Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Most Asked Questions About IPL

There are many different reasons why people want to laser hair removal in Edmonton. Whether the hair is unsightly or embarrassing. Or if it is causing frustration or annoyance. As well as people that have sensitive skin. May want to permanently get rid of hair in that area.

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IPL, also known as intense pulse light treatment. Is the best method. For using lasers to permanently remove body hair. However, there are many misconceptions about this treatment.
And even before a person sits down with Edmonton dermatology for a free consultation. Want to know the answer to questions. In order to determine if they are interested in this procedure or not.
One of the first questions that most people have. Is how come they might need multiple treatments, if it is permanent? This is a very popular question, because people have heard that it is a way to get rid of hair permanently.
But they also hear that they might have to come back for several treatments. And this is very confusing. The answer to the question for this laser hair removal in Edmonton.
Is that often, the procedure needs to be done multiple times. In order to permanently kill off those hair follicles. After the first treatment, it will take the body a while to regrow the hair follicles that were destroyed.
But the body will regrow those hair follicles. But after a second treatment, the body might already be giving up trying to regrow the follicles in that area. Because they are getting destroyed.
Areas of the body that are more stubborn. Include parts of the body that have a lot of blood flow. Such as legs, and the bikini area. Because of the large veins and arteries in the area.

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Other areas such as underarms, and back. Have such little blood flow by comparison. Which means the body is likely to give up trying to reproduce those hair follicles sooner.
But ultimately, because the hair is there. The body wants to fix damage. Which is why it tries to regrow the hair follicles that were destroyed in the first place. The areas that are not by vascular regions.
Will take anywhere between 2 to 4 sessions. In order to permanently remove the hair in that area. While areas that are in a larger vascular area. Can take anywhere between 6 to 8 to work.
Another question that many people have about this laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment. Is if it hurts. They often hear that it works, by targeting the pigmentation in the hair follicle.
And when that laser targets the hair follicle. It will literally exploded. And therefore, are very concerned with how painful the procedure might be. While each person has a different pain tolerance.
The laser hair removal that uses intense pulse light. Is typically well-tolerated by most people. And Edmonton dermatology can also use a variety of methods. Such as cooling fans, and numbing cream. In order to make the procedure comfortable for everyone.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Most Asked Questions About Laser Hair Removal

IPL is a laser hair removal in Edmonton that is extremely popular. However, many people still have questions about the treatment. To determine if they are a good candidate, and if it will be effective for them.
One of the first questions that people have is: is everyone a good candidate for this procedure? While intense pulse light treatment is a laser hair removal in Edmonton that most people can utilize.
It is not appropriate for everyone universally. There are certain reasons why people should not to get intense pulse light treatment. Such as women who are pregnant. Because the lasers are not proven to be safe during pregnancy.
However, another reason why women who are pregnant should not to get laser hair removal in Edmonton. Is because pregnant women can develop a condition called melasma.
And allows my is a condition that is exacerbated by heat. This is why pregnant women are told to stay out of the sun. Therefore, it is another reason why pregnant women should avoid laser treatments.
Many pregnant women want to get laser hair removal. Because the hormones that happen during pregnancy. Can cause a hair to grow in a variety of unsightly places. Such as their chin, or on their belly.
But Edmonton dermatologist suggests pregnant women waiting until they are no longer pregnant. To addressing the hair in unsightly, or embarrassing places.

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Other people who are not ideal candidates for laser hair removal in Edmonton. Our people that have darker skin tones. The reason why, is because the laser will target pigmentation in the hair follicle.
And when people with a darker skin tone get laser treatment, they run the risk. Of the laser targeting the pigmentation in their skintone. Which would cause pain, and skin damage.
Finally, people who are not a good candidate for laser hair removal. Our people that are on certain medications. Antibiotics, as well as Accutane make people not to good candidates for this treatment.
Even people who have used Accutane within the last six months should avoid laser hair removal for the time being. These limitations are why Edmonton dermatology insists on a free consultation prior to treatment.
Not only so that they can see each patient, and look at the treatment area. In order to determine how many treatments they should undergo. In order to generate permanent results.
But also, so that they can ask the right questions. To determine if people are even suitable for this treatment or not. So that they can avoid ineffective, painful results.
Or have damage due to the treatment being used. While they are not a good candidate. When people are ready to get rid of their unwanted hair. They should talk to Edmonton dermatology.
Whether it is a woman or a man, there are many different areas of the body. That can be treated permanently. So people do not have to worry about waxing or shaving ever again.