Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Removing Leg Hair Permanently

While almost any area of the body can be treated with laser hair removal in Edmonton. One of the most common requests that Edmonton dermatology sees. Is from people who are looking to get rid of their leg hair.
Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton
And while people might assume that it is mostly women. The truth is, both men and women equally. Wants to get rid of this hair. They can become quite a nuisance to try to get rid of regularly.
When it comes to shaving, because this does not actually affect the hair follicle itself. And just cuts the hair off as close to the skin as possible. People who shave, are only getting one or two days hair free.
The hair continues to grow. And when someone shaves the hair. It will still continue to grow. At the same rate that it did before. Showing stubble the next day, or the day after that.
It can be irritating, and itchy. As well as unsightly, for people who wear shorts, skirts. Or for swimmers for example. Not only that, but shaving is extremely time-consuming. And when people have to do it every other day.
It can take half an hour or more. Every other day, in order to avoid the stubble that can be irritating or unsightly. As well, people who shave. Will have to spend a significant amount of money over their lifetime.
Buying razors, shaving cream. And anything else that they need, to get rid of ingrown hairs. And to moisturize after shaving this part of their body so regularly. This is the reason why so many people.

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Our coming to Edmonton dermatology. Asking about consultations regarding laser hair removal in Edmonton on their legs. What they will find out, will help them get the best results from this treatment.
First of all, the darker the hair is. The better results they are going to get. The reason why, is because the laser, also known as an intense pulse light. Targets the pigmentation in the hair follicles themselves.
If someone has blonde, or light brown leg hair. They may not get the same results. As someone who has thick, black leg hair. The benefit for someone who has later hair. Is that it is slightly less noticeable.
So as they need additional treatments. In order to generate permanent results. They are less likely to be embarrassed by this slightly less noticeable hair growing on their legs.
When people are getting hair removal on their legs. Edmonton dermatology says they should expect a two hour long appointment. Simply because the legs are an extremely large area when looking at the entire surface area.
As well, some people might want to get their legs up to their knees. Others wants to get their legs all the way up to their hips. The more area they cover. The longer it is going to take them.
This is why it is incredibly necessary. For people who want laser hair removal in Edmonton on their legs. To set up an initial consultation with Edmonton dermatology first.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Can You Remove Leg Hair Permanently

A common treatment area people want laser hair removal in Edmonton. Is on their legs. And while many people think this is requested by women. Many would be surprised at the number of men getting this procedure done as well.
Whether it is their own personal preference. Or, the hair is irritating. Perhaps they work out at the gym, or swim a lot. And want to eliminate this hair. There are many reasons why men as well as women want to permanently remove their leg hair.
However, it is important that people do set up an initial consultation. With Edmonton dermatology to talk about expectations. When it comes to permanently removing hair on their leg.
One of the reasons why, is because this is one area of their body. That is the most stubborn to remove hair on. This is due to the extensive vascular system in the area. The legs have a lot of veins, arteries and blood vessels.
And the more blood flow there is in an area. The more stubborn the hair is at being eliminated. The reason why, is because the body needs resources to regrow those hair follicles that keep getting destroyed.
And blood delivers nutrients to the area. This is why a more extensive vascular system. Means that people will likely need to undergo more treatments. In order to generate permanent results.

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When it comes to the legs, if people have thick, dark hair. Edmonton dermatology suggests that they should expect. Anywhere between 6 to 8 treatments. In order to get permanent results.
And while this may seem like a lot of treatments. When they compared to how often they would have to shave their legs. For example, every other day in the shower. Or how often they would have to wax.
Once a month at home, or going to the salon. In order to pay an aesthetician to do it for them. And they would have to do these things, either shave or wax. For the rest of their life.
Therefore, 6 to 8 treatments by comparison. Will help them save huge amount of money. And an even larger amount of time. The benefits of getting laser hair removal in Edmonton on their legs.
Is that the treatments are going to be spaced very far apart. After the initial treatment. Patients will wait until the hair grows back. Typically between three and six weeks. They will come in for their second treatment.
And will more likely wait six weeks or longer. For the hair to regrow. Before coming in again. After each treatment. They will wait a longer amount of time. Because the hair will start to slow down in its regrowth.
Therefore, people are not going to be spending a lot of time at the dermatologists office. At one time. But it will be spread out over a year or more. As they eliminate this hair permanently with this laser hair removal in Edmonton.