Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Never Shave Again

For many people, laser hair removal in Edmonton. Can seem like a dream, especially as they struggle daily. With getting rid of unwanted, unsightly. And irritating hair through shaving.
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Since shaving simply cuts the hair off. And it continues to grow. Most people can only go one or two days. Without having to shave again. Which means they spend a lot of time removing unwanted hair.
Not only is it time-consuming. But many people spend a lot of money through their lifetime, on razors and shaving cream. To get rid of unsightly hair from various parts of their body.
This is why the popularity of laser hair removal in Edmonton is growing. Because not only does it offer a more gentle way of getting rid of hair. Treatments can be several weeks apart.
And it only takes between 3 to 8 treatments. In order to achieve permanent results. There are several things that people should know about this procedure. To decide if it is right for them.
When people go to Edmonton dermatology, the laser that they will use for hair removal. Is called an intense pulse light laser. Or, IPL for short. Not only is it the most gentle laser on the market.
But it is also the most effective laser for hair removal. Which means many people will find it quite comfortable, to permanently remove. That has been problematic for them for most of their life.
Especially when compared to waxing. It is extremely gentle. As many people who have tried waxing abandonment. Because they are unable to handle the pain of it.
One of the most common questions that Edmonton dermatology gets. From patients who are discussing the procedure at their initial consultation. Is wondering how much it hurts.

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While each person has their own pain tolerances. It is very difficult to say whether someone will be able to tolerate it easily or not. But there are many different things that the dermatologist can do.
To ensure everyone is as comfortable as possible. The first sensation that people might experience up with laser hair removal in Edmonton. Is the heat from the actual laser.
Which is why there is a sapphire crystal. Built into the tip of the wand used to deliver the laser hair removal and Edmonton treatment. This crystal will cool the skin immediately before the light pulse.
And immediately after the light pulse. To ensure patients are as comfortable, and soothed after each pulse. However, patients can request the dermatologist apply a cooling gel topically.
That can continue to cool their skin during treatment. As well, the dermatologist can use a cooling fan. Being blown on the patient’s skin during treatment. That can help keep them as comfortable as possible as well.
The next sensation is a snapping sensation, as the laser explodes the hair follicle cells. Some people compare that to a rubber band, or mosquito sensation. Which can be helped, with the application of a numbing cream.
For more information about this procedure. And whether it is right patients. They can call Edmonton dermatology for their free consultation immediately.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Never Shave or Wax Again

Since people have to shave every day or every other day, laser hair removal in Edmonton. Can be the answer to their problems. And help them avoid spending so much time, money and effort. On getting rid of unwanted hair.
Not only is this procedure popular with women. Many men are getting this procedure. On different areas of the body. Starting with the cheeks, because they are tired of having to shave stray hairs away from their moustache or beard.
As well, they often get the nape of the neck, or the sides of their neck treated. Because they are tired of stray hairs below their hairline. Irritating them when they wear collared shirts. Or just looking sloppy.
Men also are often getting their chests, and backs done with laser hair removal in Edmonton. Even though they may not have been shaving these areas. Either because it is very difficult to.
Or they just are not interested in the stubble that comes along with it. But laser hair removal. Gives them the opportunity to have their hair removed permanently. Without the problem of stubble.
However, before any patients, man or woman. Dives into getting a laser hair removal in Edmonton. It is very important that they sit down with a dermatologist. In order to discuss the procedure.
And find out whether they are the right candidate for the treatment. Since the hair removal procedure targets the pigmentation in hair follicles. The patients that have the most success from this procedure.

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Our people that have thick, dark hair. Because that gives the most material for the laser to find and destroy. But also, because it targets pigmentation. People who have darker skin tones are not good candidates for the procedure.
This is because they run the risk of the laser targeting pigmentation in their skin. Which can be very painful. But more importantly, can be very damaging to their skin. Therefore, during the consultation.
The dermatologist will use what is called a Fitzpatrick scale. To ensure that each patient has the appropriate skin tone for the procedure. To eliminate risk.
They will also determine if the patient is on any medications. Or if they have any skin conditions that would be exacerbated by the laser. People who are on antibiotics or medication like Accutane.
Might experience adverse reaction to the laser. Therefore, they should not undergo laser hair removal. And if they go off those medications, it needs to be out of their system for six months. Before coming in for treatment.
While permanent hair removal can be a dream for many people. It is important that they ensure they can undergo the procedure without risks. Which is why anyone thinking about getting laser hair removal. Should make an appointment with Edmonton dermatology for their free consultation immediately.