Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Say Goodbye to Undesirable Hair

Laser hair removal in Edmonton is growing in popularity for many reasons. Including the fact that it is a permanent form of hair removal. Something that waxing, and shaving does not offer people.

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How laser hair removal works. Is by using lasers, which are a concentrated beam of light. That are designed to target the pigment in the hair follicle. And when it locates the hair follicle, through the layers of a person’s skin.
It will literally explode the cells of the hair follicle. Rendering it useless, and unable to grow new hair. Until the body regrows the follicle. Which can take a long time.
However, this is going to be extremely effective with darkest hair. Because it will be the easiest for the laser to locate. But this does not mean that people with later hair cannot get this procedure done.
It simply means that the dermatologist or laser technician. Will likely need to increase the lasers strength. In order to ensure that they can find, and destroy the hair follicle that has a lighter colour.
As well, old laser hair removal and Edmonton treatments. Used to not be able to treat people with darker skin tones. Because it would exit only target the pigment in the skin tone, and not the hair follicle.
But new machines are using new technology. And as long as they set the laser setting to low-power. It will find the follicle. And explode that. But it will require additional treatments. In order for this hair removal method to become permanent.
There are many popular areas for both men and women to get laser hair removal in Edmonton done. From the underarms, the legs and bikini area for women. As well as the chest and back for men.

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Dermatologists say that anything from the cheeks and below can actually be treated with the laser. To become permanently hair free. And the reason why they cannot go above the cheeks.
Is because the dermatologists want to protect important body parts, such as the patient’s eyes. And while patients do wear protective eyewear when they are getting laser hair removal in Edmonton done.
The eyebrows are very close to a patient’s eyes. And to avoid risking damaging them, and causing damage to persons eyesight. They simply will avoid this area of the body.
They also will avoid doing the tops of people’s heads. Because the skin is so thin. And because the area is too close to the brain. To risk wanting to damage anything on their head.
However, because cheeks can be done, it is a common area for people to get treated. Especially if they have stray hairs, that they are tired of trying to get rid of through shaving and waxing.
The best place for people to start if they are interested in getting laser hair removal. Is to set up consultation with Edmonton dermatology. Because not only is the first consultation absolutely free.
But they will be able to let the dermatologist see their skin, and their hair. To recommend the best treatment for them.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Remove Undesirable Hair Permanently

The one thing that laser hair removal in Edmonton does. That shaving in boxing does not. Is remove the hair in that area being treated permanently. Therefore, people can save a lot of time and money doing this.
When people shave, because they are merely cutting the hair off at the surface level of their skin. The hair can grow back extremely fast. Leaving them with unsightly stubble in as little as one or two days.
And while people are okay shaving a small area on a regular basis. It can be very frustrating to have to do this on a larger area. Or a sensitive area every day, or every other day.
For example, if a woman is wanting to keep her legs hair free throughout the summer. Shaving they require jumping in the shower, and spending twenty minutes to half an hour every day or every other day.
This can be a huge amount of time spent trying to get rid of the hair in that area. That they would not have to worry about. If they simply got laser hair removal in Edmonton on their legs.
As well, for many women, it is a comfort thing. To want to get there bikini area waxed or shaved. However, waxing can be extremely painful. And shaving can lead to irritating bumps.
As well as razor burn, and ingrown hairs. However, getting laser hair removal in that area. Can eliminate the hair permanently in this area. So that people will never have to deal with that discomfort ever again.

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However, there is a caution that dermatologists have. If women are trying to get rid of the unwanted hair on their chin. They need to understand why they have hair growing there.
And that is typically because they have a hormone imbalance. It is caused by too much testosterone in their body. And that is likely to happen when they reach menopause.
Or if they have a hormone balance disorder, such as polycystic ovarian syndrome. Where they will have a surge of testosterone through their body. Which can results in an hairs growing.
While they can get laser hair removal in Edmonton on this part of their body. It may not be absolutely permanent. Because the hormones, will make the hair continue to grow back time and time again.
Therefore, they might need to undergo 4 to 6 treatments every three years on average. In order to stay hair free, in this part of their body. However, they should always make an appointment with their dermatologist.
In order to allow them to see their body parts, skin tone and type. And hair colour. To make the best recommendation of what treatment. How many treatments they will need. And give them an estimation, of how error-free they are going to be able to become.