack of blood flow in the area. Means the body will give up trying to regrow that hair much sooner.
This is why having an initial consultation with their dermatologist. Is so important. It can help prepare each patient. For approximately how many treatments they will need. In order to get permanent results.
And that can help people decide if they want to proceed with this treatment or not. Also, the colour of hair, will factor in. To how many Laser hair removal in Edmonton treatments they will need. In order to get permanent results.
This is because the laser actually targets the pigmentation in the hair. The lighter and finer their hair is. The harder it is for the laser to target that hair. And the more treatments they will need to generate their results.
Therefore, talking with their dermatologist. Can help people decide if they want to proceed with the laser hair removal in Edmonton. And if so, how many sessions they should expect.
If people have any other questions regarding this procedure. They should reach out to Edmonton dermatology as well. Every consultation is absolutely free.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | How Many Laser Treatments Are Needed

Although many people want to know how many laser hair removal in Edmonton treatments. They need, in order to get permanent results. It is actually important for the dermatologist to see their skin tone, and hair colour first.
The reason why, is because the laser actually targets pigmentation. And the darker the hair follicle is. The better results people will have. If someone ones to get rid of unwanted hair.
That happens to be very blond. They may need several more treatments. Then someone whose hair is black that they are trying to get rid of. But also, skin tone factors in.
Because as the laser actually targets pigmentation in the hair follicle. If people with darker skin tone get laser hair removal in Edmonton. They risk getting the pigmentation in their skin targeted.
Which could cause pain, and damage to their skin. Which no dermatologist wants to cause. Some people simply have skin that is too dark to risk laser hair removal in Edmonton. But other people, can undergo this procedure.
But the dermatologist will need to turn the strength of the laser down. By a significant amount, to avoid damaging the patient’s skin. While it targets their hair follicle to eliminate.
Therefore, people with light hair, or darker skin tone. May not want to proceed with the treatment. If they knew they would have to get significantly more treatments. In order to generate results.

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Or, a patient may decide that they would like to proceed. But they are glad they knew this at the beginning of their treatment. This is just one of the questions that Edmonton dermatology gets.
Many people also want to know if there are other reasons. Why they may not be a good fit for laser hair removal. One reason why people may not be good candidates, says Edmonton dermatology.
Is because they might be on certain medication. That can impact their skin, and cause problems. During laser treatments. For example, if people are on antibiotics or Accutane.
They could end up with sensitive skin. And having a bad reaction to the laser. Causing pain, or even unwanted side effects. Another reason why people should not get laser hair removal treatments.
Is because they may have a skin condition. That is exacerbated by heat and light. This is why consultation is vital. The dermatologist will be able to ask all of the pertinent questions.
That will help them understand, if the patient is not a good candidate. A skin condition like melasma. Will be made worse by heat and light. Therefore, the dermatologist needs to determine the suitability of each patient.
People with questions, can contact Edmonton dermatology at any time. And arrange an absolutely free consultation. To ask all of their questions, and find out if they would benefit from this treatment.
Not only will they be able to find out the suitability of themselves. But they will get all of their questions answered. And arrange their first treatment, all the same time.