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When people are looking for laser hair removal in Edmonton. The laser that they are looking for, is called an intense pulse light treatment. Also known as IPL for short.
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While the IPL laser can be used to treat many things. It is one of the most popular permanent hair removal methods that people can get. Essentially, it targets pigmentation.
As it travels through the layers of skin. And finds the pigmentation in the hair follicles. When it finds the hair follicles. It literally explodes the cells. And they will push through the skin, and come to the surface.
Many people first think that it is their hair growing back. When they get a laser hair removal treatment done. And two or three days later. They see stubble poking through their skin.
However, before they start to get upset. Thinking that the laser hair removal in Edmonton was ineffective. They should consider the consistency of that hair.
Chances are good that the hair will be brittle, or break off very easy. Because this is the burnt up remnants of the hair that was burned during the laser hair removal treatment.
It will take about 2 to 3 days for this hair to slough off. And then after that, dermatologists recommend that patients keep track. Of how long it takes for their hair to actually start growing back in that area.
And bring that information to their next appointment. Once they have got some more hair growing in that area. Once they have hair growing back. They need to come back for another treatment.

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So that they can explode they hair follicle again. It only takes a few treatments for the body to give up trying to regrow hair in that area. However, if the area that is being treated.
As a large vascular system in the area. Such as the legs, and bikini area. Having a lot of veins and arteries. This will make the hair in that part of the body. A little bit more stubborn to get rid of.
Therefore, how many treatments people will need for their laser hair removal in Edmonton. Depends on what part of the body is getting treated. And how stubborn their particular body is.
Areas that are more stubborn to get rid of hair. Include the legs, and bikini zone. While areas of the body that only require two or three sessions. In order for the laser hair removal to be permanent.
Our the underarms, back, and forearms. However, if people have any particular questions about the procedure. They should contact Edmonton dermatology. Not only because they offer free consultations.
But they will be able to answer patient’s questions more easily. Whether it is how many treatments they will need for their body parts. Or how long the treatment will last. And even how painful it is going to be, or not be. The sooner patients get their questions answered, the sooner they will be able to book this procedure.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Permanent Hair Removal

Patients often have many questions about laser hair removal in Edmonton. That can help them feel comfortable with getting this procedure done. There are many reasons why people want permanent hair removal.
From not wanting to waste time any longer, shaving every two days. Or not wanting to pay the expense of going to a salon and getting that body part waxed every few months.
Regardless of the reason why people are wanting a more permanent hair removal solution. Laser hair removal in Edmonton. Can be the answer that they are looking for for themselves.
One common question that dermatologists get about this procedure. Is people wanting to know if they can get any part of their body done with this method of hair removal.
While laser hair removal can be used to treat many different parts of the body. There is an exception to that. People who want to get their eyebrows done. Cannot get them done using a laser.
This is because the eyebrows are too close to the patients eyes. And despite the fact that they will be wearing protective eyewear during the procedure. This is still too close to get a laser treatment done.
And anything above the eyebrows. Is also something that dermatologists will not treat. Therefore, people who want to the top of their head done. Will not be able to get laser hair removal in Edmonton.

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Another limitation that people should be aware of. Is that intense pulse light treatment, also known as IPL. Is only good for people who have darker hair, and lighter skin.
This is because the laser actually targets pigmentation. And if there is not enough pigmentation in the hair. The laser will not explode the cells, in order to eliminate the hair in that area.
As well, if this treatment is used on a patient that has darker skin. The laser could accidentally targets the pigmentation in their skin, and not their hair. Which would result in damaging that patient’s skin.
Therefore, a good rule of thumb for anyone considering laser hair removal. Is when they have the biggest contrast between hair colour, and skin tone. They will be good candidates for this procedure.
If they are wondering if they would be a good candidate. They can simply make a consultation with Edmonton dermatology. Where they will use what is called a Fitzpatrick scale. To determine each patient’s suitability.
As well, people that are on certain medications, and who have certain skin conditions. Are not ideal candidates for this procedure. But this is also why it is of vital importance. That people set up an initial consultation.
They will be able to discuss their skin tone, hair colour. And any medications and skin conditions they have. So that the dermatologist can figure out if they are good candidate. And if so, answer any more of their questions about this common and popular treatment.