Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | No More Razor Burn

For many people, and getting laser hair removal in Edmonton. Is not as much about convenience. Because they will not have to shave every day. But more about eliminating a worse problem in their opinion.
Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton
While shaving is the most common way. For many people to remove unwanted hair. Many people and up getting razor burn from this process. Razor burn refers to the sensitivity of the skin.
After it has been subjected to a razor. This often comes if people did not get their skin. Adequately wet before shaving. If they did not use enough shaving cream or lotion. But they can also get razor burn.
From shaving to close, or too often. Not only is razor burn irritating, or painful. But it also leaves pink skin, or a rash. That many people could consider. Even more unsightly then the unwanted hair.
If it is in a sensitive part of the body. Such as the underarms. It may be painful to apply deodorant. Irritating to wear a shirt that cuts under the arms. Or cause them irritation when they put their arms down or move their arms.
If they get razor burn on their face could be embarrassing. If it is on their bikini area. It could be painful to move. And razor burn affects many people who use shaving. As a method to get rid of unwanted hair.
Laser hair removal in Edmonton can be the answer to their problems. Allowing people to never again get razor burn. However, many people have a lot of questions about this. Before they decide to take the plunge.

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One of the first questions that Edmonton dermatology gets. For people finding out more information about getting rid of hair. With the help of lasers, is exactly how the laser works.
The lasers that they use at Edmonton dermatology. To get rid of unwanted hair is called an IPL laser. Which stands for intense pulse light. This light can go as deep as the second layer of skin, known as the dermis.
And the dermis, is where the hair follicles start to grow. What this light is looking for says Edmonton dermatology. Is pigmentation. And any pigmentation it finds, it will destroy.
How it will destroy it, is literally exploding any cells with pigmentation. Which some people say gives them the same approximate sensation. Of getting snapped by a rubber band. While others say it is not nearly that uncomfortable.
Because it is attracted to pigmentation. They thicker and darker the hair is. The more successful each treatment will be. But people will need multiple sessions. In order to eradicate their hair permanently.
It will also depend on where there unwanted hair is. As well as their skin tone. And because there are so many variables. Edmonton dermatology simply offers free consultations. For all of their patients.
This means it is completely risk-free for people to come in. And find out all necessary information. About laser hair removal in Edmonton. And if t is the right decision for them.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | No More Razor Burn Ever

There are many problems with shaving, which is why people look into laser hair removal in Edmonton. Not only do people get razor burn, but they can get shaving bumps, ingrown hairs and more.
Often, these issues are accompanied. By pink skin, sores or rashes. Causing even more embarrassment. Then the unwanted hair itself. When people are getting rid of this hair. Because it is irritating.
Or, because it is embarrassing. Replacing that hair with pink skin, ingrown hairs, sores and rashes. Does not make the situation any better. Even though there are many different problems with shaving.
Many people find that the alternative is no better. Waxing is the next most popular method. Of removing unwanted hair to shaving. However, it is also known for being intensely painful.
Most people who try waxing. Will not do it again. Because of the pain involved. And for those who can tolerate the pain. Often find that it is messy, when they do it in their own home.
Or expensive, if they go to a salon. And waxing is needed to be done. Once a month. In order to get rid of all of their unwanted hair. Unfortunately, what waxing also does.
Is it prematurely ages the skin. Causing loose skin and wrinkles. Because of the damage pulling wax off the skin. Every month for a lifetime does. Therefore, not only is it painful. But it is bad for the skin.

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When people are getting information. About laser hair removal in Edmonton, they often want to know. If the laser is going to damage their skin. They will be delighted to find out, this is not the case.
Since the laser is designed to target pigmentation in the dermis. The skin will be relatively unscathed. However, because the laser is an intense beam of light. And light is hot. Some people find.
That following their procedure, that they feel flushed. Or that they have spent an afternoon in the sun. Because of how warm their skin feels. However, many people do not have this reaction.
And that slight sensitivity or warm feeling. Will subside within the next twenty-four hours. It does not damage the skin in the slightest. Because it is not targeting the skin. And simply shines through the layers.
How it actually works. Is by targeting dark pigmentation. Such as the pigmentation in the hair follicles. Destroying them on contact. Another question that some people have for Edmonton dermatology.
Is if the laser targets pigmentation. If they have any freckles, moles or dark spots on their skin. Is this also targeted by the laser. While it is the same laser that is used to remove these spots.
It is often a different setting. However, if people do have dark spots that they want to get rid of. They can get that done within the same treatment. This is why an initial consultation is necessary.
To discuss everything that the client wants to get out of the laser hair removal in Edmonton session. And give them the information they need. To ensure they get the best results.