Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Shocking Facts About Laser Hair Treatments

It is very important for many people to be able to take care of unwanted hair with laser hair removal in Edmonton. And to do so discreetly and quickly. Often, they do not want other people to know that they are undergoing procedures.
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Luckily, the laser treatments. That get rid of hair are considered non-ablative. And therefore very quick to heal from. The laser that is used in laser hair removal in Edmonton.
Is called an intense pulse light treatment. And what this laser does, is seeks pigmentation in the skin. When it finds this pigmentation, it literally explodes the cells. It is are then sloughed out of the skin.
To the surface, where the cells can be brushed away. And while hair follicles have pigmentation. Other skin discolouration, such as sunspots, or birthmarks will also be affected by the intense pulse light laser.
Therefore, if someone has a birthmark or a dark spot. In the area of their skin that they want to get rid of hair. They will have to understand that the dark spots. Will likely disappear as well.
However, something that people should keep in mind if they want laser hair removal in Edmonton. Is if they have a darker skin tone. It could end up damaging their skin.
There is a very good chance that the intense pulse light laser. Target the pigmentation in a person’s darker skin tone. Which would cause them to get burned, and could potentially damage their skin as well.
Therefore, during the mandatory consultation. Prior to a patient getting laser hair removal. The dermatologist will use a scale called a Fitzpatrick scale. To determine if they have the appropriate skin tone for the procedure or not.

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As well, people that have lighter hair that they are trying to get rid of. Such as light brown or blonde. May end up being very disappointed about the results from their laser hair removal and bitten.
That is because just as how the laser targets the pigmentation. The darker the pigmentation is, the better it will work. However, the later the pigmentation is. The less effectively it will work.
People with lighter hair may need multiple treatments in order to become hair free. However, many dermatologists may wonder why. If they have hair that is far less noticeable.
Why they would want to consider treatment to get rid of that hair. However, if people are willing to undergo multiple treatments. In order to get rid of lighter hair. That is an option for them.
And while many people have heard that laser hair removal is permanent. It is only permanent after the body has given up trying to regrow that hair. Which may take anywhere between two or three, or seven and eight.
It depends on how stubborn the hair is in the area. And how much blood flow there is to the area. But the dermatologist will be able to make an estimate for patient.
So that they can decide if they are willing to undergo that treatment that many times. In order to permanently get rid of their hair.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Shocking Info About Laser Hair Treatments

While many people have heard that laser hair removal in Edmonton is permanent. That does not mean that every single part of the patient’s body. Can utilize this treatment.
While it is able to be used on a wide variety of body parts, and different places. This does not mean that every part on the body can utilize this method of permanent hair removal.
For example, dermatologists will refuse to do a patient’s eyebrows. Simply because the eyebrows are far too close to the patients eyes. And they do not want to risk damaging the eyes during treatment.
Even though the patients will be wearing protective eyewear during the treatment. This does not guarantee that when using a laser close to their eyes. That their eyes will be protected.
Also, from the eyebrows up, the skin is extremely thin. And laser will still be used very close to their eyes. But also, the laser will be used very close to the patient’s brain.
Therefore, dermatologists will not use the intense pulse light treatment. From the eyebrows up. However, everything from the cheeks and below, is fair game. And patients can get any part of their body treated.
How laser hair removal in Edmonton works. Is by having the intense pulse light. Attack the pigmentation cells. And when the laser comes into contact with those cells. It will explode them.

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While it is not permanent on the first treatment. This will weaken the hair follicles. Which will regrow, but if they are destroyed again soon after they grow. They will continue to weaken.
And after enough attempts. The body will simply give up trying to regrow hair in that area. And at which point, the process will be considered permanent. It can take several treatments, or take treatments overall long period of time.
And the more blood flow to the area. The more likely it is going to be that they hair will be more stubborn to remove. Legs and bikini area, are some of the most stubborn areas to get rid of hair.
Because of the large, extensive vascular system in the area. But armpits, are very easy to get rid of hair. Because there is not a lot of blood flow. Therefore, the hair is not stubborn to get rid of.
If people have any other questions. Such as if they would be a good candidate, how long the treatment will last. Or if it hurts. These are great questions that they can ask the dermatologist directly.
If they want to make an appointment with Edmonton dermatology. The first and initial consultation is completely free. And it will allow a patient to find out if they are a good candidate for laser hair removal in Edmonton.
And ask all of the most important and burning questions they have. In order to decide if this is the right procedure for them. And how they can get started getting rid of unwanted hair for good.