Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | No More Ingrown Hair

One reason why many people end up looking into laser hair removal in Edmonton. Is because they are sick and tired of getting ingrown hairs. That happened when they shave or wax.
Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton
What ingrown hairs are says Edmonton dermatology. Is the hair that has either been caught off. Or plucked out, that is trying. To grow back through the skin. If it cannot find its way out.
It will become trapped in the skin. And the body will identify it. As a foreign body, and surround it with a layer of pus. This is why people who have ingrown hairs, think that they are starting to break out in pimples where they have shaved.
Not only are ingrown hairs sore, and irritating. They are also unsightly. Some people, think that they are more embarrassing. Then the hair they have been trying to get rid of. While some people have success.
Minimizing the ingrown hairs that they get. As a result of waxing or shaving. By exfoliating their skin. As well as moisturizing, that does not work for everybody. And some people, are more susceptible to ingrown hairs than others.
When the hair finally does poke through the skin. The pus will be eliminated. And leave a small sore, that will typically take the same amount of time to heal. That will be needed to shave the next time.

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Therefore, people are caught in a never ending cycle of shaving. And getting ingrown hairs. To break the cycle, many people contact Edmonton dermatology. In order to find out about laser hair removal in Edmonton.
What they will find out, is that the laser used. Is called an IPL laser. Which stands for intense pulse light. And is not a true laser. Which is actually a very concentrated beam of light. And while this treatment.
Is not a true laser, and is considered one of the most gentle treatments. It is also one of the most effective. For getting rid of unwanted hair. How it works, is the light targets pigmentation in the skin.
And when the laser discovers pigmentation. It explodes the cells on contact. The body, will then get rid of these burnt up and wasted cells. By expelling them from the body. People will notice a day after treatment.
That it will appear that they are regrowing hair. As they see stubble where there hair used to be. However, this is not stubble. It is just the burnt up waste product of the hair. Being expelled by their body.
People should notice, that the hair that is coming out. Is either crumbly, or brittle. After about three days, this will be eliminated. Leaving their skin soft and smooth. Until their next laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment.
It may take a month or more for the hair to start growing back. But as soon as it does. People should immediately go back to Edmonton dermatology. In order to get the next laser treatment. And destroy that hair follicles while they are young.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | No More Ingrown Hair For You

People are tired of the problems caused by shaving, which is why they look into laser hair removal in Edmonton. In addition to razor burn, shaving bumps and the need to shave almost daily.
People are frustrated by what is called ingrown hairs. Caused by shaving, as well as waxing. These irritated, and inflamed bumps. Are caused by the hair trying to grow back through the skin.
And while many people try diligently. To eliminate these painful ashy bumps. They are often predisposed to them. And laser hair removal in Edmonton. Can give them the freedom they are looking for.
The reason why laser removal will eliminate ingrown hairs. Is simply because it is a permanent form of hair removal. People will typically see a 90% reduction in hair growth on that part of their body.
And the length of time that it lasts. Is for the rest of their life says Edmonton dermatology. However, it is not permanent after a single treatment. People will need to come in for multiple treatments.
Depending on what part of the body they are getting treated. As well as how thick, and dark there hair is. Some women come in, and have completely grey hair. Devoid of any pigmentation at all.
And are unfortunately told, that because they have no pigmentation in the hair. That they are not a good candidate for laser hair removal in Edmonton. Therefore, the darker the hair is.

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The more effective the laser will find the hair. And destroy it. As well, another factor that will increase the laser’s ability. To work effectively, is the part of the body. That is getting treated.
The reason why this is important. Is because the more blood flow there is to the area. The more stubborn the hair will become at getting eliminated. Because increased blood flow.
Will deliver the body the resources it needs. To continue to try regrowing that hair. Because of this, the legs with its extensive network of veins and arteries. As well as the bikini area.
Are some of the most stubborn areas of the body. To eliminate hair. Typically requiring 6 to 8 sessions with the laser. In order for it to become permanently destroyed. While other areas of the body.
Such as the underarms, have very little blood flow. Then people will be able to get permanent results. And as few as 2 to 4 sessions instead. This is why the consultation is so important.
The dermatologist will look at the hair. That people want to remove. To see how thick and dark it is. As well as what areas of the body are being treated. So that they can prepare people.
With how many treatments they will need to. As well as for themselves, know what setting. The laser needs to be on. In order to generate the best results. Consultations can be achieved by calling the Edmonton dermatology office today.