Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Laser Hair Removal Facts

There are many things that people may not know about laser hair removal in Edmonton. And since this is one of the most fastest-growing treatments for dermatologists. More people should know more of the facts about the procedure.
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This laser that is used for laser hair removal in Edmonton. Is called an IEP, or an intense pulse light treatment. It is considered a non-ablative laser. Which means it does not cut the skin.
Because it does not cut the skin. Healing time from this procedure is extremely low. With most people not having to take any time off work. Going from the treatment, right to work in the same day.
In fact, while some people might experience a bit of redness, or skin darkening. In the area that they get treated. This is not the case for everybody. The same with some sensitivity people might experience.
But not everybody ends up with sensitive skin. In the area that they get laser hair removal in Edmonton on. And if there is redness or sensitivity. That typically is gone within twenty-four hours.
Another fact about laser hair removal. That many people should know is that it is a permanent hair removal solution. But it is not permanent after the first treatment.
This is perhaps the biggest misconception about this treatment. People make an appointment with their dermatologist. In order to find out that they are going to have to undergo multiple treatments.
In order for it to be completely permanent. And while this might be very disappointing for some people. They should consider how many times a year they will shave or wax the unwanted hair away.

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And even at the maximum, eight treatments. That is going to be less time and less money spent on getting rid of that hair. Over two years for example.
The number of treatments that people will need to undergo. Will depend on things like how vascular the area is. Because increased blood flow in area. Means that the hair will most likely be more stubborn to get rid of.
That is because the blood flow, delivers nutrients to the area. And the body will be more likely to have the resources. To try to regrow that hair more often. Especially compared to areas that have less blood flow.
Areas that have minimal blood flow can include the underarms. And if people are getting laser hair removal to that part of their body. They can experience permanent hair removal. In as few as two sessions.
Especially since this is a very sensitive part of the body. That is susceptible to razor burn, and gets slathered with the odorant every day. It is potentially one of the most important areas to have fast results.
While not everybody is the perfect candidate for permanent hair removal solutions. People who want to know more information than this. Can make an appointment with their Edmonton dermatology clinic. The first consultation is free, and it can help them figure out if they are a good candidate.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Laser Hair Removal Information

Many people can be embarrassed by unsightly hair, causing them to seek out permanent solutions such as laser hair removal in Edmonton. There are many reasons why people have unsightly hair in an area of their body.
However, if one of the reasons why. Is that a person has a hormonal imbalance. Such as a woman who is going through menopause. Or a woman who has been diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome.
They may find that their hair removal is less permanent then there peers. This is because when unsightly hair is caused by hormonal imbalance. While it can be very effective to get rid of the hair follicles.
That are already in existence in that spot. The hormonal imbalance. Will cause people to continue to grow new hair follicles. But this does not mean that they cannot be helped.
By undergoing laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment. For women who have hormonal imbalances. It will be able to undergo 5 to 6 treatments. And then enjoy a hair free area for years.
The only thing that people will need to do. Is come back for an additional laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment. Every few years. To take care of the new hairs that have grown. Due to the hormones.
How this treatment works. Is the laser, which is actually an intense pulse light. Will target the pigment in the hair follicle. And explode it, destroying the hair and the follicle itself.

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While the hair removal will not be permanent after this first initial treatment. The more frequently a person undergoes this laser once the hair starts growing again. The weaker the hair follicle will be.
And the weaker the hair follicle is, the more likely it is not going to grow back the next time. People should pay attention to how long it takes for their hair to regrow after the treatment.
And that is information that their dermatologist will be able to use. To see if they can or should turn up the intensity of the laser. In order to generate longer-lasting results.
And while it may take 6 to 8 treatments. In order for someone to be completely hair free permanently. The time in between treatments will continue to extend. Therefore, people may need to wait.
6 to 12 months in between treatments. So while they will have to undergo multiple treatments. It is going to be well spaced out treatments. As their hair follicles weekend.
Once the hair stops growing in that area. As long as it is not caused by hormonal imbalance. That hair removal will be completely permanent. So that people do not have to shave or wax any longer.
To find out more information, to get questions answered. Or to start the process. People simply have to set up and consultation with Edmonton dermatology. In order to take the next steps on their hair removal journey.