Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Leave Shaving In Your Past

Most people do not like shaving, and laser hair removal in Edmonton. Can help people never have to shave again. This is because it is the only permanent form of hair removal on the market.
Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton
While many people have heard promises. Of permanent results from other hair removal methods. Like waxing, or electrolysis. Many people have tried those methods for months and years. Which is proof that they are not permanent.
Laser hair removal in Edmonton. Does not simply pull out, or shave off the unwanted hair. But literally destroys the cells that make up the hair follicle. Making it difficult for the body to regrow that hair in the same location.
While people will not get permanent results. After a single laser session. They will not have to be doing this for years. In order to get that desired results. The amount of treatments they will need is greatly dependent.
On where on the body they are getting the treatment. The reason why this is a factor, has everything to do. With the blood flow in that part of the body. The more veins and arteries there are.
The more stubborn the hair is going to be to eliminate. Because blood delivers nutrients to the body. Giving it the resources that it needs. To regrow the hair more often. This means areas that are quite vascular.

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Such as the legs, with the extensive veins and arteries. Will be one of the most stubborn areas. To get rid of hair. While the underarms, with this very little blood flow it receives. Will be one of the easiest to get rid of.
As well, another factor in this equation. Is how thick and dark the hair is. While many people are aware that thick and dark hair. Is extremely stubborn to get rid of. In terms of laser hair removal in Edmonton.
That is a good thing. The thicker the hair is. The more cells the laser will be able to lock onto. And the darker it is, the more easily it will find those cells. People who have lighter or finer hair.
Will still be able to achieve permanent results. But they might need a more intense laser setting. Or an additional session or two. In order to generate the same results. As their darker haired counterparts.
Another question that people have for their dermatologist. Is how long each session is going to last. This is also dependent on the size of the area being treated. However, it is a small amount of time either way.
Some people need to book off an entire day of work. Or take half a day in order to get various laser treatments done. But with laser treatments this is not necessary.
People should expect anywhere between half an hour. For small areas, like the upper lip, or their underarms. Or, two hours for a larger area. Such as getting the legs treated. From the ankles, to the hips.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Leave Shaving In Your Past Forever

Shaving is quite a nuisance, beating many people to research laser hair removal in Edmonton. If they are looking for great information. About this permanent form of hair removal. All they need to do.
Is call or email Edmonton dermatology. Not only will they be able to give patients a lot of great information. About this laser procedure. But patients can also book in for a consultation. That is absolutely no charge.
They will be able to find out how long the process takes. If they are good candidate. And what they can expect from the procedure. They can ask all of their questions, with no risk of being charged. Or being expected to make a purchase.
One of the most common questions. That Edmonton dermatology get from people inquiring. About laser hair removal in Edmonton. Is wondering how much time they are going to need to heal from this procedure.
The good news is, the laser that is used for laser hair removal in Edmonton. Is an IPL laser. Which stands for intense pulse light. Not a true laser, which is an extremely concentrated beam of light. Which cuts the skin.
This much more gentle procedure. Is non-ablative, which means it does not cut the skin. And as such, does not require any healing time. There is heat applied during the process. Which causes some people.
To feel as though they have been out in the sun for a few hours. While others, experience absolutely no sensitivity at all. They might be a little bit read in the area that they are being treated.

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But the sensitivity, or redness will go away after twenty-four hours. And if people are concerned about the discolouration. Because the IPL laser is non-ablative. They will be able to put makeup on their skin immediately afterwards.
So that nobody has to know that they had any procedures done. In fact, this procedure is so fast. That people can get it done before work, on their lunch break. Or on their way home from work.
So that nobody has to know that they are getting any cosmetic work done. Not that it is a big secret for many people. But getting rid of embarrassing and unsightly hair. Is not something that many people want to advertise.
Another question that Edmonton dermatology gets. Is wondering what areas of the body. Can get treated with the laser. The great news, is that there is almost no area of the body.
That cannot be treated with this intense pulse light. The only exception is the eyebrows. Because the dermatologists lack the ability. To go around the eyebrows effectively. And their wand would destroy all the hair on the patient’s forehead.
However, everything from the cheeks, down to the toes. Will be suitable. For getting the IPL laser treatment. Allowing people to immediately stop shaving, and give up waxing for the rest of their life.