Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Permanent Hair Removal

Both men and women look for laser hair removal in Edmonton. To get rid of what they consider unsightly, and unwanted hair on their body. And anything from the cheeks, and below, can have laser hair treatment. To permanently get rid of that unwanted body hair.

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However, one of the first things that patients need to understand. Is that in order to have permanent hair removal. They will needs to have multiple treatments. The reason is because of how the laser treatment works.
The laser is a concentrated beam of light. That looks for the pigment in the hair follicles, also known as the hair route. And for patients that have lighter coloured hair. Or darker coloured skin, this can be difficult for the laser to find the pigment.
Therefore, they might need a different setting. Such as a stronger setting for lighter coloured hair. Or a weaker setting for darker coloured skin. So that the laser can find the pigment successfully.
When it does find the pigment. What it will do, is exploded the cells of the hair follicle. So that the hair will not be able to grow back in that same hair follicle. And while the body will try to regrow that hair follicle.
It will take the body a long time to regrow a new follicle to replace it. Which is why another treatment is needed, after the first laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment.
After repeated treatments, anywhere between three and six for the most part. The body will give up trying to regrow that follicle. And when the body gives up, that is when permanent hair reduction happens.

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Therefore, people who are looking for laser hair removal in Edmonton for unsightly chin or facial hair. Or if they are looking to remove chest hair and back hair. Or if they are looking to get rid of hair underneath their arms or on their legs.
Laser hair removal can be a great option. To help people permanently get rid of this problematic hair. The reason why people often do not like shaving. Is because it can be hard, it can be required frequently.
And particularly the underarms, or the bikini area. Shaving can leave red bumps that are sore and irritated. And when the hair regrows in the area, it can be itchy or even painful.
Shaving can also lead to ingrown hairs. That are also painful to deal with. Particularly when they are in an especially sensitive area of the body. Which is why many people turn to laser hair removal.
And waxing can be an option. Unfortunately, many people are unable to tolerate the pain of waxing. And as it is not a permanent solution. May simply want to find a way to get rid of the hair.
So they do not have to keep going through these steps, in order to have the look that they want. When people are looking for laser hair removal. The first step, is contacting Edmonton dermatology for a free consultation.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Gone For Good

The reason why many patients want laser hair removal in Edmonton. Is because they are sick of shaving, or waxing. And they want a permanent solution. To get rid of the hair for good.
And according to a recent study, most people report a 90% reduction in hair growth. In the areas that they had treated with a laser. Therefore, it is incredibly effective for both men and women.
What people should expect from laser hair removal treatments. Is there might be some slight discomfort. And while older laser technology often was painful.
New or technology is less uncomfortable. And they even have things like a cooling sensation. On the laser itself. So that as the treatment happens. People are experiencing a cooling sensation.
However, depending on people’s different tolerances to pain. There can be numbing cream, cooling gels, and even things like a cold fan to blow on the treated area.
After the treatment is over, people typically will not have any discomfort. Although their skin may be more sensitive for the next few days. And they may want to avoid things like hot baths or showers.
And definitely avoid going into the sauna, or hot yoga classes. Because there treated areas may feel like they have been slightly burnt. Although they are not likely going to have read the skin to show for it.

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And 1 to 3 days after the laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment. Patients may find that little hairs start poking out of their skin. Which might make some people angry, since they had laser treatments.
In order to get rid of their hair. But what they are actually seeing according to dermatologists. Is what is left of the hair, being pushed out by the body. Because it is no longer useful any longer.
People might find that the hair is crumbly, and that is because it has been singed by the laser. The next thing that people should do after a laser hair removal in Edmonton. Is keep track of how long it takes.
For their hair to actually start growing back. And this is good information they can give to their laser technician. When they come in for their second treatment.
They will be able to tell if they need to increase their laser settings. In order to ensure they have a longer period of time. Before their next treatment.
Depending on the area of the body that they are getting treated. People can expect anywhere between 3 to 8 treatments. The number of treatments that patients get will also go up depending on how dark their skin is.
However, once the last treatment is done. People can enjoy having permanent hair removal in that area. So that they do not have to worry about waxing, or shaving that hair off any longer. Or worry about having unsightly hair to embarrass them.