Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Bye Bye Unwanted Hair!

One thing that laser hair removal in Edmonton does. That waxing and shaving does not do. Is removes the hair permanently from the area that is being treated for each patient.

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This is why it is quickly gaining popularity. Especially with the new technology in the lasers, making it a more comfortable process. Then it has ever been before.
And while lasers have been around for many years. They continue to grow in popularity. Because of how easy the treatments are. And how effective they are at permanently eliminating hair in that area.
How laser hair removal treatments work. Is by using the laser, that targets the pigment in the hair follicle. When the concentrated beam of light hits the hair follicle, it will literally explode the cells.
So that new hair cannot grow in the area. Until the body regrows that entire hair follicle. Which takes a significantly longer amount of time than it takes to regrow hair. When people get rid of hair using waxing.
As well, another benefit of laser hair removal is the fact that it can be very targeted and specific. Unlike shaving, or waxing. That is applied by hand. It can be very difficult to get into specific areas.
But with the laser, and the different hand pieces and different shapes of hand pieces. They can be very targeted and specific. To get rid of hair in a difficult to see area.
However, because the laser actually targets the pigments in the hair. Laser hair removal in Edmonton is more effective for people that have darker hair. Helping them achieve permanent results in less treatments.

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However, that not to say that people with light hair that they want to have removed. Will not achieve permanent results. It may need either a stronger laser. Or more treatments, or combination of both.
But this is why it is so important for all patients to meet with their dermatologist ahead of time. So that they can see the treatment area, hair itself. And make the right recommendation for treatment.
As well, people with darker skin tones. Will need to have a laser set to the lowest power. In order to avoid accidentally hitting the pigment in their skin, and not their hair follicle. Which could be uncomfortable.
After the treatment, people can expect to have sensitive skin for about 1 to 3 days. Where they should avoid things like having a hot shower or bath. And avoid doing things like sitting in a sauna, or using an overly thick moisturizer.
However, after 1 to 3 days. Their skin will likely feel just as it always does. But they might notice some crumbly hair pushing out of their skin. This is just the remnants of what the laser targeted during treatment.
And once that hair pushes out of their body. It will take several weeks, if not longer for the hair to grow back. And when it does, they can go back to their dermatologist for their next laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment. In order to zap the hair follicles, once more.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Removing Unwanted Hair Permanently

The reason why many people are choosing laser hair removal in Edmonton. Is because they are looking for a permanent hair removal solution. Because they are tired of spending time and money trying to get rid of hair that they consider unsightly.
Whether they are shaving, or waxing. A considerable amount of time can be spent towards this. For example, when people shave. The hair grows back so quickly. Because it simply being cut off at the surface level of the skin.
Therefore, people often have to shave every day, or every other day. In order to have the carefree results that they desire. When it is a larger area, such as a woman’s legs.
This can be extremely time-consuming to try to do every day or every other day. And when it is men, who want to get rid of hair such as on the back of their neck, or stray hairs on their cheeks.
There hair can grow back so quickly. Having them be embarrassed by their unsightly hair in a social situation, or at work. Which is why people often want a permanent solution.
As well, people may want to choose laser hair removal in Edmonton. Because it is much easier to do, then trying to shave or wax the areas themselves. Such as the underarm area. Because shaving this area can be very difficult.
Being extremely easy to get too close, leaving razor burn. Or missing different parts of the armpits. And being embarrassed by having stray hairs. As well, there can be a lot of red bumps, or razor burn.

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That when people apply deodorant, it can be irritating, or even painful. And there is the problem of ingrown hairs, that can be extremely frustrating, and painful in this area.
As well, many people want to have their bikini area treated. Because shaving in that area can often leave razor burn and bumps. That are painful, and itchy.
And when the hair starts to grow back in this area, it can also be incredibly itchy, or painful as well. To get an ingrown hair in this area, can be extremely painful as well.
And people often want to avoid having to do this routine regularly. Which is why it becomes one of the most popular areas for laser hair removal in Edmonton to be done.
And while people are nervous that they think laser hair removal is painful. The new technology in the lasers that are being made today. Our most comfortable yet.
However, they should discuss their fears with their dermatologist during their initial consultation. Because they can also use numbing cream, cooling gels and even cold fans blowing on the treatment area.
Because the goal will be to help people get the treatment that they desire. In the most comfortable way possible. Therefore, the dermatologist will do anything that they need, to make the process as smooth as possible.