Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Permanent Hair Removal Is Real

When people are tired of waxing and shaving, laser hair removal in Edmonton. Can be the answer to their problems. Not only does it take a lot of time out of a person’s day. But it is also expensive to always be paying for the treatment, or the supplies.
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While people are not going to get permanent results in a single treatment. It will only take anywhere between 3 to 8 sessions. To permanently remove 95% of the hair. On one part of a person’s body.
While the laser that is used for hair removal. Is a non-ablative laser, called an IPL. This stands for an intense pulse light treatment. And can be used to treat things like pigmentation, such as birthmarks or rosacea.
But is the number one laser. To remove unwanted hair. How it works, is by targeting pigmentation, and the dermis of the skin, which is the second layer. When it finds the pigmentation in the hair follicle, it explodes the cells.
And kills the hair in the process. It will take about three days, for the body to push out all of the hair that was underneath the skin. And people might think that it is their hair regrowing, but this is not the case.
The hair will be crumbly, or brittle to the touch. And after all of this burnt up hair pushes out of their skin. Edmonton dermatologist requests people pay attention. To how long it takes to regrow their hair.
This will help the dermatologist figure out. If they need to turn up the intensity of the laser. In order to generate better results. In order to minimize the number of treatments a patient needs.
People can expect to see hair growth after about 2 to 3 months. At which point, they will needs to come back for second session of laser hair removal in Edmonton. This treatment, will further weaken the hair follicles.

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And the body will not want to waste energy or resources. Regrowing hair follicles, if they are only going to get destroyed again. Since blood flow carries nutrients to the area. Parts of the body that does not have a large vascular system.
Will have the best success. At permanent hair removal, after only two or three treatments. For areas of the body that has an extensive vascular system. Such as the legs. People can expect permanent results after 6 to 8 sessions.
One of the most important things that they should remember prior to coming in for laser hair treatment. Is that because the intense pulse light targets the hair follicles.
Hair follicles must be present, in order to be affected by the laser and as such. People should avoid plucking, or waxing their hair. For at least two weeks before their next appointment.
That way, they will ensure the maximum number of hair follicles in the area. And ensure maximum results from the laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Permanent Hair Removal Is Awesome

There are many reasons why people want to permanently remove body hair utilizing laser hair removal in Edmonton. They are either tired of taking the time to shave or wax the area. Or perhaps they want to stop spending so much money on waxing or shaving supplies.
Regardless of each person’s individual reason. Laser hair removal can be a great option for them. However, there are a few limitations. That patients need to know about, before making their first appointment.
The first thing people need to understand. Is even though intense pulse light treatment is a gentle procedure. It is still a laser, that can do damage if not used properly.
While undergoing treatment, people will where protective eyewear. However, that protective eyewear. Will not protect them if the laser is being used to close to their eyes.
Which is why most clinics will not do a patient’s eyebrows. There is too much of a risk that they would injure a person’s eyesight. Therefore, most dermatologists have the rule.
Of not using the laser anywhere above the cheeks to the top of the head. Therefore, people will not be able to get their eyebrows sculpted utilizing laser hair removal. But everything else, from the cheeks down.
Is able to get treated with the intense pulse light. The next thing that people need to keep in mind. Is that because the intense pulse light targets pigmentation. This is a suitable treatment.

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Only for people with lighter skin tones. People with a darker skin tone, run the risk of damaging their skin. Which should be avoided at all costs. Edmonton dermatology uses a Fitzpatrick scale.
To determine the appropriate skin tone, that will not get damaged by laser hair removal in Edmonton. As well, the best results will be on people with the thickest, darkest hair to remove.
If people have light hair. They may not get the results they desire in the same number of treatments. It might take several more, just because the laser might have a harder time seeing the pigmentation.
The next thing that people often want to know about laser hair removal in Edmonton. Is how much time it takes to heal from this procedure. The intense pulse light is considered an non-ablative laser.
Which means it does not cut the skin. And very little healing time is then necessary. People can often go right from their appointment, back to work or home. With no one realizing that they had any work done.
People might be a bit swollen, or red. Which can be covered up by makeup. Which is allowed, because the skin will not have been cut in the process. People can expect to be puffy or red for the next 12 to 24 hours.
But it should not impede them from doing anything that they desire, such as going back to work, or an evening out with their loved ones.
When people are ready to find out more about laser hair removal in Edmonton. They should make an appointment for free consultation at Edmonton dermatology right away.