Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Permanent Hair Removal Is Possible

There are many reasons why people might be looking for permanent hair removal, such as laser hair removal in Edmonton. From having hair in embarrassing, or unsightly places. To wanting to free up time that they are spending. Getting rid of hair on various parts of their bodies.
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While waxing is often a better option. Then using a razor, because rather than cutting the hair off. It pulls the hair out. However, waxing is still not a permanent solution. And many people would like to avoid having to deal with unwanted hair.
As well, while waxing might be a better way. To get rid of hair for a longer time. It is messy, expensive and painful. Which is not always an option for many people, which is why they are looking for options.
A great option for these people. Will be laser hair removal in Edmonton. Because not only is it away. To get rid of hair, it is also a permanent solution. Getting rid of 95% of the hair in the area, which will not grow back.
And unlike waxing, it is a very gentle procedure. Because intense pulse light treatment. Is an non-ablative laser. Which means it does not cut the skin. Nor does it pull the skin, the way that waxing does.
Some people say that they compare the feeling to being snapped by a rubber band. Each time the light pulse hits their skin. And for others, it is much less painful than that. However, there are many options.
That people can discuss with their dermatologist at their free consultation at Edmonton dermatology. And if they are concerned about the pain. They will have lots of options to discuss. To make this as pain-free as possible.
Not only is there a sapphire crystal. That is built in to the head of the wand. That is used to deliver the intense pulse light treatment. But also, they are able to use numbing creams, or cooling gel.

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As well as cooling fans to blow on the skin. During the treatment. To ensure all patients are as comfortable as possible. And always, the laser technician will only go at the speed that each patient is comfortable.
Since it is non-ablative, the laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment. Is able to be done right before people go on vacation. Or even on their lunch break. Or for a special evening out.
While there may be some redness in the area. Because it is non-ablative. Makeup can be applied directly over the skin. Immediately following the procedure. So that nobody has to know, that anyone has had a procedure done.
When people are looking for more information about laser hair removal in Edmonton. And whether they would be a good candidate for this procedure. They can make an appointment with Edmonton dermatology.
They will be able to discuss during their free consultation the areas that they want to get treated. And how many treatments they can expect, in order to have permanent hair removal results.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Permanent Hair Removal For Men & Women

For many people, laser hair removal in Edmonton. Is a way to permanently eliminate. Getting rid of their unwanted hair, from their routine. Often, people can spend a lot of time and money getting rid of unsightly hair.
Whether it is irritating, unsightly. Or simply people are tired of waxing and shaving. Going to Edmonton dermatology for intense pulse light treatment. Can help them stop having to wax and shave.
While the results are not permanent after the first treatment. Patients can expect permanent results within 3 to 8 treatments. Depending on what area of the body is being treated.
The areas of the body that have more blood flow. Are a lot more stubborn. In order to get rid of hair permanently. Therefore, the bikini area, or a person’s legs. Are some of the most stubborn areas to eliminate hair permanently.
However, for many people who are shaving, and waxing. Eight laser treatments, and then never having to worry about hair in that area again. Still seems like an amazing deal, especially if they are having to shave every day, or every other day.
But people can expect, when they come in for a laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment. Is first, the dermatologist will take time to cleanse the skin. And, upon the patient’s request. Apply a numbing cream, or cooling gel.
During the treatment, there will be a want. That has a sapphire crystal built in. Designed to cool the patch of skin immediately before the intense pulse light. And immediately after, in order to ensure maximum comfort.

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The dermatologist will also ensure that they are not going onto the next patch. Until the patient is completely ready. Taking their time, to ensure each patient is as comfortable as possible.
For a full facial, patients can expect the entire procedure. Including cleansing the skin after the treatment. To take approximately half an hour. While for a large area, such as the legs.
Patients can expect up to two hours. In order to treat the entire area. However, because it is a very gentle procedure. People can go right from their appointment, back to work. Or directly home. With virtually no healing time.
Some people might experience slight swelling. Or redness in their skin following the treatment. That usually will go away within 12 to 24 hours. But can be immediately covered up by makeup.
Especially if someone is going out for the evening, or going back to work. And do not want other people to notice the redness. When people are looking into getting laser hair removal in Edmonton.
The best place to go, would be Edmonton dermatology. Not only is there first consultation absolutely free. But the experts there will take into consideration their skintone, their hair pigmentation.
And ensure that they have the right laser settings, for their specific skin. And treatment area. To ensure they get best results, in the few a stop treatments. When people are ready, they can call the office for their consultation.