Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Permanent Hair Removal Techniques

While laser hair removal in Edmonton quickly grows in popularity. How effective the treatments are. Depends on patients listening to their dermatologist. And following directions.
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In fact, while laser hair removal in Edmonton. Is extremely popular, and very effective. What will help it to be the most effective. Will be following the dermatologists advice.
One of the most important things. That people need to remember, prior to going in for this treatment. Is that they need to ensure that they have stopped waxing, or plucking their hair before treatment.
This is because waxing and plucking. Will pull the hair out by the follicle. So that the laser has nothing to target during treatment. If people have not stopped doing this, before their appointment.
They typically will not have very good results. Because the laser will not be able to eradicate the hair follicle. Because it will not be there. And while the recommendation is to stop plucking or waxing.
Two weeks before the appointment. Many dermatologists would recommend simply, stop waxing or plucking for longer before that. So that they can give all of the hair the opportunity to grow back.
So that the laser can destroy all of the hair follicles. And permanently get rid of the hair in that area. However, this is not the only advice they need to listen to before getting laser hair removal.
The next thing that their dermatologist will ask the patient to do. Is twenty-four hours before their treatment. They will be required to shave the area that is getting treated.

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It is very important that the patient adheres to that time. Because if they shave closer to the appointment time. The razor could cause razor burn, or shaving bumps.
That would cause the laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment to be painful, when it would not need to be. However it is important that they do not shave longer than that before the appointment.
Such as two or three days. Because the additional stubble that could be laughed. By shaving to early. Could cause the treatment to be painful. Simply because the laser will explode all parts of the hair with pigment.
And the longer the hair, the more discomfort it could cause the patient. This is why it is extremely important. For patients to follow the advice of their dermatologist. To ensure that the treatment can be as effective as possible.
As well as ensure that the treatment is as comfortable as possible as well. Some people may be wondering exactly how permanent laser hair removal is. And it is extremely permanent.
However, it is not permanent after the first treatment. Multiple treatments will be needed. In order to convince the body, that it is not worth the effort. To regrow the hair follicles in that area.
As well, if the hair in the area is caused by hormonal imbalance. Unless that imbalance is fixed. The hair will be eradicated. But to the body will keep growing more hair. Therefore, people may need to come back every few years. To get rid of more hair.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Permanent Hair Removal Methods

Whether people are embarrassed by unsightly hair, or it is annoying or irritating, laser hair removal in Edmonton. Can help them get rid of that hair permanently. So that they never have to be embarrassed or irritated by it.
Sometimes, the irritation of having body hair. Is having to get rid of it, either with annoying methods. That leave the skin area tainted. Or simply with having to do it so often.
And while many people might think that it is women that get hair removal the most. Edmonton dermatology says that both men and women equally get this procedure done.
However, the areas that they like to get treated. Our different than each other. Women typically get legs, their bikini area, upper lip and underarms treated with the laser hair removal in Edmonton.
While men on the other hand often get the nape of their neck, the cheeks above their beard. And often, their chest and back. The reasons why people get laser hair removal in Edmonton.
Are as varied as the spots on their body. Sometimes they do not like how frequently they have to shave. Or the stubble that comes in, associated with shaving.
May be they razor burn, or the ingrown hairs that they get. As a part of shaving is what they do not like. Or, they have abandoned shaving in favour of waxing. And it is painful, and time-consuming.

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Not to mention very expensive. And they simply wish to stop worrying about it. And stop dealing with their unwanted and unsightly hair.
Unfortunately, not every person is the ideal candidate for this procedure. Because intense pulse light treatment. Actually targets the pigmentation in the hair. This is only good for people with dark hair.
And people that have lighter skin. If people that had darker toned skin were to utilize this treatment. They could end up with damaged skin. Which is something that the dermatologist wants to avoid at all costs.
Therefore, during the initial consultation. Which at Edmonton dermatology is always free. They will use what is called a Fitzpatrick scale. To determine if a person has a skins tone that will be able to be treated.
Other reasons why people might not be the best candidate for laser hair removal in Edmonton. Is if they have certain medical, or skin conditions. That are exacerbated by heat or light.
Such as melasma, which is also known as the mask of pregnancy. This is caused by a hormonal imbalance. But is exacerbated by light and heat. Undergoing laser treatment, make this condition worse.
As well, people who are taking certain medications, such as antibiotics or Accutane. Are also not good candidates for this procedure. And if they go off the medication. It needs to be out of their system for six months.
Permanent hair removal can be achieved for many people. But if people want more information. They can simply contact Edmonton dermatology for free consultation.