Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Is Any Hair Removal Permanent?

Many people may be tired of waxing and shaving which is why they look into laser hair removal in Edmonton. And when it comes to laser hair removal, intense pulse light treatment is the most popular by far.

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The reason why this IPL treatment as it is also known as. Is so popular, is because it is the single most effective laser hair removal tool on the market. People can get this done at Edmonton dermatology.
However, it is very important that people know. That they should sit down with the dermatologist during their free consultation. In order to find out everything there is to know about this procedure.
A common question that many people have, is how long will the treatment take? This is important to know, especially since many people are aware they will need multiple sessions.
In order to generate permanent results. Therefore, they want to commit to something that is not going to take an entire day to do one session for. This is another reason why this laser hair removal is so popular.
And that is because the average amount of time that people are in the dermatologist’s office. Getting this procedure done, is anywhere between forty-five minutes to an hour.
Of course, the length of time varies greatly. Depending on the area of the body that people are getting treated. For example, the face will take half an hour. Including the amount of time it takes to clean the skin.
And then do the treatment, and then apply the skin treatment after words. Which means that if people are getting their face done, they can be in and out in under an hour.

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The parts of the body that typically take the longest or the legs. Simply because it is a large surface area to cover. But even then, including the time it takes to clean the skin, and applying the aftercare.
People only have to set aside two hours of their time. In order to get this procedure done. When people are looking at getting laser hair removal in Edmonton. They also are going to want to know.
How many sessions they need to undergo. In order to get permanent results. The amount of sessions they need says Edmonton dermatologist. Depends greatly on the part of the body that is getting treated.
As well as how thick and dark the hair is. Because while some people might think that the darker the hair the more stubborn it is. This is actually not true for laser hair removal in Edmonton.
The darker the hair, the more easily it will respond to the laser hair removal procedure itself. Because the laser is attracted to the pigmentation in the hair itself.
Therefore it is very important that anybody who was looking at permanent hair removal. Should talk to Edmonton dermatology during the free consultation. To find out everything that they need to know. In order to have a beneficial and permanent hair removal experience.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Is The Hair Removal Permanent With IPL?

Many people get tired of shaving and waxing, which is why they turned to laser hair removal in Edmonton. However, they might think that while it promises to be permanent like flexing used to claim.
They truly can get permanent results using this method. How it works, is through a laser called an intense pulse light. Will target the pigmentation in the hair follicle.
And once the laser finds the pigmentation in the hair follicle. The laser literally explodes the pigmentation cells. Destroying the hair follicle in the process.
When people get laser hair removal in Edmonton. They might see what looks like hair growth 1 to 3 days after the treatment is done. And they might feel angry, thinking that the procedure did not work.
However, dermatologists say all they are seeing. Is the remnants of the hair that was blasted by the laser being pushed out by the body. They might notice that the hair that is cutting out is crumbly or brittle.
And that is because this is the hair that was hit by the laser. And after this hair is gone, they will experience freedom from hair for several weeks. Typically, they will be hair free longer than when they wax.
Because the waxing does not require the body to completely regrow the hair follicle. And simply use the hair follicle that is there, to regrow the entire hair.

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However, patients need to be very mindful. And note when it is they started seeing the hair grow back. Because that is the cue to go back into the dermatologists office for their next laser hair removal.
They also should share that information with the dermatologist, or laser technician. Because they will be able to use that information. Potentially turn the intensity of the laser up.
To get people a more effective treatment than they had the last time. Especially if they hair growth started sooner than the dermatologist initially anticipated.
Again, after that treatment they hair will again poke out, crumbly remnants of what was once they are. And it will take even longer for the body to regrow the hair follicles the next time.
But again, patients should be very mindful of when they started getting that hair growth. So that they can go back to the dermatologist in the right time line.
Patients should avoid trying to go back to the dermatologist before they see new hair growth. Because that means the new hair follicle has not yet begin to grow. And the next laser treatment will not help them get rid of that hair.
When done properly, it can take as few as two or three treatments to permanently remove hair. Or, in particularly stubborn areas laser hair removal in Edmonton can take 5 to 8 treatments.
However, this is still significantly better. Then people having to shave or wax for the rest of their entire life. This is why this is growing in popularity among many different ages as well as many different genders.