Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Remove All Unwelcome Hair

Even though laser hair removal in Edmonton has been around for many years. More people than ever before are continuing to get this procedure done. Simply because it is extremely effective at permanent hair removal.

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People can spend a significant amount of time every single year trying to ask, or shave their unwanted and unsightly hair away. And will need to continue to work at it on a regular basis.
As well, they can spend a lot of money. Because even though shaving only requires razors, and shaving cream. People need to shave every day or every other day. In order to move that unwanted hair.
And that can add up significantly over time. However, if people are waxing. The cost is more significant. And if they are going to the salon, instead of trying to do it themselves at home.
That can be a significant cost, that takes a significant amount of time. However, instead they can go to Edmonton dermatology for laser hair removal in Edmonton. And in as few as three or four treatments.
Or as many as eight treatments. Can have a permanent results of eliminating a from that area. How many treatments they need to utilize in order to have permanent results. Pens on many factors.
The first factor is where it is on a person’s body. Stubborn hair tends to happen in a more vascular area of the body. Because of the increased blood flow. Blood flow helps the body do all the things that it needs to.
And part of the body that has a lot of blood flow, will be more successful at regrowing the hair follicles consistently. Therefore, legs, and bikini area are very stubborn to get rid of unwanted hair.

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People can expect about eight treatments. In order to come hair free in a permanent way. But other areas of the body, such as the underarms. Has considerably less blood flow.
And many people can be completely hair free in his few as four treatments. How many treatments they will need, can be discussed with each patient. When they make an appointment.
With their dermatologist at Edmonton dermatology. And this is especially beneficial, because the first consultation is absolutely free. But it gives the dermatologist the ability to see the treatment area.
The hair and make the right treatment. But also, so that they can help set the right expectations for each patient. So that they know what to expect at the appointment, and what to expect when it comes to how many treatments.
They will need in order to become permanently hair free in that area. Another factor is how light or dark the hair is. Because the laser targets the hair follicle itself.
Therefore, people with darker hair often can have faster results. But that does not mean that people with later hair will not be good candidates for laser hair removal in Edmonton. Everyone is individual, and their treatment will be treated as such.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Removing Unwelcome Hair

Both men and women go get laser hair removal in Edmonton equally. Because both genders have want to get rid of unwanted, and unsightly hair on their bodies.
For women, the most common areas to treat our their underarms, legs and bikini area. And for men, its chest and back. However, Edmonton dermatologist says that anything from the cheeks, down can be treated with lasers.
Therefore, if people have unsightly hair on their cheeks, the nape of the neck. Their arms, or even their feet. They can have permanent results when they utilize laser hair removal in Edmonton.
What people can expect, is depending on the area of their body that needs treatment. Anywhere between four, or eight treatments in order to have permanent results.
The length of time in between each treatments will depend greatly. And how fast peoples hair starts growing back. And that is a different timeline for each individual person.
After the first treatment, within 1 to 3 days. The dermatologist says people can expect the remnant of the hair below the skin. To be pushed out by the body. So they might see little bits of hair poking out.
But before they panic, thinking that the laser hair removal in Edmonton did not work. They need to understand that the hair that they are saying, has been burnt up by the laser. It is often crumbly, or brittle.
And is not there hair growing back at all. After this hair poked through, and is pushed out by the body. Patients should be watching carefully. To see when the hair does regrow.

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It may be a couple of weeks, or it may be a month or more. But when they see that new hair growth. That is the time for them to go back to Edmonton dermatology, for their second laser hair removal treatment.
The laser actually targets the pigment in the hair follicle, and explodes the cells. So when the new hair follicle grows back. Destroying it a second time, will make it grow back even later next time.
Therefore, each treatment should get increasingly farther apart than the last one. And in as few as four treatments, such as for the underarm. They can see permanent results.
And when they no longer see hair poking through, they can simply stop coming back to Edmonton dermatology for subsequent treatments, because that area is now hair free permanently.
The first thing that patients should do prior to their treatment, is shave the area, within twenty-four hours of their appointment. They should not do it sooner, and they should not do it later.
Because they need to have as short hair as possible. But skin that is not irritated by a razor. This will help the laser target the hair follicle only. And will make the process much more comfortable in the long run.
To find out more information about how laser hair removal can help each patient. They should set up a free consultation with Edmonton dermatology. To speak directly to the doctor, about their particular situation.