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When people have a stubborn hair that they are tired of getting rid of, laser hair removal in Edmonton. Can be the perfect answer to their problem. However, there are things that they should keep in mind before utilizing this method.

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While laser hair removal in Edmonton is a permanent way to get rid of unwanted, unsightly and embarrassing hair. People need to understand that there are limitations to this method.
The first limitation that people need to be aware of. Is that anything from the cheeks and up. Our not eligible for laser treatments. For many different reasons.
Although many people wants to get there eyebrows. Treated with a laser. This is something that dermatologists will not do. Because of how close the eyebrows are to a person’s eyes.
Even though people will wear protective eye coverings. When they get laser hair removal in Edmonton. This still is not going to be enough. To protect people’s eyes. When the laser is so close to them.
Therefore, to eliminate the risk of damaging the eyes. Dermatologists will refuse to do the eyebrows. Because of that, it is not an option for permanent hair removal.
Another limitation, is that people cannot get the tops of their heads done. Not only because the skin is so thin. And dermatologists do not want to damage this area.
But also, because the top of the head gets a lot of UV exposure. Dermatologists do not want to cause any damage to that sensitive skin. But also, the top of the head is so close to the person’s brain.

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And they will refuse to treat this area. So that they do not accidentally cause damage to the brain. Although this is extremely rare. Dermatologists will prefer to eliminate that risk altogether.
Something else for people to keep in mind. When they are contemplating a permanent hair removal system, such as lasers. Is that it is not going to be permanent after the first treatment.
What part of the body that is getting treated. Will dictate how many times they should go in for a laser treatment. In order to permanently remove the hair from that part of the body.
Any areas of the body that have significant lead flow. Will be far more stubborn than others. Because that blood flow carries nutrients to the area. And will help the body regrow the hair follicles faster.
This means the legs, and the bikini zone. Are two areas that are going to be very stubborn to get rid of the hair permanently. Requiring up to eight treatments in order to be permanent.
However, for people who are shaving or waxing several more times a year than that. This is still an extremely attractive number. To go to the dermatologist’s office and get treatment.
When people are ready to discuss permanent hair removal solutions. They should contact Edmonton dermatology. The first consultation is absolutely free for all patients.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Permanent Hair Removal Is Possible

When people talk to Edmonton dermatology about laser hair removal in Edmonton. They will have a free consultation, in order to find out all of the specifics. And how it relates to their specific body.
How laser hair removal in Edmonton works. Is by using an intense pulse light treatment, also known as IPL. Which is a non-ablative laser. That targets the pigmentation in the hair follicles themselves.
When this laser finds the pigmentation in those hair follicles. The laser will literally explode the cells in the hair follicle. Which destroys it, and the body will need to regrow the entire hair follicle again.
The first treatment is not permanent however. The body will try to regrow those hair follicles. But once the body does start growing here in that area. That is when patients can come in for their second treatment.
That second treatment will again, destroy the newly formed hair follicles. And it will take the body a lot longer. To grow the new hair follicles a second time. It may take several weeks or even a few months.
And when patients see that the hair is growing in that area once more. They will come in for their third treatment. However, depending on what part of the body has been treated.
After the second laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment. Patients may find that the hair that was growing in that area. Is not growing back even after several months.

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Particularly if this is an area where there is little blood flow. Such as the back, or under the arms. Then patients may simply be permanently hair free in that area after two treatments.
This is because especially when there is little blood flow. The body often gives up trying to grow hair follicles that have been destroyed. Because it does not want to waste time or energy trying to grow something.
That continually gets destroyed. Therefore, patients who are looking to get their hair removed permanently. Will want to ask their dermatologist. If this area of the body is likely going to require a few, or several treatments.
That way, they can be prepared for the right number of treatments. There are other things that they should keep in mind, such as avoiding plucking or waxing for two weeks before their first laser treatment.
The reason why they should avoid this, is because the laser is designed to target the pigmentation. In the hair follicles, and if they have plucked, or waxed. Those hair follicles will be gone.
Therefore, the laser treatment will not work on the follicles that are not there. By avoiding anything that pulls the hairs out by the roots. Before the laser treatment, will help make it effective.
As well, patients should keep in mind. That one day before their first laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment. They should shave the area. So that there is as little hair above their skin as possible.
So that the treatment can be as effective as possible. And as comfortable as possible as well. But these are some of the things that their dermatologist can discuss with them during their initial consultation.