Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Questions Dermatologists Get About Laser

Even though laser hair removal in Edmonton is growing in popularity. There is still a lot that is misunderstood, or simply unknown. About this procedure. Many people want questions answered. Before they will consider this treatment for themselves.
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A very common question that dermatologists will get. Is people want to know how long the treatment lasts. Unfortunately, the answer to this question depends on the area that is being treated.
While facials, will take approximately half an hour. Which includes cleaning the skin, and applying the skincare at the end of the procedure. This is because it is a very small area being treated.
With chest, legs, and back. Covering a lot more surface area, and therefore may take anywhere between an hour, to two hours at the most. Also, patients should keep in mind.
That the dermatologist will only go as fast as the patient is comfortable. So if they are doing a very sensitive area. Such as the bikinis zone, it may take longer. As the patient wants more time in between.
Another question that many people have about laser hair removal in Edmonton. Is wondering if there are any reasons why a person should not get intense pulse light treatment?
This is a very important question, because people who are on certain medication. Would not make good candidates for this procedure. For example, people who are using the medication Accutane.

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Or who have used Accutane within the last six months, should not get this procedure done. As well, people who are taking antibiotics should avoid laser hair removal in Edmonton. While the medication is in their system.
During their initial consultation with the dermatologist. They can discuss what medication they are on, if any. And then find out how long that medication needs to be out of their system. Before they can come back and have a treatment.
People also want to know if the laser that is used for laser hair removal. If it is an ablative laser, and if it cuts the skin during treatment? This is a great question, because there are some lasers that are ablative.
However, the specific laser that does hair removal. Is what is called an intense pulse light treatment. And is non-ablative. Because of this, people often find it is more comfortable and tolerable than an ablative laser.
Because it is non-ablative, it also takes a much faster time to heal from the procedure. With most people going back to work, or going out for an evening out with their loved ones. The very same day that they get the procedure done.
They may feel tender, or have a bit of redness in the area. But that will go away after 12 to 24 hours. Because of how fast this procedure is to heal. It is extremely popular for a wide variety of people.
When people are ready to talk to their dermatologist. They can simply contact Edmonton dermatology and set up an initial consultation. Because the first consultation is absolutely free.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Questions Dermatologists Get About Laser

When people are ready for a laser hair removal in Edmonton, they can talk to Edmonton dermatology. They have been using intense pulse light treatment. To permanently remove hair from patients for years.
One of the most common questions that people have about this procedure. Is if it is safe to be used on any person. One of the most important things to keep in mind about this laser treatment.
Is that it is only good for people with lighter skin tones. Because of how the laser works. The laser targets the pigmentation in the hair follicle itself. Which means if they use it on someone who has a darker skin tone.
There is a chance that the laser will target the pigmentation in their skin instead. Which can burn the skin. And cause damage permanently. Which should be avoided at all costs.
Dermatologists actually will apply what is called a Fitzpatrick scale. To determine who has the most appropriate skin tone for this procedure. To avoid permanently damaging someone’s skin.
However, because this laser hair removal in Edmonton targets pigmentation. The darker the hair is. The better the procedure will go. Because if someone is trying to get rid of lighter brown hair.
Or even get rid of blond, or white hair. The laser hair removal in Edmonton. May not actually target the hair follicle pigmentation. Because it has a hard time seeing that pigmentation.

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Through the layers of skin that the laser must travel through. Therefore, when people have lighter hair colour. They may find that they need many more sessions. Then if they had darker hair.
Another question that people have for their dermatologist. Is how long the procedure lasts. This will depend based on the area that is being treated. The chin, and upper lip will take a much faster time to treat.
Especially compared to the legs, or the back of a patient. A good rule of thumb that dermatologists use. Is that it can take anywhere between half an hour, or two hours. Depending on the area, and the tolerance of the patient.
Another question that dermatologists get about this procedure. Is if it hurts, or is uncomfortable at all. This also depends on the area that is being treated. As well as each person’s pain tolerances.
For example, there upper lip, underarms or bikinis zone. Might be a lot more sensitive. Especially compared to legs, or their back. However, the dermatologist will be prepared.
And will only go as fast as the patient is comfortable. And if they are experiencing discomfort. There are many different things that the dermatologist can use. In order to make them comfortable.
Whether they get cooling cream, numbing gel. Or have a cooling fan in the treatment room. They will be dedicated to making the patient as comfortable as possible.
If patients have any more questions about laser hair removal. They should contact Edmonton dermatology for a free consultation. In order to get all of their questions answered.