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When people are ready to stop shaving and waxing, laser hair removal in Edmonton can be a great treatment. Because not only will it slow down the growth of hair in all treated areas.

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But with repeated treatments, can be a permanent hair removal solution. How this works, is using a laser, which is a concentrated beam of light. That targets pigmentation deep in the skin.
Since hair follicles will have pigmentation in them. The laser goes through the skin, in order to find the pigmentation in the follicles. And what it will do, is explode those cells, eliminating the hair follicle.
After treatment, people can expect to see the remainder of their hair being pushed out by their body. And it will take a long time for the body to regrow those hair follicles that were lost.
However, they will regrow. Which is why they need another treatment. Which will explode those hair follicles. And it will take the body and even longer time. To regrow those follicles that were lost.
The more laser hair removal in Edmonton treatments that a patient gets. The longer the body will take to regrow that hair. Until the body gives up, and does not try to regrow the hair follicle any longer.
In areas of the body that have a lot of blood flow, such as the legs or the bikini area. The blood flow supports the growth of new hair follicles. And this is why hair removal in this area can be quite a bit more stubborn.
However, after treatment people can expect the results to be permanent. So that they do not ever have to shave, or wax that hair way ever again. Although there is one exception to this.

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When women are looking to get hair on their chin removed. they often have hair on their chin, due to a hormonal imbalance. Such as PC OS, or due to menopause.
And while they can still undergo laser hair removal in Edmonton on their chin. Dermatologists want to make it very clear, that they may need to have subsequent treatments for several years.
For example, they may need a cluster of treatments, such as four or five. On their chin, to eliminate the hair that is there. But then into, or three years. May need another cluster of four treatments.
In order to generate the results that they desire. As well, dermatologists say that they cannot treat the eyebrow area, due to the proximity to the eyes. And they will not do the top of anyone’s head.
Because that is far too close to the brain, and they do not want to risk injury to that area. However, everywhere else can be a great site for laser hair removal.
The first step would be calling Edmonton dermatology for a free consultation. Where they will be able to see the dermatologist. Who will be able to see their skintone, skin type and hair colour.
To make the recommendations of what laser, and approximately how many treatments they need. In order to results in permanent hair loss, and the desired area.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Removing Unsightly Hair

Often, when people think of laser hair removal in Edmonton. They think of women patients. However, women and men both get this procedure done quite often.
For women, popular spots to get laser hair removal is their underarms, because of how difficult it is to shave there. And the irritation that they might have when it grows back.
As well as their legs, due to how long it takes them. To shave their legs, how frequently they need to shave that area of their body. Permanent hair removal simply makes sense.
And finally, women also get their bikini area done. Because it shaving that area can leave irritating bumps. Or it can be very itchy, or even painful when it grows back. Or when they develop ingrown hairs.
For men, the most popular areas to get laser hair removal in Edmonton done. Is there chest, and on their back. However, they also like getting their cheeks done, to get rid of the stray hairs from their beard or moustache.
Or they like getting the back of their neck done. In order to get rid of the stray hairs that are below their hairline. However, laser hair removal in Edmonton can happen on any part of anyone’s body, below their eyes.
But they should do prior to treatment. Is twenty-four hours before, shave the area. They do not want to have hair there. Because that hair above the skin will burn, and it could be painful.

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But they do not want to shave the day of the appointment either. Because if they shave too close to the laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment. Those irritated bumps that happen when people shave.
Could cause the treatment to be irritating, or even painful. Which should be avoided. During the treatment, there should not be much pain or discomfort.
And while older lasers were often found to be quite painful. The newer technology is significantly more comfortable. That even have built in cooling features to the device that emits laser.
So that people are having their skin cooled before and after each laser pulse. However, depending on someone’s pain tolerance. They may still want to ask their laser technician for cooling or numbing gel.
Or to have a cooling fan aimed at their treatment area. Whenever is needed to make the patient is comfortable as possible. Is what laser technicians are going to do during their entire treatment process.
After the treatment is over. The skin may be sensitive. And it may or may not be slightly red. But people should still treated as though it is sensitive. Avoiding overly hot showers or baths.
And avoiding moisturizers that are too thick. But typically, within about one or two days. Patients will be able to get back to life as normal. And wait until their next treatment is needed.