Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Questions About Laser Treatment

Even though laser hair removal in Edmonton. Has been around for many years. People still have a lot of questions for their dermatologist. When they make their initial consultation appointment.
Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton
One of the first questions that their dermatologist answers. Is answering about how painful the procedure is. Many people have heard stories. About this procedure being painful.
And Edmonton dermatology will admit. That the older lasers, were quite painful. The newer lasers that they use, are a lot more gentle. And are very easy to be tolerated by most people.
However, if people are concerned about pain. They should bring that up with their dermatologist. Before their laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment. The reason why, is because they have methods.
That they can utilize, to ensure each patient. Is as comfortable as possible through the entire duration of the procedure. They can put on a thin layer of cooling gel, that will keep the patient’s skin cooler.
To combat the heat of the laser. As well, they can utilize a numbing cream. That will dental the lasers sensations. So that people can be more comfortable during the entire procedure.
In addition to that, during the laser hair removal in Edmonton. The head of the wand, that is used to treat the area. Will have a cooling sensation. So that as the laser technician puts the wand in place.

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It will cool the skin of the patient immediately before the energy pulse. During the energy pulse, and immediately after. To ensure that the entire area, will be as comfortable throughout.
And while it can be very comfortable. The dermatologist can also bring in a cooling fan. That will blow cool or cold air on the patient. During their laser hair removal treatment.
That way, the patient can feel cooling sensations. From a variety of sources. To ensure that there treatment can be as comfortable as possible. As well, Edmonton dermatology recommends.
That patients avoid hot water. Such as showers, hot baths. And even avoid hot tubs, and saunas. Because it can cause discomfort on their skin. Because it has been heated up by the laser.
In addition to that, to increase comfort. Dermatologists recommend patients moisturize every day. To give their skin the moisture it needs. After the heat of the laser.
Another question that many people have about the procedure. Is wondering how long the treatment will last. It will depend on a variety of things. But mostly, the size of the area being treated.
The chin is going to take less time than chest, back or legs. However, patients should expect anywhere between half an hour, to two hours. No matter what part of the body is being treated. It is a fairly quick procedure.
If people have any more questions for their dermatologist. About this procedure, and if it is right for them. They should make an appointment with Edmonton dermatology. The first consultation is free. And will allow people to ask all the questions they have about this treatment.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Common Questions About Laser Treatment

Even though laser hair removal in Edmonton, has been around for years. There are many people who have not yet had this procedure done. And have a lot of questions about it.
One of the flirts things that people want to know. Is how much healing time. Does this treatment require? People want to take as little time off of work as possible. Therefore, minimal healing times are desired.
The good news is, the lasers that are used for laser hair removal in Edmonton. Are non-ablative, which means they do not cut the skin. Because they do not cut the skin, this is a fast healing procedure.
How it works, is the laser targets the pigmentation. In the hair follicles, and when the laser finds the pigmentation. It literally explodes them, destroying the hair and the hair follicle.
The body will need to regrow that entire hair, starting with the hair follicle. Which is why it will take a long time for that hair to grow back. After laser hair removal in Edmonton.
Therefore, it is of great importance. That patients pay attention. To how long it takes their hair to regrow. And when they notice it is starting to come back. That is when they should visit Edmonton dermatology.
For their second laser hair removal treatment. Hitting it with the laser again, will explode the hair follicles. Causing them to be destroyed again. Taking and even longer time to regrow a second time.

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Depending on how much blood flow in the area. The body will only try to regrow those hairs a few times. Before giving up. Areas of the body that have a larger vascular system.
Meaning, there are a lot of blood vessels in the area, such as the legs. Are going to be very stubborn to get rid of hair. And areas of the body that has less blood flow, such as the underarms.
They can have permanent results, in just a few treatments. Therefore, people who are getting laser hair removal. Should expect anywhere between three, to eight treatments. For permanent results.
And what is considered permanent results says Edmonton dermatology. Is a ninety, to 95% reduction of hair growth in that area. While most people will not notice any hair. After treatment is complete.
Some people might experience a few hairs that are lingering in the area. However, those hairs are likely to be very unnoticeable. And very easy to get rid of, for the people that are bothered by it.
If patients are looking for a great place to get their next laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment. Or if they simply are looking for answers to their questions about the treatment.
They should look no further than Edmonton dermatology. They can arrange an absolutely free consultation. And find out all of the answers to their question. As well as let the dermatologist see their hair, and offer their expertise.