Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Is Permanent Hair Removal Possible

One of most important things for people who want to get laser hair removal in Edmonton remember. Is that it is possible to permanently remove their hair. However, they need to be the right candidates.
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When people are getting laser hair removal in Edmonton. Is utilizing a laser called an intense pulse light. And this laser actually targets pigmentation. While it is very commonly used for hair removal.
Because it targets the pigmentation in the hair follicle. Which will then explode the cells, and the body will push that hair that is dead out of the body. But also, this laser, can target other pigmentation.
Such as in the skin. Which is what makes it an effective treatment. For getting rid of dark spots, or birthmarks. On a person’s skin. However, because it will target pigmentation in the skin.
Dermatologists have to be very careful. Not to use it on a person that has a certain darkness of their skin tone. Because they could end up damaging skin cells in their skin. Which would hurt, and be damaging.
Therefore, it is necessary that people go to Edmonton dermatology. For their free consultation. In order to determine if they are a good candidate. They will use a Fitzpatrick scale on patients.
To determine if they have the right skin tone for this procedure. However, that is not the only thing. That would cause a person to not the right candidate for this procedure.
Certain medications and skin conditions. Because people to not be good candidates for this procedure. Such as if they are on antibiotics, or Accutane. And actually need to be cleared of this medication.

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For six months, before they will be able to get this laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment. As well, certain skin conditions. Our exacerbated by heat and light. And people with these skin conditions.
Are not good candidates for they laser hair removal treatment. A great example of this, is people who suffer from melasma. Which is also known as the mask of pregnancy.
This is why it is vital for patients to set up a consultation with their dermatologist. Not only can show the dermatologist the treatment area, and the hair that they want to get rid of.
But also, they are going to be able to figure out if they are on any medications that would interfere with the effectiveness of the treatment. And if they have any skin conditions that would cause them problems.
If they are good candidates, the dermatologist will be able to give them some pre-care instructions. To ensure that they get the best results out of their laser hair removal session.
Such as avoiding waxing or plucking the hair in that area. For a minimum of two weeks before the laser treatment. As well as avoid using bleach in that area. Because the hair needs to be as dark as possible. To get the results people desire.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Is It Really Permanent?

Often, if people have been shaving or waxing long enough, they start thinking about laser hair removal in Edmonton. However, they may have heard other treatments are permanent.
But they have not been successful, in eliminating the hair in that part of their body. There are many things that they need to keep in mind. To ensure they can get the results they want.
When they undergo laser hair removal in Edmonton. A common area for many patients to wants to get hair removed permanently. Is the chin, for women.
However, the reason why women start getting hair growth on their chin, and surrounding areas. Is due to a hormonal imbalance. Perhaps they have polycystic ovarian syndrome, or are going through menopause.
This causes additional testosterone to surge in their body. Which in turn, causes the chin hairs to grow. While the dermatologist will be able to use laser hair removal in Edmonton on a woman’s chin.
It is not going to result in permanent hair removal. The way it will on any other part of their body. Because while their body will not regrow those hair follicles. The hormones are going to cause the body.
To continually try to grow hair in that area. But that does not mean all is lost. Women who want to treat their chin. Should undergo 5 to 10 sessions. Which will eliminate all of the hairs that are currently there.

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After those hairs are taken care of. A patient may only need to come back every three years. In order to get another five sessions. To take care of the hairs that have come in since then.
Another part of the body that is not going to be able to get a laser hair removal in Edmonton. Our the eyebrows, or anything above that. The eyebrows are far too close to a patient’s eyes.
And despite the fact that the dermatologist will put protective eye coverings on the patient. That is still too close to the patients eyes. And the dermatologist is not want to risk causing damage to that important body part.
Therefore, anything from the eyebrows and up. Will not be able to get treated by their dermatologist. However, anything from the cheeks and lower, is fair game for laser hair removal.
Once people determine that the part of their body will be able to get laser hair removal done. The next step is figuring out how many sessions they will need to permanently get rid of hair in that area.
Each person is going to be slightly different. However, the dermatologist says the amount of blood flow in the area. Will dictate how stubborn the hair is or not. The more blood flow, the more stubborn the hair.
Therefore low blood flow areas such as the underarms. Can take two or three sessions. To get permanent results. Although body parts with a larger blood flow, such as the bikinis own. May take six, two eight sessions for permanent results.
Understanding what to expect from the procedure. Can help ensure that patients are paired for the results that they will get. So that they can enjoy getting rid of that hair permanently.