Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | No More Shaving Bumps

Many people have different reasons for wanting laser hair removal in Edmonton. And for many, the irritating bumps they get. When they shave their unwanted hair away. Is one of those reasons.
Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton
These are the bumps that can spring up. After someone shaves. Often, they are caused by people shaving to close to their skin. So that they can go longer before they need to shave again.
As well, these bumps can simply happen. On certain parts of the body. Mostly the underarms, and bikini area. But truly, now part of the body is safe. From these signs of irritation. From dragging a razor across the skin.
These shaving bumps can be embarrassing. Causing people to avoid shaving. And then, having to deal with having their embarrassing hair showing in public. But these shaving bumps can also be irritating.
Causing people to be itchy. Or, the bumps themselves can be painful. Especially if they are in a location. That rubs against their clothing. Or, is irritated when they move their body.
This is why people end up making an appointment. With Edmonton dermatology in order to find out more information. About laser hair removal in Edmonton. And whether they would be a good candidate.
But they will find out, is that most people will be able to undergo the treatments. However, they will need multiple treatments. In order for them to get permanent results. The reason why, is because the body.

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Is quite persistent in trying to regrow the hair in a certain area. And only after the hair is destroyed enough times. While the body give up. Not wanting to waste its energy. And not want to waste valuable resources.
In a futile effort. Because the hair keeps getting destroyed. How many times the hair will need to undergo the laser treatment. Will depend on several factors. Including how thick and dark the hair is.
Where the hair is located on the body. Because areas of the body that have a lot of blood flow. Will be much more difficult to eliminate hair from. As well as the skin tone of the patient.
This will factor in to how intense the laser will be set. And how effective it will be. At destroying the hair follicles. However, based on all of these variables. People can expect approximately 3 to 8 sessions.
In order to be completely, and permanently hair free. Another question that many people have for their dermatologist. Is wondering if laser hair removal in Edmonton is painful.
While lasers that were used decades ago. Were less sophisticated. And did cause a significant amount of discomfort. Technology has improved, and so have the lasers. The lasers that Edmonton dermatology uses.
Our called IPL lasers, and not only are the most effective lasers. At eliminating unwanted hair. But they are also the most gentle lasers on the market as well. Helping people get to be hair free, easily and painlessly.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | No More Shaving Bumps For You

Unwanted hair is a huge problem for many, which is why laser hair removal in Edmonton. Is continuing to grow in popularity. Some people have never undergone this procedure before.
While others, continue making appointments at Edmonton dermatology. To get other areas of their body treated. When they see that it is in fact permanent. Helping them save time.
In their daily routine, no longer having to shave their unwanted hair way. And help them save money. By not having to waste their finances. On trips to the salon for waxing. And not having to buy razors and shaving cream anymore.
However, people do have a lot of questions about the procedure. And they are sceptical, that it does lead. To completely permanent results. They have been told before that waxing will be permanent.
But here they are, years later, continuing to ask. But unlike waxing, which simply pulls the hair out. Laser hair removal in Edmonton actually destroys the hair follicle. And with enough treatments.
Destroying the newly grown hair follicle. Will continue to weaken it. Until the body has no more resources left. To continue growing hair in that area. Patients should expect to see.
A 90% reduction in hair growth. After the number of treatments that the dermatologist recommends. And that number, depends on many variables. Is why the consultation is so important.

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But before the dermatologist can even discuss those variables. They will want to ensure that they are good candidates. For this procedure to begin with. While most people will be able to undergo this procedure.
Some people should not, such as if they have certain skin conditions. That tend to get exacerbated with heat or light. One such condition that falls into this category. Is called melasma.
Also known as the mask of pregnancy. It is a hormone imbalance. That causes the facial skin of the patient. To darken. Any laser treatments, will make this worse. Darkening the skin, and likely causing more embarrassment.
As well, Edmonton dermatology will ask for family history. And a complete list of medications that patients are on. Simply because some medications. Can cause undesirable side effects.
For example, people who are on antibiotics. Or, who are on the popular anti-acne medication, Accutane. Should not undergo laser treatments. But if they would like to get laser hair removal in Edmonton.
They must stop taking their medication. And then be off of it for a minimum of six months. Before their first treatment. Once they have been determined to be a good candidate. The dermatologist will also share with them.
Ways to ensure that they get the best results from their treatment. People must immediately stop plucking, or waxing their hair. Since the laser is designed to destroy the hair follicles. Pulling the hair out.
Will cause the laser to miss important follicles. And only do a partial job. Leaving people wondering why this procedure was not effective for them. By following the advice of their dermatologist. People who are good candidates will be able to get great results.